Why is my smart tv freezing and Breaking up

smart tv freezing

If you are experiencing Screen freezing or breaking up on your tv and want to find a solution to unfreeze it? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are covering why smart TV freezes and how to fix Smart Tv freezing.

We have compiled some best fixes for screen breaking up or freezing. Screen freezing occurs in all types of Electronics including smartphones and wearables.

It’s frustrating when the devices hang up during their usage. Most of the time you need to restart your device to fix it. But you will lose any work. It’s also kind of annoying, that’s why to help you out we have gathered a bunk of solutions. Have a look at them.

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Why does Smart TV freezes

Reasons for Smart Tv freezing and breaking

App crashing

App crashing is the major reason for the Freezing of Smart TVs. It’s common to use Resource heavy app on Smart TV. Not just in smart Tv, you can experience the same problem caused by app crashing on any device. This commonly happens when you try to download more files or videos at the same time, The app becomes unusable and freezes. You could have experienced the same in smartphones when you try to get updates on the google play store.

Slow internet Connection

Slow internet connection also results in apps freezing. This happens when apps are unable to complete the specific operations because of Slow internet. If you have a slow internet connection you could have noticed screen buffering and breaking up. Usually, the screen doesn’t freeze while watching the video during to a slow connection. It is caused by only certain apps such as games, browsers, etc.

Some app requires more data and tends to freeze when the internet or WiFi gets slower. If you are watching live Tv or any other live show, Slow internet causes the breaking up of the video or screen. It makes video unwatchable.

Background Usage

High Background Usage may result in app crashing and slower net speed. Most of the Times these errors are interconnected, App crashing is caused due to limited resources and Internet speed decreases for a particular app. You may have noticed your TV heating and Freezing while watching a simple video or doing other simple things. This is because of the apps that are running in the background and the increasing workload on the CPU.

Some apps keep updating or Downloading content in the background. When the CPU becomes unable to process all those loads it freezes the TV.

Outdated software

This might not be the reason for Everyone, As Smart Tvs are recent trends having outdated software is rare. If you have older smart Tv outdated software may be responsible for your Smart TV. Not just Smart TV software but outdated apps also cause crashing and freezing issues. Crashing may be the result of glitches in smart Tv.

Limited Resource

Smart Tv has certain restrictions on usage. Since Smart Tv runs on android based OS you can run almost any android app. But some aren’t made for Smart TVs. Smart Tv starts crashing when you try using such apps. If you try to install and use a high-resource app such as games and video editors the entire smart TV freezes resulting in being used for some time.

Loose connections

This may not be the cause but it still has the chance of causing the screen to freeze. If you have a loose connection it results in the breaking of the screen. In most cases, the loose connection will be the culprit for causing the breaking up of the screen. If the TV receives the initial screen and then stops receiving the signal. The screen may hang up resulting in freezing.

Broken or Damaged TV

If you have a damaged or broken part it may be the reason for your screen breaking up. If the CPU is damaged it may cause freezing or breaking up of the screen. You could also notice a startup screen freeze in the event of a hardware failure.

How to Unfreeze or prevent Your Tv from Freezing

Here are some of the methods to fix the frozen tv. There is not a guaranteed fix but they tend to work most of the time. Since most of them are simple, It’s worth trying them.

Restart your TV

Simplest fix of all. Restarting your Tv is simple and won’t take much time or cause any harm. Try Restarting your Smart Tv and as the first fix. Grab the TV remote and press the power button, Wait for some seconds and again press the power button. This is a temporary fix, you need to restart every time when your TV freezes.

Check for resource heavy or buggy app

If you follow this method you might fix the device freezing permanently. Resource heavy or Buggy app is one of the main reasons for freezing smart TV. Check if there are any such apps it also includes games and media apps. If you find them remove them. Monitor the apps to find the one which causes issues. Notice if the same app is causing freezing again and again. Check for background usage of apps.

Check internet connection

Slow internet connection indirectly affects the Freezing. Check that the internet connection is stable. Try restarting the router or WiFi. Slower internet speed is responsible for breaking up of screen in live streaming.

Update your TV

Updating your Smart Tv may help fix the bugs that were introduced in the last Update. Even it fixes your problem or Not, Always make sure you have the latest software installed to utilize the few features. Older software may become incompatible with the newer Application, So updating the software may fix the issue. Updating can get rid of Smart tv glitches

Tighten all connections

Check that all the connections have been correctly inserted. Once remove all the connections and try reinserting them again.

Check TV condition

Check your Tv is damaged or you have messed with any cables or settings. Hardware failures and software bugs may not be easily detectable. Taking the TV to the service center can help you out.


Try rebooting your device. Rebooting Smart Tv can solve many of the problems including device freezing. Also, reboot the router or WiFi.

Contact Technician

If nothing seems to work, then the only method left out is to contact a technician. Your device may be having internal issues which can only be detected using some devices. It is also best to let them Replace the damaged part if there are any. You can get a clear picture of what has happened and get the permanent fix.

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