-what is it & how to disable it

Did you stumble across or do you have issues with it, whatever the reason may be we got you covered. In this post, we are going to explain what is and how to disable or delete it.

It’s very unlikely that you will come across this app. If you stumble across it, Then it’s most probably because of the error caused by If not for error, you would have never even known that this app existed on your smartphone.

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What is com android cts priv ctsshim

“” is a developer tool that lets app developers inspect their apps for any compatibility issues before releasing the app. This application is only meant for developers and other users have no use for it. It is a prebuilt package so it comes installed with the device.

Now coming to package name android represents that it is an android package, cts refers to compatibility test suite which is technically a collection of utilities and programs that are used to check the compatibility of apps. prev stands for the privilege, which is used to refer to an application that exists in the system image partition.

Is com android cts priv ctsshim malicious app

Data theft has become very popular, so most people think of these unknown apps with long names as malicious ones. Well, is not a malicious app and it’s safe.

The reason why people feel that way is because the app doesn’t show up in the apps section. The app solely exists for developers to test their app.

This package is created by google itself not by some random developer. So rest assured. The packages that start with are all developed by google itself. so there is no need to worry. If having this app still bothers you, you can get rid of it. There are many ways to remove system apps.

How to Fix Stopped Working Error

If you are having older smartphone you make have come across the “some” “app has stopped working” error. This is can be easily resolved. However, in some cases, it would keep showing errors and would eventually disappear after some time. so waiting for some time is also a solution.

Solution 1: Restart your device

Restarting is the first step towards getting rid of this error. In case you have a removable battery turn off the device and disconnect the battery for 1-2 minutes and then reconnect the battery and turn On your phone. If this was a temporary issue then it would be resolved.

Solution 2: Reset the app

Sometimes just restarting won’t do the trick in that case we need to move one step further by resetting the app. Go to settings and then head over to app (applications or app settings) it would vary from device to device. Once you navigate to the app settings look for an extra option. In Samsung, you will find it after tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Select the system app and look for com. android.cts.priv.ctsshim and select it. Scroll to the bottom and look for options known as “clear app data” and “clear cache“. Tap on both and try restarting your device again this could solve the issue

Solution 3: Update your device

This usually works when the error is caused due to a bug in a recent update. Not all the time things go as planned sometimes even after testing the software multiple times there would still be some bugs and these come to light when these bugs result in issues.

The manufacturers usually release a follow-up update if the previous update had any errors. Look for updates and install them once you find them.

How to remove com android cts priv ctsshim

If you are having any trouble with and want to get rid of it then follow along with this method. Unlike other system apps like incallui, spdclient, etc this app has no use for normal users. It is only meant for developers so having it on your device is pretty much useless unless you are a developer.

I would recommend only deleting the app only if it gives you an error. If not there is no need of going through the hassle of removing it. The app doesn’t run in the background. So it’s rare to get errors.

Method 1: Using 3rd party apps

There are many apps available on the app store for removing system apps. The well-known ones are system app remover, you can also use other apps but make sure that they don’t require system privileges. Most apps require your devices to be rooted. If you are a programmer. You can find some tools on GitHub that are used to remove system apps

Method 2: Using ADB

This is somewhat complicated and you will need a PC for this. If you have experience with tech and PC this would be a lot easier. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. Check our article What is ADB? How to Apply Update from ADB for more details.

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