Best YouTube channels to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity

best youtube channel for cybersecurity

Unlike other fields of technology, cybersecurity is an amazing tech field with lots of challenges, where you never get bored. On the other hand, ethical hacking is the subdomain of cybersecurity. We have covered the 15 best YouTube channels to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity has grown 14% since 2019. At present in 2021 cybersecurity has been valued at around $167 Million according to some sources.

The impact of covid19 has positively affected the growth of cybersecurity. It is predicted that market value will be doubled. Due to covid, the business is shifting to online. This massive shifting has increased cyber threats.

Learning cybersecurity and ethical hacking helps not only for jobs but, for other purposes also. It may be your privacy or online security.

Now coming to our topic YouTube has tons of security-related courses. In our previous post, we covered the best YouTube channel for data structures and algorithms. When you search YouTube for cybersecurity you find lots of videos but most of them are clickbait or only made for views by non-security professionals.

But, channels in our list are only dedicated to ethical hacking and cybersecurity covering topics such as network security, penetration testing, wireless security, CTF, reverse engineering, malware analysis, exploits, cyber forensics, etc.

If you are planning to buy a laptop for cybersecurity, check out the best laptops for cybersecurity. Every channel on our list has Something different than others and covers topics differently. The Best way is to use all of the below channels in combination to become a cybersecurity expert.

Table of Contents

Best YouTube channels to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

The newboston

Best YouTube channels to learn ethical hacking and information security
  • Channel link: thenewboston
  • Total subscribers: 2.54 Million
  • Total Views: 481 Million
  • Website:
  • Total videos: 2000+ Videos ( 90+ Cybersecurity related videos)

Founded in 2009, This is the biggest and oldest cybersecurity channel on YouTube. It has 2.54M subscribers and 2.3k security-related videos making a total of 479 Million views. The new Boston is specifically designed for cybersecurity but also consists of other computer and technology-related tutorials. It has around 90 Cybersecurity videos divided among 9 playlists.

They have a playlist specially designed for cybersecurity and programming tutorials. The videos are not grouped under a single playlist But are sprung around multiple playlists. The playlist is divided into several categories, such as Metasploit for Network Security, Nmap, wireless security, Wireshark tutorial, Linux for beginners, command line, and programming.

The topics are well documented and created by experts. This is a good YouTube channel for both beginners and experts.

Topics covered in New Boston are:

  • Windows command Line tutorials
  • Python ReverseShell tutorials
  • Python Network traffic Sniffer
  • Python website scanner
  • Linux tutorials for beginners (23 videos)
  • Wireshark for Beginners
  • Metasploit for beginners
  • WiFi Wireless Security
  • Nmap for beginners


Hak5 ethical hacking YouTube channel
  • Channel link: Hak5
  • Total subscribers: 689K
  • Total Views: 55 Million
  • Website:
  • Total videos: 1.6K

Hak5 was started in 2005, it is one of the longest-running security series on YouTube. It provides Award-winning security-related podcasts. Hak5 covers topics varying from privacy to pentesting. They have around 689k subscribers 1.6k videos totaling 55 Million total views. They also assist in learning through their forums and discord servers.

They also provide podcasts. They cover security news, flaws, payload, DIY ideas, IoT security, and many more. They also sell upgraded security-related products on their site. They sell most of the peripherals required for penetration testing. This includes routers, USB rubber ducky, Packet squirrel, etc.

They have a playlist called gear that explains the usage of certain peripherals. watch it before starting anything.

Topics covered by Hak5 are:

  • Security related series
  • Weeky security updates and news
  • Video Game Hacks and Mods (54 videos)
  • Arduino, Raspberry pi, and Microcontrollers
  • Interviews (201 videos)
  • Secure Shell Cryptograpic ( 29 videos)
  • Virtualization (23 videos)
  • software defined radio
  • Wireless network for Beginners
  • Practical Exploitation
  • Nmap and Netcat tutorials
  • Bashbunny videos , etc


Ethical hacking and cybersecurity free courses

Hackersploit mainly focuses on penetration testing and cyber threats. They provide awareness about cybersecurity and threats. Hackersploit was started back in 2015. It also has a blog that covers ethical hacking and penetration testing tutorials and you can also discuss your security-related questions on their forums.

