Best sites to learn coding for free

This post provides you the Best sites to learn to code. Learning code has grown over time from just a hobby to a profession. Today you could study coding online, completely for free, and even can get certification in it.

Even if you have no preference to enter the programming field, studying a programming language can be very beneficial in many ways today directly or indirectly almost all profession has coding :

By learning coding develop apps, websites, and other tasks with ease, and not only that you can do many things since technology runs on a program
Whether you want to begin your own profession as a programmer, find out approaches to construct websites, or create fun tasks, this article is for you.

You can start learning coding right now without any experience

Here are the best sites learn coding for free

1. Youtube

youtube is one of the best sources to learn to code for free, not just coding you could learn anything from youtube

It has thousands of tutorials almost in every language ranging from beginner to advanced. some of the tutorials are provided by reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, etc

google’s channels like google developer, google for education has good courses on machine learning, etc

and also we have Coursera who provides free tutorials on youtube. If you go to their site you need to pay for courses but the same courses are free on youtube

but the difference between these sites and youtube is that you don’t get a place to practice, no certification, no virtual labs.

2. BitDegree

BitDegree gives a ton of courses that range from programming to game development, from beginner to advanced.

They offer fashionable online courses and gamified courses. Gamified courses assist to bring success and interaction into the mastering system. All you have got to do is choose your language and start attending now.

There are many programming languages but the most famous ones are highlighted below:

  • java
  • php
  • sql
  • jquery etc

3. Coursera

Coursera presents coding-based guides, tutorials, and assets taught by professors at main universities. You’ll find hundreds of different coding-related publications to select from.
you can get tutorials on almost every topic

You can get the same course’s for free on their youtube channel
To expand those guides they partnered with several high-quality instructors at top-tier universities. Which manner you’re mastering a way to code from some of the great resources out there. Every route at the site is absolutely loose, however, if you want to get a certification, then you’ll need to pay for that.

You’ll find several courses available like:

  • python
  • java
  • machine learning
  • HTML and CSS
  • C programming etc
  • Ruby

4. Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the most popular sites in which you find out how to code at no cost. More than 24 million people have discovered to code using this platform.

They offer publications starting from introductory programming to more advanced languages. Their interactive studying approach is so helpful that it lets you immediately apply what you have learned. they have 1M+ hours of courses for free

Some of the languages you’ll be able to learn at Code Academy include:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • PythonRuby

There are several other courses available as well, but the languages above are the highly rated courses.

5. MIT Open Courseware

The Open Course Ware Initiative brings all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduates guides online. Even without stepping into MIT, you could get MIT-level training, furnished you’ve got the motivation to finish the work.

There are a whole lot of extraordinary subjects to be had, one of those being computer science. You can pass through the degree software, or take personal publications.
These are the Best sites to practice coding

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