13 Best Youtube Channels to learn Programming.

Whatever Technical Field you choose to Go, You will need programming. It could be any language. The logic, structure, and application of the languages will be almost similar. To survive in the programming Field, You need to learn competitive programming. For Competitive programming, you need to know data structures and algorithms.

Best youtube channel for programming

In this post, We are going to cover, The 10 best Youtube Channels to learn programming. The list also includes channels that prepare you for competitive programming. The channels below cover all the popular programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

You cannot learn competitive programming by just finishing one course. You need to learn problem-solving and analysis of the program throughout your programmer life. The solving and methodology differ from program to program. You Always have to find shorter solutions. To help you out we also have added competitive programming youtube channels to our lists.

Below channels are ranked on basics of total subscribers, views, and likes.

Table of Contents

13 Best Youtube channels to learn programming

CS dojo

best youtube channel for Competitive programming

CS Dojo Founder YK Sugishita is a former Google software developer. The channel was started in 2016. In just a few years, The channel has gained 1.7 Million Subscribers. CS Dojo specializes in python programming. It has Only 97 videos. The videos are of high quality and topics are explained flawlessly. It is the only channel in our list which has high subscribers just with 97 videos. This shows the Quality of this channel.

CS Dojo in addition to python programming. It also teaches how to code, Data structures and algorithms, Javascript, etc. This is the best youtube channel to learn python programming. It even has a tutorial for a small project built using python and javascript, Designing a Twitter bot using Python. It has a separate community channel, which has few videos related to technology.

CS Dojo has tutorials on how to create a telegram bot, Design games using python. Tips for Coding and Interviews. This could be your all-in-one youtube channel to learn programming along with improving your skills with projects.

The Programming topics covered by CS Dojo are

  • Data Structuures and algorithm
  • Python for Absolute Beginners
  • Coding Interview
  • Dynamic programming
  • Python Projects
  • Startup and Developers interviews


Best programming Youtube channels

Freecodecamp is the one Biggest programming youtube channel. You could have noticed, Whenever you search programming or tech-related course you will see this Channel. It has more than 1000 videos. You can also say more than 1000 courses. The entire course is made into a single long video.

It is the biggest Non-profit Youtube channel with more than 4000 volunteers. Freecodecamp.org was started in San Franciso way back in 2014. It has a web platform, Community Forum, etc to encourage free learning. The courses are not made by a single person. It is rather made by the volunteers who are experts in the particular field.

FreeCodeCamp.org has courses for Absolute Beginners to experts. It has courses on almost all the popular programming languages. the channel has 3.93 Million Subscribers and 208 Million views. Unlike other channels, the videos are not divided into smaller topics. The videos are divided into separate courses. The most famous courses include Learn python- Full course for beginners, SQL tutorial, Learn Javascript. etc

It has a course on Every Technical carrier and field. It has courses on Artificial intelligence, data science, penetration testing, programming, data structures, etc.

Topics Covered by FreeCodeCamp.org are

  • Programming languages such as C,C++, Python, C#, Java, React,PHP, R, etc
  • Various Frameworks such as django, Laravel, Node.js etc
  • Data science
  • Pentration Testing
  • Artifical Intelligence and Machiene learning
  • Web development
  • DataBase systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Strucutres and Algorithms
  • Calculus and algebra
  • Git and GitHub
  • App and Game development
  • Various Projects, etc


Best YouTube channel to learn information

TheNewBoston was started by Bucky Roberts. It was also one of the biggest youtube channels. But, This channel has been inactive for 4 long years. Even the site is also down. However, It has become active Recently. It has tons of good resources to learn to program. While Some recommend TheNewBoston for programming, But some Don’t.

In addition to Programming, it also has courses on networking, cybersecurity, etc. TheNewBoston is most Popular for Java and C programming. This channel has more content on Python-related topics. The Topics covered by TheNewBoston are:

  • Docker Tutorials
  • Kotlin
  • Digital Currency Tutorials
  • React JS Tutorials
  • Django Tutorials for Beginners
  • Python, C, etc

Programming knowledge

Coding youtube channels

Next on our List is Programming Knowledge. It offers a wide variety of courses on programming languages such as c, C++, Python. The popular course of this channel is on C programming. It has the best course on C programming, you won’t find any other on youtube. If you are interested in learning C programming then this channel is for you. It also has a website named Codebind.com where the code used in the tutorials is shared. You can also become a contributor and share your code on code bind.

With 1800+ videos it covers almost all the popular programming languages and frameworks. This channel has 1.42 million subscribers totaling 214+ Million views. This is the best youtube channel for C programming. It also has tutorials on machine learning algorithms, Ecommerce Site development, Progressive web App development, windows 10 tutorials.