They cover cybersecurity topics such as penetration testing, CTF, Malware Analysis. Both channel and blog provide tutorials on Linux, Wireshark, ethical hacking, scripting, forensics, information gathering. They have a playlist of 139 videos covering Ethical hacking and penetration testing course. It is constantly been updated. They also provide Linux Reviews and tips, Q&A.

It also has a blog and forum which covers cybersecurity-related topics.

Topics covered in Hackersploit are:

  • Ethical hacking and cybersecurity tutorial
  • Wireshark
  • Kali Linux
  • CTF series
  • Nmap
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • HTB
  • Malware Analysis
  • Metasploit and Network Sniffing & spoofing
  • Bug Bounty
  • Penetration testing
  • Linux security

Black Hat

Best YouTube channel for ethical hacking
  • Channel link: Black Hat
  • Total subscribers: 160K
  • Total Views: 8 Million views
  • Website:
  • Total videos: 2000+ videos

The black hat started its YouTube channel in 2013. It brings all the black hat security conferences throughout the world to YouTube. It has 160k subscribers and 2k videos. Videos are long since they are conference recordings. It is a security event series that provides the latest information on security research development and trends in cybersecurity. It covers many topics that are not on youtube.

They cover all the trending topics such as Malware, anti-check engine, code injection, cloud security, exploits, etc. All the speakers at the conference are expert security researchers. Through this channel, you can learn cybersecurity from experts. The videos are of expert levels. Some of the videos are harder for beginners to understand.

Topics covered in Black Hat are:

  • x86 instruction set breaking
  • Wireless hacking
  • Smartcard system failutre reasons
  • iOS security
  • Deep web cybercrime
  • Cloning SIM cards
  • Cache posioning
  • Incident Response
  • Forensics
  • Malware analysis and forensics
  • Black Hat conferences
  • By-passing security

Null byte

Ethical hacking YouTube channel

Both the blog and YouTube channel of Null byte provide tutorials on ethical hacking. They provide tutorials on ethical hacking, networking security, social engineering, wireless security, Metasploit, etc. it’s a Subdomain of

Null byte YouTube channel was started in 2017. So far it has 735k subscribers and 227 videos with 28 Million views. They have playlists on various topics such as Device security, software-defined radio, Wireshark, etc. It has one of the best ethical hacking sites.

Topics covered in Null Byte are:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Wireshark
  • NodeMCU
  • Device Security
  • Cyber Weapons Lab
  • Software Defined Radio, etc

The PC security

YouTube channel to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity

This channel was created in 2011 by a malware analyst. As the name states it provides tutorials on PC security. PC security covers anti-virus tests, reviews, cybersecurity news and events, threat analysis and demonstration, tutorials and how-to guides, endpoint security, etc. This channel has gained 160k subscribers and 19 Million views from 539 videos.

This video is grouped into multiple playlists such as windows security, anti-malware browser security, etc.

Topics covered in The PC Security are:

  • Anti virus vs Malware Tests
  • Browser Security Tests
  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware Security
  • Basics of cybersecurity
  • Windows security
  • Cybersecurity essentials


best youtube channel for cybersecurity and penetration testing
  • Channel link:
  • Total subscribers:
  • Total Views:
  • Website:
  • Total videos:

Open Web Application Security Project commonly known as OWASP is a non-profit organization that provides articles, documentation and, security updates in web application security. It also provides recordings of OWASP Appsec conferences.

OWASP YouTube channel was created in 2013. It has around 1k videos and 45k subscribers. Their channel contains security conferences and the impact of security etc. All the videos are licensed under free and open software licenses. This channel may not suit beginners. But it is good for those who already know cybersecurity.

