4 ways to uninstall nova launcher safely

Are you having trouble deleting the nova launcher on your smartphone? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will show you 4 different ways to uninstall the nova launcher safely. You may have noticed the uninstall option turn grey and won’t work. This is due to the safety features.

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You can uninstall the nova launcher in different ways. Among multiple methods, we have covered 4 Methods below.

What is Nova launcher

Nova launcher is one of the most used android launchers for smartphones. It is a highly customizable and feature-rich launcher used as a Home screen replacement.

Why cant you uninstall Nova Launcher

Since you have set Nova Launcher as the default home app. The safety and security features don’t easily allow you to uninstall such an important App. Deleting nova launchers completely wipes the customization you have made. To reduce such issues you are not allowed to delete apps directly.

People may delete the nova launcher by mistake. Having such a security feature prevents such issues. You can install the app after changing it from default apps.

uninstall nova launcher

4 Different ways to uninstall Nova Launcher

How to uninstall Nova launcher by turning OFF device administrator for Nova launcher

Apps that are made as device administrators cannot be uninstalled easily. Before uninstalling you need to turn off the device administrator role of the App. After turning it OFF you can delete the app directly.

This method works on most smartphones. For Samsung devices steps are different. We have also covered Samsung smartphones

Step 1: Open Settings on your Smartphone and Go to Additional settings.

Step 2: In additional settings, Tap on Safety and Privacy.

Step 3: Tap on Device Administrator

Step 4: Device administrator Window will appear. All the apps with the device administrator role will be listed.

Step 5: Remove Nova Launcher from the list by tapping on it and Clicking on Deactivate

Step 6: Now you can remove the app directly from the Home screen.

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For Samsung Devices

The method is the same for Samsung devices only steps are different. As you can see in the image below Nova launchers uninstall button is greyed out.

how to uninstall Nova launcher

Step 1: Go to settings -> Apps

Step 2: Then click on the 3 dots. and select Default Apps.

how to uninstall launchers

Step 3: Tap on the Home app and Change the Launcher to One UI.

uninstall nova launcher

Step 4: Now you can delete the Nova launcher

uninstall any launcher

How to Uninstall Nova Launcher by Deleting Its Data First

By clearing data and making it force stop, you will be removing all the defaults set. The uninstalled option will be disabled by default. After clearing data the uninstall will be made available.

Step 1: Go to settings and select apps. You can also access app settings through the Home screen itself

Step 2: Scroll down and select Apps. In some smartphones, it is called an application manager

Step 3: Search for Nova Launcher and Tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on Clear Data and clear cache

Step 5: Now the uninstall button will be made activate. Click on Uninstall. Nova launcher will be removed from your smartphone.

How to Uninstall Nova Launcher Through Play Store

This is an easy method to delete the nova launcher. You are uninstalling an app from where you have installed it. Google Playstore has an Application that lets it install and install apps.

uninstall nova launcher through playstore

Step 1: Open playstore on your device

Step 2: Search for Nova launcher and Tap on it.

Step 3: Open the Application in full screen. You should see 2 options- Open and Uninstall

Step 4: Click on Uninstall, Nova launcher will be uninstalled.

Nova Launcher will be uninstalled and the Default Home app will be activated.


There are also other ways to uninstall Nova Launcher. Above 4 are the easiest ways. You can also uninstall the app via the Home screen. But first, you need to Change the Home app.

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