Advantages and disadvantages of Encrypting Android devices

Encrypting android comes with both pros and cons. The Cons do not apply to everyone. In this post, we are going to cover the advantages and disadvantages of encrypting android devices.

If there is valuable information on your smartphone or you are focused on privacy, Then Encrypting devices provides you with more advantages over disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Encrypting

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Advantages and disadvantages of Encrypting Android devices

Everything has Cons. There are only very limited things that don’t have disadvantages. In most cases, the way to decide is to analyze the impact on cons or disadvantages. In this post, we are covering both the advantages and disadvantages of encrypting. However, the advantages have more impact.

Advantages of Encrypting Android devices

Easy process

The Encryption process is a bit straightforward. The process is lengthy but, It is easy enough to understand and implement. Recently released smartphones have built-in options to provide encryption. the Encryption option is focused on the security settings of your phone.

You don’t need to be a technician or a programmer to encrypt your own device.

Better security

Encryption is done mainly for security purposes. If you have a different reason, then encrypting won’t benefit you. The sole purpose of encrypting devices is security purpose. The main advantage of encryption is the protection against cybercriminals. You can also lock settings for better security.

Doesn’t need an external app

You don’t need to download another app for this purpose. you can also say it is not possible to encrypt devices using an external app. Smartphones have an inbuilt option to encrypt data and applications on your smartphone. Your smartphone may lack encryption features.

Increased privacy

If you want to protect your data when your device gets stolen. Then you can take advantage of encryption. Smartphone theft is an increasing threat. Once your device gets stolen they may blackmail you using your data or used it for other purposes. But, If you encrypt you won’t be having a problem.


This is the most argued factor of Encryption. Some people claim that encryption is a one-way process and it can not be reversible. It may be unreversible on older smartphones. but, In newer smartphones it is possible. How are you going to use data without decrypting it?

If Encryption wasn’t reversible. there was no necessity of encrypting in the First place.

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Disadvantages of Encrypting Android devices

Effects Performance

If you have older device encryption and decryption process effects performance. The data need to be Decrypted before it is used. The differences in performance are not noticeable in higher-end smartphones. The performance also depends upon the type of encryption used.

If the file size is large performance may be reduced. If it is normal fils then you won’t see a much difference

Longer process

The process is easy and simple But, It’s a lengthy process. This also depends upon encrypting the speed of your device and file size. Having good read & write speeds also effects positively on time required for encryption

Limited availability

Since you cannot use external app encryption feature is limited. Almost every smartphone comes with this feature. However, Some smartphones won’t. If you have a older or low end smartphone encryption may not be possible.

Error occurrence

Since the process is lengthy the chances of error occurrence are more. In some devices, while encrypting if it gets distributed you may lose the data completely.

If there is any fault in encrypting software. Decrypting is not possible, Which means encrypted data is not usable. Also, the encryption key will be different. If anything happens to key decryption is not possible.

No additional recovery option

If anything happens during encryption you may lose the data

No third party apps

There are no external apps that support encryption and decryption making this the biggest cons of Encryption. Even if you use the apps from outside the chances of Data getting corrupted or malicious code insertion is more.


If you want to encrypt your device go ahead and do it. Encryption has more advantages so disadvantages won’t carry much weight. It doesn’t affect the devices. If you have older and low-end devices stay away from encryption.

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