Best digitalization blogs and Magazines

 digitalization blogs and Magazines

If you are looking for the best digitalization blogs and magazines? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we going to cover must-follow blogs and magazines to get tech updates.

Digital transformation occurring at a fast pace. You need to get updated daily to cover up the recent trends. You may have the habit of reading digital transformation articles. But finding reliable sites or blogs to read could be difficult. That’s why we have gathered the 15 best tech blogs and magnetizes to learn about digital transformation.

Technology is proceeding rapidly and new enhancements are being made. Almost all the daily activities have become digital. it may be reading newspapers online or paying money online. Even food and essentials can be ordered online.

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What is digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential as a shift of technology into digital. It includes the application and integration of digital technology in day-to-day activities. Also, it is responsible for improving the business or other areas.

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10 Best Digitalization blogs and Magazines

Here are the 10 best Digitalization blogs and magazines that are helpful in following digital trends. The list is not sorted in any order.

Microsoft News

Microsoft is a well-known company by everyone due to its famous operating system windows. There is a dedicated version of the news site that provides the latest trends in technology. Microsoft has many researchers and engineers who provide their Insights on this site. The technical news articles are provided by various regional branches of Microsoft.

They have a dedicated category for AI, Microsoft research, and Innovation. The site not only covers Microsoft related product stories but also other trending research and innovation

MIT Sloan Management Review

MIT is known to provide the best educational content for free online. MIT Sloan Management Review is a Part of MIT which provides articles and content on technology developments, cultural and other fields with the influence to digitalization. The blog is categorized into many fields so you don’t need to search for your particular field.

Wipro Digital Blogs

If you are a fan of innovation, then Wipro Digital magazine is for you. Wipro Digital blogs were started in the year 204 and provides content on the Application of AI on Digital transformation, creating and implementing strategies, etc. It also provides valuable content other than Digital transformation. The Digital transformation has fewer posts compared to other categories.


CGI is an Independent firm that specializes in information technology and business process. the contents provided on the site may not be for everyone. Since it particularly focuses on business processes rather than insights. It could be helpful if you are a digital marketer

Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist magazine does not focuses on a particular field instead it covers insights and guides on various fields of technology. It has magazines and articles on machine learning, the Digital economy, human-machine interaction, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, etc. It can provide you good information to lead a business.


BizTech delivers Maganize to your Home if you Subscribe to their Magazine. You can also get Free copies Delivered to the mail. They cover insights on infrastructure protection and innovation, Security, Hardware, etc.

Campaign Magazine

Campaign Magazine focuses on provides insights and guides on Brand awareness, Creativity, Media, etc. It is particularly focused on the United States. It is aimed at educating and connecting the Marketing and advertising community.

Cisco Digital Transformation Blog

Even though it frequency of the post is less, The content they provide is on a different level with in-depth insights on digital transformation. It covers various fields of technologies that have applications in digital transformation.

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