10 Best pdf voice reader (pdf aloud reader) for android and iOS

Did you know that you can convert a pdf or document file into an audiobook? both android and ios support theses kind of apps (pdf voice reader apps), even windows have some apps. you can use these apps as a free alternative for audible.

It is better to use a voice reader instead of reading the pdf or document through eyes. if you use it for a longer period you may get eye pain, feel drowsy, and cannot digest proper information from those, But by using a voice reader you can lay on the bed and listen to your favorite book without paying extra or buying an audible subscription.

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Is pdf aloud reader, A good free alternative for audible?

yes in terms of money(basically free) it is worth it. but in these apps text is created into audio. so the quality may not be good as audible but it is enough to understand the book.

Is pdf voice reader Completly free?

yes, it’s free. But you have to make a small change. every app provides a free reader but not a Text-to-Speech engine. some of the apps ask you to pay for their TTS engine But you can use a free TTS engine. the best two engines I used are:

  1. google text to speech
  2. Samsung text to speech

Both Samsung and google provided ones are good. Samsung TTS comes pre-installed in Samsung smartphones. and most android devices have google TTS built-in, you download both from the play store these don’t contain ads and comes with good options to change speech rate and pitch. now all you need is an app that converts text into a readable audio file.

Pdf voice readerratings
Libera reader
Evie -The eVoice book reader
eReader Prestigio: Book aloud Reader
voice aloud reader
Natural reader
Pdf aloud reader
pdf studio
best pdf voice reader for voice reading

There are numerous programs, AI ML approaches. but they don’t provide an app-like experience. since these programs convert an entire file into an audio format at a time you have to wait till it is finished and need to download the file to listen to it.

Download any of the below apps and change the text to speech engine to google or your preferred one and your good to go. If you feel happy about this please leave a comment.

Libera reader- free voice reader

Libera reader is one of the best pdf aloud readers having a well-organized home section consisting of an organized library, favorite books, etc with a lot of library customization options. You can select an entire folder at a time to scan for files, plus you can find a book using the metadata such as author name, description.

Coming to general options Libera is not only just comes with pdf voice but also with many features such as editing files. You can customize the look and feel of the reader. It has an inbuilt Bluelight filter, which can be very helpful if your reading pdf while listening to it. It supports multiple reading modes such as ad scroll mode, book mode, etc.

Features of Libera pdf aloud reader:

  • It allows you to change to any text to speech(TTS) engine of your choice
  • No ads inbetween reading
  • Multiple option to sort books
  • Easy search feature
  • Faster loading and conversion of pdf into audio file with out delay


  • No highlighting during reading
  • There is no free inbuilt TTS

Evie -The eVoice book reader

Evie is another good pdf voice reader that supports both android and iOS. The most beautiful thing about Evie’s pdf aloud reader is that it comes with sleep mode and a text highlighter. Unlike others, it even displays a Table of contents. With a help of a sleep timer, you can set sleep time and the app will stop reading. this is useful if you have a habit of listening to books during sleeping.

Unlike other pdf voice-aloud readers scanning a whole device or folder is not necessary, just open a file and starting a reading. It’s an offline supported pdf voice reader for android.

It integrates well with Amazon TTS, which is called Amazon Polly. Amazon Polly uses advanced speech synthesis that provides an experience as natural reading.


  • Supports sleep mode.
  • Shows remaining time left to finish a book.
  • Options to change voice and supports all TTS
  • Copy content using the reader.
  • You can read directly texts directly from the internet.
  • Inbuilt Google translate feature.
  • Increase and decrease the speech rate.
  • Comes with Microsoft and Google TTS inbuilt.
  • Option to set pausing time after each break and sentences.


  • Does not support background reading.
  • Voice synthesis is not as good as natural.
  • Does not support lower versions of android.

eReader Prestigio: Book aloud Reader

eReader Prestigio is one of the best multi-format book readers for Android, and also my favorite pdf voice reader. This voice reader has crossed 10M+ downloads and also one of the oldest voice readers on the play store.

This voice reader now comes with a sleep timer for TTS and has a built-in book store with more than 50,000 audiobooks. The app has a free built-in TTS engine. So, you won’t have to waste time downloading a new one. You also get a text highlighting feature. Provides cloud storage for storing books.

The only con with this voice reader is that its free TTS is not so good. The bookshelf looks awesome on the home screen. There are some minor bugs that probably they would fix in a new update.

Features of eReader:

  • Comes with a night mode.
  • Free built-in TTS engine provided.
  • Provides Free audiobooks from its store.
  • Provides multidevice support.
  • Text highlighting during voice reading.
  • Easy navigation and library options.
  • Built-in controls for customizing voice and theme
  • Supports any Text-to-speech engines.


  • There are some bugs in the sleep timer.
  • It scans the entire device for a single file.
  • Pause and play options are not good it starts again from the beginning.

voice aloud reader

This pdf voice reader comes with multiple settings options. But the only problem with this app is that its home section is not good. Your recent files are not shown on the home page but you can create your own reading list.

Coming to its notable features. It provides a backup facility and an auto scroll option. You can edit speech, change the pronunciation. It supports the Google API key to be used with Google wave net. It also supports background playing.

Features of voice aloud reader:

  • You can add background music.
  • Change the pronunciation of words to suit your language.
  • Backup and recovery option.
  • Provides various headsets options with a control interface through the headset.
  • Supports background play.


  • No recent library
  • No sleep mode.

Natural reader

The natural reader comes with minimal features, and with a size less than 6MB this can be a good one if your running low on storage. Provides features to convert text files into MP3 format. Comes with offline reading, This is the highlighting feature of this pdf voice reader for android.

Being a lightweight app it loads fast and converts text into audio files at a faster pace. It has very less settings but doesn’t lack the necessary settings. It has a pronunciation editor, text highlighting.

Features of the natural reader:

  • Faster loading.
  • Comes with pronunciation editor.
  • Inbuilt cc.
  • Supports 20 languages.
  • No internet required.
  • Speech settings


  • No organized library
  • No free voice.
  • The recent section is not good.
  • Starting screen not good

Pdf aloud reader

It’s a new app released in mid-2020. This voice reader has minimal settings so, it can be a good voice reader for newbies. The app has a good inbuilt voice, which reads similar to that of natural reading.

No ads are interfering during reading. However, this app doesn’t support background playing. You cant control it through the notification panel. To tweak voice or speech settings you have to close reading and go to settings. This pdf aloud reader has a good home section.


  • Fast and simple UI.
  • Free inbuilt voice.
  • Reading is good.


  • No background support.
  • Cannot change settings during reading.
  • Fewer options.

Pdf studio

Pdf studio comes with a free voice reader and lesser ads. Supports various levels of reading. As the name suggests it can be used to create pdf file or convert a text file into pdf.

It has a structured library. While it not only has forward options but, also allows you to jump to a particular text.


  • Good free voice.
  • Supports pdf editing.
  • Provides an interface to jump to any text during voice reading.
  • Supports multiple reading modes.
  • It is a lightweight app with less than 5MB in size.


  • Does not provide a recent library.
  • Fewer features
  • Voice is good but not super.

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