Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth

advantages and disadvantages of bluetooth

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth? If so, You are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover the pros and cons of Bluetooth.

Before the advancement of Wifi, Bluetooth was used widely, But the popularity has now slightly reduced due to the WiFi sharing feature. However, it is still popular and used for multiple purposes. The main application of Bluetooth is used in wireless gadgets such as headphones, speakers, etc.

Back before everyone use to transfer images and other files through Bluetooth. But it has been reduced due to the speed and reliability of Bluetooth transfer.

In this post, we are also covering what is Bluetooth and how it works. Knowing the working will help in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth.

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What is bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology Standard introduced in 1998 by Bluetooth Special Interest and used for transferring data between devices wirelessly. It’s used for short-range data transfer and is limited to only 10 meters.

Using Bluetooth you can connect devices such as earphones, headphones, speakers, smartphones, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth

Here is the list of the top 10 common advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth. Most of these pros and cons are derived in comparison with WiFi. Even WiFi has pros and cons.

Advantages of Bluetooth(pros)


Bluetooth is compatible with any other device with Bluetooth support. It is also backward compatible which means you can connect devices of 2 different Bluetooth versions. The Bluetooth follows the same protocol and working universally. You can connect any Bluetooth device with your smartphone found anywhere in the world.

You can take the example of a Bluetooth headset, which can be connected to any device, It may be a smartphone, laptop, or other Bluetooth-enabled device.


Another bigger advantage of Bluetooth is that it is completely wireless, So you need of worrying about cables and connectors. Even though Devices use the same technology. But the connection ports are different. However, you don’t have any of these problems using Bluetooth since it is completely wireless.

You don’t have to bother about wires hassles, quality, etc. Also, another biggest advantage is that you won’t have to connect a Bluetooth headset with a wire while you receive calls or play songs. It will be very helpful when you are out. As the number of wires increases, it becomes messy But with the Bluetooth wireless feature, You won’t need to worry about it.

Simple interface

Bluetooth has a simple interface with fewer to no customization options. You can use Bluetooth with the least amount of Knowledge. Bluetooth feature comes built-in with devices. So you need to bother about installing applications or drivers. With the installation process gone, anyone with a smartphone can use Bluetooth.

Connecting devices is also easier. You just need to pair it with the device that you want to connect. Some devices require a PIN, But most of them won’t require a PIN. Another bigger advantage is that once you pair the device, It will get connected automatically when two devices come within range.


You may have noticed Bluetooth device with small devices provides good backup. This is because of its energy efficiency. Bluetooth uses lesser power consumption. Most of the devices are known to provide more than 8 hours of battery backup and also it doesn’t put a strain on the battery.

Bluetooth uses a low power signal because of its Bluetooth Low Energy Standard.

Low cost

Bluetooth devices are not expensive. You can buy Bluetooth devices such as headsets, speakers, etc at a low price.


Bluetooth application is available for free on your device. You need to pay for transferring files or for connecting devices. There is also no extra charge for using Bluetooth applications. It comes for free and has no restrictions on usage.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth(cons)

These disadvantages are derived in contrast to the WiFi. If you compare it with other technologies, Bluetooth may not have these disadvantages.


Bluetooth is comparatively slower compared to wifi and also you cannot transfer large files over Bluetooth making the speed the biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth. The newer versions of Bluetooth provide better speed and better reliability compared to the previous version.


Initially the Bluetooth use to work only for short-range up to 10 meters. But the newer versions of Bluetooth support up to 100m. The range depends upon your current Bluetooth version. The speed also depends upon both the device’s Bluetooth capabilities. the range is lower because of its energy efficiency.


Bluetooth has some security measures but it is not high enough. Most of the devices won’t even require passwords to connect to them. Also since Bluetooth uses radio Frequencies it is vulnerable to security threats.

Limited Connections

The latest version of Bluetooth which is Bluetooth 5 supports up to 7 devices, which is significantly lower compared to WiFi. The previous versions are limited to up to 4 or 5 devices. You cant connect more than 7 devices to your smartphone or PC.


If you are using a laptop or a Desktop, Then you won’t be having trouble upgrading it to newer versions. But in smaller devices such as smartphones, Headset you cant upgrade them. The technology used will be different in different versions. hence updating is not possible for such devices.

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