Difference between no caller id vs unknown caller -2023

no caller id vs unknown caller

If you are getting a call with No caller ID and want to know what it is or you just want to know the difference no caller id vs unknown caller, Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is the unknown number and no caller id on android and iPhone, and the differences between no caller id and unknown caller.

It’s frustrating when you get a call without the number showing up. It also leads to confusion as to whether receive such calls or not. Even if you didn’t receive it. There will always be thoughts bugging you about that call. So in this post, we will be clearing all your doubts.

Unknown Caller vs No Caller ID. People often get confused with these use words interchangeably. But both are different However they can still be referred to as similar situations. Both don’t display a number.

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What does unknown caller mean in iPhone and android

An unknown caller means that the device failed to get the phone number. It happens when the carrier provider wasn’t able to identify the number. This usually happens with international numbers. If you are wondering why I am getting the international calls when no one you know lives outside of the country. Then they are most likely scammers.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

As the name says no caller id means that the information regarding caller id is not available. It is also known as a masked number. If you get a call and it has no caller id then it means that the person making a call has concealed their number. Concealing numbers has become easier. Just inserting some code in front of the number would do the trick.

Both iPhone and android support this trick. But still, there are carriers and devices that don’t have this option.

Who calls from no caller id?

Now, since you got to know what no caller id is?. Then it’s time to know who calls from no caller id. These kinds of calls are used by scammers, spammers, and marketers. It could also be one of a friend or family trying to prank you. So it is hard to narrow down the exact persons. But there are apps that can help you find details about who calls from no caller id.

How do callers hide their caller id?

It’s a simple method and doesn’t require any additional apps and is free of charge available both for android and iPhone. Add *67 before the number which you want to make a call and call that number. Now the receiver won’t is able to view the number.

No Caller ID vs Unknown Caller

As we explained before No caller id is different from an unknown caller. No caller id is related to a feature that is used to conceal numbers, on the other hand, an Unknown caller is a network or device issue. In no caller id, the phone number is masked. But in Unknown caller the phone number itself is unavailable.

The phone number with No caller id can be retrieved using some codes or by using third-party apps since it is only being concealed. But the number of the unknown callers cannot be identified because the career provider couldn’t identify and it could be lost by now.

How to block No caller id or unknown numbers on android and iPhone

In iPhone, you need to turn ON the silence Unknown callers which are present in phone settings. For Android, navigate to call settings and tap on block numbers. Look for Block unknown numbers and toggle it on.


No caller id vs unknown call- The difference is a feature and error, That’s right no caller id is a result of a feature whereas an unknown number is because of some issues.


Does no caller ID mean you have them in your contacts?

No caller id means that the caller is trying to hide their number. In other words, they are concealing their identities

Is a No caller ID someone you blocked?

No, The No caller ID is not the someone you blocked

How can you find out who called from no caller id

you can either use third-party apps or contact customer care to find out more information about it

Is a No caller ID someone you blocked?

No, The blocked numbers wont be shown as No caller id

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