10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Wifi & Wireless Networks

WiFi and wireless networks are one of the most used day-to-day technologies. Every Smartphone user had used WiFi at least Once in their Life Time. Being Most used doesn’t mean it is full of pros. It is not like that it also has its cons. In this post, We are Going to Cover the Advantages and disadvantages of WiFi and Wireless Networks.

advantages and disadvantages of wifi

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wifi

Advantages of Wifi (Pros of WiFi


Mobility is the biggest pros of WiFi. Wireless networks are famous and implement for mobility. Broadband and other wired technology can not be used outside of a Fixed place. But Wifi, You can use it while traveling.

There won’t be wired connections to share or use the internet in Travel and external works. Having WiFi can help you in these situations. Almost every device has inbuilt wifi. So there won’t be any issue using it outside of your residence

Convenience and Hassle-free

Using WiFi is more convenient than using wired technologies. Also, It is hassle-free. You won’t need multiple cables to connect to each other’s devices. Wifi is compatible with every other version of WiFi .

You can easily share the internet and files with friends without a need of cable or without bothering about settings things as in wired networks. Also, LAN networks are a little confusing. Wifi provides the convenience to use anywhere.

Multiple Connections support

Wifi Supports Multiple Connections. It supports around 30 devices simultaneously. It may not provides multiple connections options like LAN or other wired technologies which can provide connections for more than 100 devices.

But the multiple Wifi Connection doesn’t need hundreds of cables. You won’t need to bother about the connectivity types of each device.

lesser issues

Wifi has lesser issues compared to Wired Networks. if there are any errors in the WiFi. It is easily finable and fixable. There may be compatibility issues on the Wired network.

Reduced Cost

The cost of WIFi deployment is almost nil. you won’t need to pay for the router. You don’t need additional cable or adapters. Also using Wireless networks saves the cost of a large number of cables.


There are no compatibility issues with using WiFi on different devices. Even Different counties and the same WiFi technologies. In wired devices, The connectivity port may be different from other devices with which you want to connect.

Even with a printer, You need to get an extra cable for connecting through USB. But with WiFi, You can connect directly without any compatibility issues. This is also one of the biggest advantages of wireless networks.

Multiple Features

You can use WiFi for Multiple Features. It provides solutions for Multiple problems. You can use WiFi to share files with friends. You can cast your screen to Tv using WiFi. It even supports calling through wifi. Send commands to other devices through WiFi.

WiFi and Wireless Networks can also be found on the Internet of Things. The Most used of WiFi is for internet Connection.

Increased opportunities

Wireless Technologies provides more opportunities for manufacturing and development companies. WiFi devices provide more opportunities in developing IoT-related products.

Even for developing Games or playing Multiplayer games WiFi is helpful thereby increasing the development of such applications.

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Disadvantages of WiFi


The biggest disadvantage of WiFi is its Security. Even with the passwords, The WiFi networks are not Secure. The Public WiFi Networks are not secured creating a risk of data theft or Malware Installation.

Using strong passwords and protocols may reduce the risks but not completely.

Lower Range

The Range of WiFi is limited. You cannot Wifi if two devices are at a long distance apart. WiFi Range is limited to Under 10m. As the Range from the Host Increases the speed decreases. The speed of WiFi is inversely proportional to Range.

It is also not good for use between larger rooms.


The speed of WiFi is less compared to wired networks. The Speed of the connections reduces as the Connections increases. The newer version WiFi 6 is faster and powerful compared to older generations. However, it is not as fast the broadband or other wired networks.

Also as the device increases, The Speed of the connection also decreases.

Obstacles and Interference

Wifi networks are subjected to Obstacles and interference throughout your home or office. Wifi networks are interrupted by other wireless connections and Objects causing restoration in the connection. Wifi signals become less powerful While passing through walls.

Health Issues

Some study says Wifi causes effect health. The wifi waves or signals are said to have an ill effect on the skin and other parts.

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