Firestick remote pairing : Not working issues

Firestick is a powerful streaming device that is available for 50$. you can buy it for as low as 30$ during sales. At present, there are 3 versions 3rd gen firestick 3rd lite and a 4k version.

You can even run some  Linux distros like Ubuntu, Kali, Fedora, etc, and convert it into a mini PC using a keyboard and mouse. follow our below guide to install Linux on firestick.


Now coming to the main part. Fire-stick doesn’t come with a paired remote. Firestick remote pairing has to be done during the first setup process. However remote pairing with firetv is easy but pairing it with your tv to get audio controls can sometimes be hard depending upon the TV model you are using.

In this post, we cover the below queries. if you want details on only a particular query just click on it

  • How to pair firestick with remote
  • How to pair Firestick remote with your TV
  • How to pair alternate remote for firestick
  • How to use your phone as a firestick remote
  • How to use your TV remote to control firestick
  • fix issues with firestick remote( fire stick remote not working issues)
  • Top best firestick remote alternatives
  • How to unpair firestick remote

How to pair a firestick remote

As I have said earlier, firestick remote pairing can be done easily during the setup process. Just go through the setup process. you need to hold the home button for 5 secs.  you will also be asked to select tv manufacturer to pair it with tv.

If you have not paired remote during setup or skipped process you can pair by it by pressing and holding the HOME button for about 10 seconds or longer. Hold it to tell you to get a successful message or 3 consecutive blinkings of blue light on your remote. By this, you have paired your remote with your firetv.

if you have a connected smartphone you can manually pair by going to settings and selecting remote.

How to pair Firestick remote With your TV

 You can pair your TV during the setup process. But sometimes when you change your TV .you have to change the working IR frequency. follow the below steps to connect your TV with your firestick remote

 TV remote menu consists of many options. you can increment volume, change Infrared options, switch the buttons to perform the required operation change TV, etc.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Firetv

firetvstick remote pairing

Step 2: Scroll right to Equipment control and select manage equipment then select tv.

firetv remote pairing

Step 3: Next select change TV. You will be asked to select a TV brand. First supports almost every TV Brand. select your TV and press OK.

firestick remote pairing

Step 4: Press the power button on the firestick remote to turn off your TV and then again to turn it on.

Step 5: Firetv will ask whether the TV turned OFF/ ON. if it worked select yes else select NO.

Step 6: First changes the IR frequency and attempts again.

TRY it till you can control your tv. It usually works under 3 attempts.

Step 7: After the successful attempt. you will be asked to check whether volume controls are working fine or not. After the successful pairing, you get a message as ” Firetv remote has been updated“.

How to pair Alternate firestick remote or a new remote

if you have another firestick lying around You can use its remote to control the other firestick or you can pair a new firestick remote

Step 1:If you have another firestick remote. Turn off the firetv to which the remote is paired. you cannot control 2 devices at the same time

if you have brought the new firestick remote jump to step 2

Step 2: Hold the Home button for about 10 seconds or more. you will get a successful message on firetv

Step 3: You can manually Add Remote and Game controllers by going to Remote and Bluetooth devices in the settings

fire tv stick remote alternatives

Step 4: Select Firetv Remote and then Add new Remote

fire tv stick remote pairing

Step 5: Then hold the Home button for about 5 seconds to get detected by firetv

fire stick remote pairing

How to use your smartphone as a alternate remote

Sometimes when you have lost your remote or in case you are using something on firetv that requires more typing. using a smartphone as a remote can you help you a lot since using a smartphone touch keyboard won’t be hard. you get more controls compared to physical remote. Some Apps even support sharing files.

Step1: Download the Firetv app from the play store or App store. your smartphone should run on android 4.0 or above and iOS 7.0 or higher

Step 2: turn on your firetv and go to Settings. Enable ADB Debugging

Step 3: Connect both smartphone and Firetv to the same network

Step 4: Select firetv on your smartphone.

Step 5: Enter the code that appears on your firetv. you will get a successful message as connected

How to Control Firestick Using TV Remote

Did you know that you can control a firestick or any other streaming device using your TV remote? yes, you can use it but your TV should support HDMI CEC. which is supported in all smart TV. Many normal old TV as old as 10 years has this feature. So, there is a good chance that your TV has this feature. but it exists in different names for different TV Brands.

Step 1: Go to Display and sound in Fire TV settings

Step 2:  Enable HDMI CEC Device Control

Firestick Hdmi CEC

Step 3: Go to google and search “tv brand ” HDMI CEC

example Philips HDMI CEC

Step 4: Find the CEC setting on your TV and turn it ON. next select the HDMI port and turn it on for CEC. you can configure CEC for all ports if your TV supports it

Step 5: You will get a List of Devices Connected to your tv. Select FIretv or Firestick

Step 6: you are ready to go

firetv remote pairing issues( firetvstick remote not working)

sometimes your firestick remote gets disconnected or batteries may die out. some batteries may be incompatible. use amazon provided batteries or others that are compatible with your model of firetv remote.

To check whether it is a firestick pairing issue or remote issue hold your remote top( Ir region ) against the camera and press the volume button. if you see pinkish light on your camera when you press the volume button, then your remote is fine. The issue is with pairing

press home button for 10 secs and check whether it connects or not. try it for some time. sometimes there may be a compatibility issue. check if there is any damage.

firestick is a Bluetooth device so be near as possible and also check if any other devices are interfering with the Bluetooth signal.

firestick remote alternatives

since firestick supports Bluetooth-enabled remote. it is compatible with many other console remotes. you can use your smartphone as a remote or you can connect it with Alexa. you can use game controllers.

The firestick remote is around 30$ which is higher than the normal firestick price during sales. so instead of getting a new firestick remote you could use some alternate remote and save few bucks

5 Best Alternatives for Firestick Remote

1. FireTV App

 The Firetv App ranks on top of our results because it free and does not contain ads. It is easier to use mouse controls since you will a touchpad. Supports an inbuilt keyboard. IT Can also be used to control other activities.

  • Downloads: !0M+
  • Ratings: 4.1
  • Pricing: FREE

2. iPazzPort Mini keyboard


Firestick alternate remote

This is one of the best alternate remotes for firetv. It comes with options but some of its function requires OTG cable. But still, you can use it for many functions.

It has a small full keyboard. Mouse buttons, touchpad, dongle, etc. It can be used to play games. There is another backlit  version

3. WeChip W1 fly Mouse


Alternative remote for firestick

 This awesome Mini remote comes with a gyroscope with a directional pad and selection buttons. It has a qwerty layout and pretty easy to use and Lightweight

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