Why does my Android phone keep beeping and how to fix it?

android phone beeping

If you have a problem with your phone beeping and want to get rid of it? then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover why does the android phone keep beeping and how to fix it. You likely experience this kind of problem if your device is aged or have a damaged charger or port. It’s rare to see this kind of issue on modern smartphones.

Most people like gets annoyed by notification sound. Never-ending beeping could be a nightmare. It not only disturbs others but also makes the device unusable for most of the tasks. It is easy to solve beeping problems if you find the core of the issue.

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Why does My android phone keep beeping

Missing File

Android device has Hundreds of important files that can be deleted through the file manager. If the file of a certain app or software is missing, It could cause an error. This is rare and the probability of this could be the reason for beeping is also very low. There are specific files for specific functions. Not all files are made available to view. But files can be viewed and deleted.

Uneven or interruption in power supply

Most of the time the culprit for causing beeping will be the charger. It’s common to hear a beep while connecting the device for charging. If the charger is damaged or there is uneven supply of power, The beep can continue because of the charger connecting and disconnecting. This can also happen if your device’s charging port is damaged. Most likely this could be the issue causing your device to beep.

App Notifications

Bugs in the app can cause continuous beeping or if you have a large number of apps with notification access, They may be sending notifications continuously. If you have subscribed to push notifications on multiple sites, You could receive more notifications that could cause continue beeping. This is only caused if you have enabled sound in the notification.


If the updates are not processed properly you may likely hear beeping. Although the possibility is less. Your device may be trying to connect to a certain service or server and failing repeatedly which is producing a beep every time it connects or disconnects.

Damaged Device or Hardware

If your device has a damaged charging port or other parts. It may cause the beeping.

Enabled NFC

NFC stands for Near field communications. This option can be enabled through the notification panel. When enabled it detects nearby things such as credit cards. If the scanned thing is not in perfect range, your device may be detecting and disconnecting repeatedly. This happens if the signal is weak enough to detect but could connect.

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How to Fix Android Phone Beeping

Restart device

For most of the devices or electronics problems, restarting the device could solve the issues. Whatever issues may be always try restarting your device as the first method of troubleshooting. This may likely get rid of the problem.

Update device

This may not be the ideal solution. But it may work for someone and also updating the device to the latest version is beneficial in many ways. If there was an error in the previous update. It could be fixed in the recent update

Turn off sound in Notifications

If push or app notification is causing the problem. then the best way to get out of this problem is to disable sound and vibrations from notifications. You should also turn off unnecessary notifications. Since most of the time seeing more notifications may be stressful.

Turning off the notification is fairly easy. Head over to Settings ->sound and notification and then turn it to Mute. Also, turn off the vibration if enabled.

Change Charger

If you face beeping while charging. Then charger, charging port, and socket could be causing the problem. First, identify the issue if it is caused by the charger, if so change the charger. If the problem is with the port then you have to take it to the service center.

Factory Reset your Device

This is the last resort and Factory reset can wipe all of the device data. Create a backup before proceeding to ensure safety. To reset your device go to About settings of your smartphones and Tap on Rest. A confirmation message will appear, Tap on Continue.

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