How to Fix Mobile network state disconnected

Hello Folks, Welcome to my Blog. If you are having a “Cellular or Mobile Network state disconnected” error and want a quick fix. Then you are in the right place.

In this post, we are going to Cover what does Mobile Network State disconnected error means, Why it is caused, and How to fix it. There are plenty of reasons for this error, But we have the solutions that cover almost all the reasons, So rest assured.

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What Does Mobile Network State Disconnected Mean?

Celluar network state disconnected” or “Mobile network state disconnected” error is a kind of Network error. It occurs when the device is unable to or not connected to Network. It is common in older versions of android. This also happens when you try to connect to a 4G network using a 3G SIM.

Why is my mobile network state disconnected?

Mobile network state disconnected error can occur for various reasons. It’s hard to say the exact reason why it occurs. It may happen due to many reasons such as network error, change in the network, or device issues. The common reasons are changes in the Network. This can also happen when you travel to different locations or you have more than one Network tower.

When you move to a different location far from the current network(tower). The device automatically connects to a different network. When it fails you will get a “cellular disconnected error”. It also happens when you are using 3G SIM and your device connects to a 4G network.

If you are using a new SIM, Verify whether the SIM is activated by the carrier or Not. Mobile network state disconnected error also happens if the SIM card is not activated by your carrier company.

How to Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected Error

Reset the Network

Most of the time simple methods such as network reset can solve any network issue. It is one of the most simple methods you can give a try. Even the issues like slow internet speed and network error can be solved by resetting the network. To reset the network simply use flight mode or airplane mode on your smartphone.

fix mobile network state using network refresh

Turning ON the Flight Mode disconnects the network and Turing OFF reconnects it. By doing this you can refresh or reset the network the current network. You can also remove the SIM card and reinsert it again. This works perfectly if the error is the result of a network change or a temporary one.

Restart your device

App crash, hanging, ghost touch, etc whatever issues may be, People first think about restarting the device. Luckily it works most of the time. The same applies to network errors. If your smartphone is the culprit behind the “Mobile Network state disconnected” error, Then restarting your device can fix the issue.

I hope you know how to restart a device. For new users or for people who don’t have an idea about it, Just hold the power button for a few seconds and select restart. This will restart the device and the network connection will also be refreshed.

Disable Wi-Fi connections

This trick may work for you if you have older smartphones. It’s very rare for Newer versions to get Network disconnected error because of a Wifi connection. In some older smartphones when you connect to WiFi Cellular connection gets disconnected. This also happens if you are using a smart network switch on older devices.

If the above was the reason for the error, Then try disabling WIFi and refreshing the network. This will get rid of issues for you.

Change Network settings

Changing Network settings have a better chance to get rid of Mobile network state Disconnected error. There are two ways to go through it. One you can try changing the Network operators to “select automatically” or to “select manually” vice versa. The second is to change the “Network type“. Follow the below guide to change these settings.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your smartphone.

Step 2: Select “Connections and Networks” or any other that is related to the network. The name differs from device to device. The most common term is “Connections“.

fix mobile state disconnected error

Step 3: Select Mobile Networks.

network settings

Step 4: Select Network Mode and set it to your preferred one. If you are using 4G select LTE or if it is 3G select 3G. The 5G is not available in every place. If your place has 5G select 5G.

cellular network state disconnected

Step 5: Come back to Mobile Networks and select Network operators.

Mobile network state disconnected

Step 6: Set it to choose automatically. If the error still continues, Tap on the select manually and select your operator.

Change/Reset the APN settings

If you are getting this error after changing APN, Then it is most likely that you have done some mistake while changing the APN. There are some fields that shouldn’t be altered. Just reset or restore the APN to its default setting or request a new one from your carrier. You can also copy your Carrier-based APN from the web.


The above method works for all the operators whether it may be Sprint Mobile, AT&T or T-Mobile, etc. If you still facing the issue Check if others in your area have the same problem. If they are also facing the same issue. Then it may be temporary issues or maintenance issues of your area network.


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