Topics covered by Programming Knowledge are

  • Flutter App titorial
  • Ruby for Beginners
  • Python programming and applications
  • C programming
  • Programming interview questions
  • C++ for Beginners
  • Machience learning and its realted concepts
  • Cloud computing
  • Linux
  • Java programming, PHP, C#
  • Shell scripting
  • MongoDB for Beginners
  • and Many more

Derek Banas

best youtube channels for coding

Derek Banas is a beginner-friendly channel covering various technical concepts including calculus and trigonometry. This channel is the best and well suite for Python, PHP, and Javascript. Derek Banas was started in 2008. It now consists of more than a thousand videos with 1.13 Million subscribers. It has made a total of 108 Million views.

The courses are short paced making it easier for beginners. It covers tutorials on Python, JAVA, C, C#, Javascript, etc. In addition to programming languages, it also consists of Machine learning, data science, and other topics.

Topics covered by Derek Banas Include:

  • Trigonometry
  • precalculus and college algebra
  • After Effects and premiere Pro tutorials
  • Machiene learning and data science
  • Javascrript
  • iOS Development
  • Android App development
  • C++ tutorials
  • Java, python, C# tutorials etc

Programming with mosh

best sources to learn pcompetative programming

Mosh is a software engineer who focuses on teaching only programming languages. His courses are easy to grasp and completely focused on beginners. Although he provides advanced and intermediate courses on other platforms such as Udemy. He only covers the Beginner version on Youtube.

I learnt a beginner java course from Programming with Mosh. The course was good without any flupps. he doesn’t waste your time telling unrelated silly things. His channel is famous for beginner Python courses with views of Morethan 20 Million. Followed by Javascript and java.

In addition to teaching programming, He also covers interview-related tutorials. The languages covered by programming with mosh are:

  • Python for Beginners
  • Javascript tutorial for beginners
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • React JS
  • C# and popular programming languages

Google Developers

competitive programming youtube channels

Google has many youtube channels that are intended to teach others. Google developers provide courses and details that are required to become a developer. It also contains additional free materials to learn about the topic. This youtube channel was started in 2007 has more than 5000 videos.

Google Developers is well known for its python courses. It is one of the best free Python courses. The courses are well structured and taught by professionals at Google. Google Developers covers Tutorials related to Google technologies. It provides you lectures on how to integrate Google products with your application.

Google has separate youtube channels for the separate fields like Google Quantum AI for AI, Android Developers for Applications developers community. There are also noteworthy channels like Google Chrome Developers, TensorFlow, Firebase, Flutter, Google search central for SEO, Google Cloud Tech, etc.

The Channel does not have content for Beginners but also for experts with many years of experience.

Courses covered by Google Developers are

  • Python Beginner to advanced
  • Machine learning
  • Flutter
  • API programming
  • Android App and Game development
  • AR Application Development
  • Integrating Google Applications
  • Cloud computing

Microsoft Developers

competitive coding channels
  • Channel Link:
  • Subscribers: 317K
  • Total views:
  • Total Videos: 4000+ videos

Similar to Google Microsoft also has its own developers Channel But it was started 4 years early than Google. Microsoft developers so far have 317K subscribers and more than 4000 videos totaling views of 20 million.

Similar to google This channel is also well known for Python courses. The courses are beginner-friendly. This channel covers more topics than Google. It provides courses on Windows terminal, Azure cloud computing, and other Microsoft-related Technologies.

Topics covered include:

  • Web App Development
  • Azure App development
  • microsoft Builds and its security
  • Python
  • Vue.js, Django
  • Visual Studio Tutorial
  • Web App API
  • Blockchain
  • Javascript
  • Azure SQl for Beginners
  • Intro to Data Science
  • Azure Cloud development


youtube to learn coding

LearnCode.academy is fully focused on web development. It’s a best-dedicated youtube channel for web development and related technologies. The channel so far has gained 733K subscribers and 46 Million views. The most popular content of this channel includes web development and GitHub tutorials.

The Topics covered By LearnCode.academy are:

  • Webdevelopment for Beginners
  • React JS Tutorials
  • Modular Javascript
  • Jquery, etc

Abdul Bari

youtube for programming

Abdul Bari’s youtube channel is the most recommended channel for Algorithms. It has a course on Java, Algorithms, and other programming concepts. It has one best java courses on Udemy. However, those java courses are not available on his youtube channel. But still, they are posted by other people. You can find them on youtube.

Abdul Bari has 411k Subscribers totaling 43 Million views. The courses taught by Abdul Bari are

  • Java
  • Design and analysis of Algorithms
  • C programming


Everyone has a different approach to learning and teaching. The most popular course may not suit everyone. However, based on reviews and recommendations, Programming Knowledge is good for C programming, Abdul Bari for Design and analysis of algorithms, Jenney lectures for Data Structures, FreecodeCamp.org for learning for industry experts

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