What is a Facebook page manager? and its alternatives

Facebook page manager

If you have come across the Facebook page manager or just heard about it and are about to know more about it. Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is Facebook page manager and its alternatives.

Facebook has been the leader of social media for a long time. Facebook has acquired more than 2.5 billion active users making it one of the biggest platforms for marketers. So Facebook has come with the app that helps business manage their pages more efficient by introducing the app called MEta business suite formerly Facebook page manager.

Facebook has various apps provided for both users and businesses. The meta page manager is focused on businesses. Facebook also has a Facebook app manager which most people who are not into social media marketing get confused with a page manager. both are used for different purposes.

What is Facebook page manager

Facebook page manager is an app by Facebook that lets you manage up to 50 pages. It is is currently known as Meta business suite. It is used for both Facebook and Instagram pages. It lets to create, schedule, and pages posts for different pages in a single place. It also lets you respond to your followers.

In addition to these, you can automate most of the manual tasks like posting on multiple pages or multiple meta-services. You can get insights and activities of all the pages within a single dashboard. It is one of the most ought apps for businesses that use Facebook, now Meta. It has morethan a 2.5 million downloads and ratings of 4.5/5

Uses/Features of Facebook page manager

  • You can manage up to 50 pages
  • Insights and activities of pages
  • Scheduling and managing post for different pages from a single location
  • Interact with followers and users
  • Free of cost
  • Provides notification and rewmainders for various actcicties
  • Crosspost between Instagram and Meta
  • Lultiple language and language translation support
  • Create Events

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How to download Facebook page manager

Downloading facebook manager is simple as downloading any other apps. The app is called a Meta business suite. it is available for both android and ios devices. You can download it from the official store. Follow the below steps to download Facebook manager on your smartphone.

Step 1: Open the app store on your device

Step 2: search for Facebook app manager or meta business suite. yo can also directly navigate to the app by using the below link


Step 3: Click on install and wait for some time for the download to finish.

Once the download finishes you are ready to go

Best Alternatives to Facebook page manager.

The Facebook page manager is one of the best social media managers out there. but if want to know other alternatives here are a few, But they are not free.

Hubspot Marketing

It provides more features compared to Page manager. however it comes with cost,. It does provides a free tail. The notable features ofhuspot marketing is its ability to create HTmL messages. it also includes inbuilt keyword research tool. It also has a easy report creation tool.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Another major player is salesforce. The notable feature is its integration with shopify and workfront. It has ability to send push manesages. It i open of the good ;a;ternatives facebook page manager but its doesn’t leta you manage multiple page at the sam ettime and also editing images requires further improvement


The main feature of Hootsuite that it lets you to manage morepthan 35 leading social networks. it also allows the integration of third party of application. The single page focus is not good as facebook pages. It also lets you have multiple contributors.


Facebook page manager is a meta services management tool that lets you to oraginxe schedule and manges poata in your page. It s a helpful appp for people who pages muliplt e tools.

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