10 best youtube channel for data structures and algorithms

best youtube channel for Data Structures and Algorithms

Why waste money for learning, when you can learn for free? That’s right YouTube has a good amount of best courses on every topic including data structures and algorithms. Even most of the paid courses cannot be compared with the youtube tutorials. Youtube is best for learning DSA Not only because it’s free, but because it has the best courses than any other platform.

If you are searching for the best youtube channel to learn Data structure and Algorithms? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are coving to cover the 13 best youtube channels for Learning DSA. Youtube has good Quality of videos on Data structures compared to other paid learning platforms.

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What are data structures and algorithms?

Data structures are the format used for organizing large data for efficient access. While the algorithm is steps of instruction for specific operations. Data are helpful in creating clean and optimized codes. With the help of Data Structures, data can be managed easily. It contains details and relationships between data and data elements and Their Use.

There are multiple Algorithms for solving a Single problem. Design and Analysis of Algorithms consist of analyzing the algorithms and selecting the best algorithm depending upon the use cases. Algorithms contain Step by step procedures for solving a specific type of Problem.

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Why are Data Structures and Algorithms Important?

Without Data structures the efficient programs cannot be created. Organizing and Accessing Data becomes harder and memory will be used inefficiently. Algorithms are helpful in painting the low processing time and memory utilization. Without Algorithms most efficient solution for a given problem cannot be determined.

Uses of Data structures and Algorithms

  • Efficient programs can be create using the data structures
  • Helpful in passing Interviews
  • Creates clean and Optimized Program
  • They are the fundanmental concepts of coding
  • DSA remains same for all the programming langunage
  • Algorithms provide optimized solutions
  • Provides effective use of Time and Memory
  • Better job oppurtinities

Best YouTube channel for data structures and algorithms.

1. Mycodeschool

  • Subscribers: 589K
  • Total videos: 42 videos on DSA
  • View count: 2.4M+

Mycodeschool is one of the oldest programming YouTube channels. Their courses on data structures around 6 years old gaining more than 2.5 million views.

Their courses mainly focused on data structures. Data structures are taught using C and C++. The topics they cover are fewer. However, their playlist contains 42 videos. Lectures are taught using ppt. It is one of the best YouTube channels for data structures and algorithms.

2. Abdul Bari

data structures youtube channel
  • Subscribers: 348K
  • Total Videos: 84 videos on Data strucutres.
  • Views: 1.7M

Abdul Bari is the most recommended YouTube channel for data structures and algorithms in Reddit. His courses are mainly focused on Algorithms analysis and complexity. His channel covers more than 70+ topics. He also has wonderful udemy courses on core java.

You cant find any other youtube channels covering the topics like Adbul Bari. It’s the best channel for Algorithms. He covers topics in depth providing multiple examples. This channel has around 84 videos covering the design and analysis of Algorithms.

His course on Data structures and algorithms is around 3 years old and has gained more than a million views. He also has a wonderful course on java provided through Udemy. It is a beginner-focused course and covers the advanced concepts of Java.

3.Harvard University

best algorithms youtube channell
  • Subscribers: 1.53M
  • Total Videos:
  • Views: 8M

The courses in this channel are the ones that are taught at Harvard. So you get Harvard courses for free without paying any money. The topics are taught in-depth. This channel is best if you want to learn advanced levels of data structures and algorithms.

The channel also has other advanced programming videos. It contains videos on every topic taught by Harvard professors.

4. Neso Academy

data structures and algorithms
  • Subscribers: 1.08M
  • Total Videos: 267 videos on DSA
  • Views: 528K

Neso academy is mainly focused on GATE. This channel contains all the engineering courses topics that are in GATE. The channel so far has more than a million subscribers.

The channel is aimed at providing courses on the GATE syllabus, which means it covers almost all the engineering topics. This channel can be very helpful for you if you are studying computer science or its related field.

The courses are focused on data structures and are taught using C. If you are a beginner this channel could be good as it contains the basics of C programming along with data structures. The course is around 3 years old. The data structures and algorithms playlist contains 267 videos covering both c programming and data structures.

5. Apni kaksha

best youtube channel to learn DSA
  • Subscribers: 900k
  • Total Videos: 61 videos on DSA
  • Views: 1.5 Million

This is the only channel in our list that uses java for teaching algorithms and data structures. It also includes java interview questions based on these courses. The playlist contains 61 videos covering both data structures and algorithms.

I recommend this channel only for those who are interested in java. The course is job-focused.

6. MIT Opencourseware

learn DSA youtube
  • Subscribers: 3 Million.
  • Total Videos: 37 videos on Data structures and Algorithms
  • Views: 3.4 Million.

This is another good channel that brings Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses for YouTube free of cost. The courses are in-depth and contain a huge amount of topics. Data structures and algorithms playlist by MIT OpenCourseWare contains 37 videos.

The course is focused on both data structures and algorithms. These are taught using C Programming. The videos are long covering every topic in depth. It’s not so beginner-friendly compared to other channels.

7. Naresh i Technologies

Learn ADA youtube
  • Subscribers: 730k
  • Total Videos: 36 videos on Data structures
  • Views: 1 Million

Naresh I Technologies is a placement-based coaching center’s YouTube channel. The data structures playlist contains 36 videos. The topics are limited.

The courses can be understood easily. The course is structured for beginners. it is taught slowly so that the newbies can understand it. Again C language is used here. It also has content on other topics that are helpful for getting placed in companies.

8. Jenny’s lectures

best data structures youtube channel
  • Subscribers: 373k
  • Total Videos: 122 videos on data structures
  • Views: 606k

This is the channel from where I learnt Data structures. The playlist contains 122 videos covering vast topics. It is easier to follow her teaching when compared to other YouTubers. It also lots of videos on programming and Computer science engineering concepts

The courses are structured around C. Data structures and algorithms course is published recently yet it has gained more than half a million views. Data structures playlist contains 112 videos.

8. FreeCodeCamp.org

youtube channel for data structures and algorithms
  • Subscribers: 3.5M
  • Total Videos:
  • Views: 2.5M

FreeCodeCamp.org contains almost all the courses on technology including cybersecurity, machine learning, etc. The courses are taught by professionals having good work experience. You can also take courses through their website. It’s a nonprofit organization that provides courses for free.

Data structures and algorithms is an 8-hour course taught by Google Engineer. The courses are taught slowly that many of us get frustrated. For newbies, it’s a good course. For others, it would be better if you watch at 1.5x speed.

9. Geeks for Geeks

youtube channels for data structures
  • Subscribers: 373k
  • Total Videos: 33 videos on dynamic programming
  • Views: 328k

Geeks for Geeks website provides competitive coding challenges. So their YouTube channel is based on competitive coding. The course is focused on dynamic programming, covering fewer topics. The playlist contains 33 videos.

It covers both Data structures and Algorithms for some extent.

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Data structures and Algorithms play a major role in every programming language. It doesn’t mean that you cannot get a job without knowing data structures and Algorithms. Most of the technical jobs don’t require in-depth DSA. While learning programming, you will be introduced to the basic data structures. If you are interested in High paid programming job, You need to learn Data Structures.

What should I know before data structures?

You should know the fundamentals of basic programming before learning Data Structures

Is Data Structures Hard to Learn

Learning Data Structures is not so difficult. But learning to implement advanced data structures can be Bit harder

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