How to change app names and icons on android and iOS

Do you want to change the app names and icons of your android app? if so then you are in the right place. this post covers how to change the names and icons of the apps on your android smartphone.

Changing names and icons provide some privacy. You can hide the app just by changing the name and icon. You may have multiple reasons to change the names and icons of the app. However, most people use this technique to hide their Apps. It is helpful in securing private messages and apps from your friends and family members.

Some Android smartphones provide these features. If your smartphone doesn’t have this feature then don’t worry you can use the External app or Launcher to change the name and icon of the app.

 change app names and icons

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How to change app names and icons on android

You can use either launcher or An Additional app to change app names and Icons. Using the launcher is recommended. The icon apps contain more ads and they look spammy. But the launcher used in this post doesn’t contain ads.

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How to change app name and icons using a Launcher

Almost every launcher supports options to Change the app name and icon. In this method, we are going to use Microsoft Launcher for this purpose. Don’t get confused with the name, The launcher doesn’t have anything to do with Windows. It has the look and feel of the android.

Step 1: Open playstore and Search for Microsoft Launcher.

Step 2: Download and install the Microsoft launcher.

Step 3: Open the Microsoft launcher and proceed with it. Set it as the default home app. Customize the look and home screen.

Step 4: Tap and Hold the app that you want to change the app name and icon.

how to change app names and icons

Step 5: Some options will appear. Scroll to right by tapping on the “>” icon and select Edit Icon.

changes app names and icon using Microsoft launcher

Step 6: Tap on the Icon name and change it to whatever you want. After entering the name, click on Apply. The app name will be changed.

 change app names and icons in android

Step 7: Now For changing Icon you will be having Multiple options. Microsoft launcher allows you to select the icon from the launcher or system. You can open the icon pack or you can download the icon pack.

 change app names and icons using a launcher

Step 8: Tap on any one of the options and select the icon and click on apply.

How to change App and Icons on Android using App

There are several apps on the play store that comes bundled with icons. You can use any app of your choice for changing icons. For this method, we are using the Icon changer app.

Step 1: Head over to the play store and download the Icon changer Application.

Step 2: Open the Icon changer app and tap on Agree to its terms and conditions.

Step 3: Wait for the ad to finish. The ad close button takes a while to appear.

Step 4: Select any app and tap on it.

Step 5: Select the icon by tapping on the “+” symbol. You can edit the background color and set the contrast. You can also set the style

change the name and customize the icon of apps

Step 6: After customizing tap on use.

How to change app names and icons on iPhone

iPhone didn’t have many customization options until the iOS 14 update. Now you can change by using the shortcuts app. You can change app icons to picture.

How to change app name and icons on iPhone using shortcuts

Step 1: Go to the App Store and download the shortcuts app.

Step 2: Most of the iPhones with shortcuts apps. If not download it

Step 3: Open the Shortcuts app on your device.

Step 4: In the top right corner there will be a ” +” mark. Tap on it and select Add Action to add icon option.

Step 5: Type Open app in the search bar and select it.

Step 6: Click on choose option and select the app that you want to change name and icon. Then tap on Next.

Step 7: Now you will be asked to enter the name. Enter any name and tap on done. The name you enter will be displayed under the icon on the home screen.

Step 8: Now the next process would be to change the app icon. you can set pictures for the app icon. Go to your browser and download any images that you want to set as icons.

Step 9: Again open the shortcuts app and scroll down to the shortcut you create earlier. In the upper right corner of the created shortcut, there will be 3 dots. Tap on it again and tap on add to the home screen. You can also find that option under share.

Step 10: Under the Home screen name and icon heading. Tap on the icon. You will be asked to select the source for the icon. Tap on choose photo.

Step 11: Select the image and crop it to fit the icon. After selecting the icon tap on add.

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