Topics covered in OWASP are:

  • Crypto Failures
  • API Security
  • iOS Apps
  • Security Conferences
  • Interviews

Bitten tech

Best YouTube channel for cybersecurity
  • Channel link: Bitten Tech
  • Total subscribers: 163K
  • Total Views: 6 Million
  • Website:
  • Total videos: 445 videos

Bitten Tech is one best channel to learn ethical hacking in Hindi. It has around 146k subs and 5 Million views it was started in 2013. Topics covered are scanning, enumeration, Bug bounty, SQL injection, Burpsuite, System hacking, etc. This channel is run by an engineering Student.

The Cybersecurity videos are Hindi and are focused on beginners. if you want to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity in Hindi. Then this is the best place.

Topics covered in Bitten Tech are:

  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Bug Bounty
  • SQL Injection
  • Network Hacking
  • website hacking
  • Denial of service
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Enumeration

Security weekly

YouTube channel for security updates

This channel focuses on the latest information security and hacking news. Security weekly contains interviews with security professionals and researchers, recordings of conferences, weekly security news.

Security weekly has 30k subscribers and 3.1k videos making 1.7 Million total views.

Topics covered in Security weekly are:

  • Weekly Security updates
  • Conference recording
  • Security podcasts

Pentester Academy TV

Pentester academy tv

Pentester Academy TV was started in 2011. So far it has 52k subscribers and 1k videos. It covers topics such as Linux forensics, CTF, 32 bit and 64-bit assembly languages and shell coding, python for penetration testing, PowerShell, Linux Rootkits, hardware security, etc.

Topics covered in PentesterAcademy are:

  • Pentester Academy labs
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Assembly Language and shellcoding
  • Poweshell for Pentesters
  • Linux Rootkits
  • Access point
  • Linux Forensics
  • Windows API Exploitation
  • Various tools usage

Network chuck

Cybersecurity free courses

It is another biggest channel on our list. If you plan to take cybersecurity certification, this channel could be the perfect choice for you. It has courses on CCNA, CEH, Cisco routing, and switching, Comptia A+, security+, and other famous certifications. This channel so far has 1.11M subscribers and 241 videos. Videos are long since they are made into courses.

Topics covered in NetworkChuck are:

  • CCNA Collaboration
  • Security certifications
  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • Network Engineer
  • Linux
  • CCNP
  • Ethical Hacking and cybersecurity


Network security YouTube channel

Liveoverflow is one of the best youtube channels for CTF and write-ups. This channel is mostly focused on CTF. It has 58 videos on Binary Exploitation/ memory corruption. It covers topics from CTF to Reverse engineering. At present, it has around 624k subscribers totaling 38M views. It also covers hardware security.

Topics covered in LiveOverflow are:

  • Binary Exploitation / Memory corruption
  • Technical videos
  • Daily usage security
  • Web hacking
  • Guest interviews
  • Vulnerability walk through

The cyber mentor

Best YouTube channel for cybersecurity and ethical hacking

  • Channel link: The Cyber Mentor
  • Total subscribers: 196K
  • Total Views: 4 Million views
  • Website: nil
  • Total videos: 145

Cyber mentor mainly focuses on network security and penetration testing. The channel was started in 2018 so far has 181k subscribers a total of 4M views.

The Cyber Mentor allows Teaches what to expect in cybersecurity jo interviews, best certifications, writing better Resumes, CTF walkthrough. This channel has more videos on buffer overflow and network penetration testing.

Topics covered in The Cyber Mentor are:

  • Ethical hacking carrer
  • Web Application Pentesting
  • Pentesting for noobs
  • Linux for beginners
  • Networking
  • Buffer Overflows

Open security training

Opensecurity YouTube channel
  • Channel link: Open Security Training
  • Total subscribers: 53K
  • Total Views: 1.5 Million
  • Website: nil
  • Total videos: 301 videos

This channel focuses on topics such as Dynamic Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, flow analysis, malware exploits, rootkit, etc. They also provide information security-related training. All the topics they cover are trending topics. The channel so far has 52.4k subscribers.

Topics covered in Open SecurityTraining are:

  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Web User Identification
  • Flow Analysis and Network Hunting
  • ARM
  • Exploits
  • Rootkit
  • 32 bit binary system
  • Binaries

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