Best sites to get free courses with certificates in 2023

  Everyone likes free courses with certificates. some people want them to improve their resumes, some people like to add them to their collections. You may find people telling you that online course completion certifications are not valued. well, that’s not true in all cases. let’s imagine a small case — you went to a job interview and there are other ten candidates. and only you have some good certificates, so now you will get a slight advantage over others and also instead of telling the interviewer that you have done this and that courses. instead, show them a certificate as proof. some of the recognized certificates have good value.

While  Many other websites tell you about free courses, while they do not contain certificates or you have to pay for certificates, or else they tell you to take a course in free trial and complete it. well, you won’t get free trials again and again. hence I have included free courses which are free for a lifetime

well In this post I will cover 3 types of Courses Sites:

  • Courses with a free trial
  • Courses which are made free for this year or for some time due to COVID19.
  • Courses free for lifetime

1. Coursera (good for AI, IT and master degrees)

    The reason while I have Included Coursera on Top of all is that most of the courses offered by Coursera are provided by top-level universities and tech giants like Google, IBM, etc. Coursera courses are accredited by top universities of the world and the certificates they provide are verified certificates

Coursera contains about 6000 courses out of which about 1400 are free. and another good thing about Coursera is that you can get most of the paid courses for free with a certificate. yes, you heard it right Paid courses for free. Coursera provides Finical aid for some courses. and also there is no limit to get finical aid. 

The 3 main advantages of Coursera:

  1. 1400+ free courses with certificates
  2. Top-level Courses with financial aid
  3. You can get many courses and certificate for free during the free trial

Coursera offers many top-level specialization courses like Google IT Support professional certificate, Google IT Automation with Python by Google, etc

Top Free courses in Coursera:

  1. Cryptography by Stanford University.
  2. Science of well being by yale university.
  3. Learning How to Learn:
  4. Machine Learning by Stanford university 
  5. Finical engineering and risk management by Columbia university
  6. Learn to program by university of Toronto 

For More popular free Coursera courses with certificates (click here)

Complete the course, apply for a free trial and get the certificate

if you want to get the paid courses for free then you can apply for financial aid. this is the way you can get online paid courses with certificates for free, You can access most of the courses for free if you have a university or college email

Top Coursera courses with finical aid:

  1. Google IT Automation with Python by Google( specialization)
  2. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization (specialization)
  3. Advanced-Data Science by IBM (specialization)
  4. The Science of Well-Being by Yale (course)
  5. Introduction to Data Science by IBM (specialization)
  6. IBM Data science (professional certificate)
  7. Machine Learning by Stanford (course)
  8. Python for Everybody by University of Michigan( specialization)
  9. Google IT Support by Google (professional certificate)
  10. Deep Learning by (specialization)
  11. Data Science by Johns Hopkins University
  12. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review by Georgia Tech
  13. Social Norms, Social Change I by University of Pennsylvania and UNICEF
  14. natural language processing by (specialization)
  15. Optical Engineering (specialization) 
  16. Cloud Architecture with google cloud by google (professional certificate)
  17. cloud engineering with google cloud (professional certificate)
  18. Security in google cloud platform (specialization)
  19. Applied data science with python (specialization)
  20. Data Engineering, Big data and machine learning on GCP by google


  Udemy is Great for Digital marketing and designing courses. Udemy offers more than 1000 free courses on various topics including money-making ideas. most of the people who teach on udemy are YouTubers. But one of the cons is that the courses and certificates are not accredited by universities or other companies. hence the certifications are not highly valued. but they can improve your resume. if you want to learn anything then udemy is good for you. here is a way to get paid courses for free with certificates.  this is a coupons website where you get 100% OFF coupons daily without paying anything

Top free courses with certificates on udemy

  1. Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto
  2. Secret Sauce of Great Writing
  3. SQL: The Hitch Hikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries
  4. Free Keras Tutorial – Learn Keras: Build 4 Deep Learning Applications
  5. Free NumPy Tutorial – Python NumPy For Absolute Beginners
  6. Adobe XD tutorials
  7. UI/UX design with Adobe XD: Design & Prototype a Mobile App
  8. Creating Better Blog Content
  9. SIEMENS Solid Edge Training & Certification for Students
  10. Oracle SQL
  11. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites
  12. javascript essentials
  13. R Basics
  14. Learn Android Application Development
  15. Blockchain Technology and Innovation for Beginners
  16. Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage
  17. Programming 101
  18. The complete IP subnetting Courses
  19. AWS – Zero to Hero
  20. HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
  1. Support Vector Machines in Python: SVM Concepts & Code


free courses with certificates online

Google Digital Garbage is one of the best places to get the best free courses with certificates. As you all Known google is well known IT giant. Most of the courses Google offers in the digital garage are on topics like digital marketing. Google Offers more than 150 Courses out of which only 5 Courses Contain Certifications.

Top Free Courses Offered by google are:

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. English for Carer Development
  3. Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4
  4. Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1
  5. Database Management Essentials
  6. Instructional Design Foundations and Applications
  7. Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World
  8. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning
  9. Android developer
  10. Intro to JavaScript

All Of these Online courses are free but won’t contain certificates. Below are the five free courses with certificates, some are offered through Coursera, for which you need to apply for financial aid or you can audit the course for free

Top 5 Paid Courses for free with Certificates by Google

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. Elements of AI
  3. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
  4. Google IT Support Professional Certificate
  5. Prepare for the G Suite Certification Exam

Oxford Home Study (Great For Management)

One of the Good things about Oxford Home Study is that most of the courses are Accredited. Oxford Home Study is the Best Place to get free Management courses with printable certificates. They also provide 5 free cybersecurity Courses with certificates.

Oxford Home study free Courses with certificates

Stanford online

  Stanford online is called an Edx version of Stanford, since it uses Edx open technology. It provides 69 free courses out of which only 44 courses have free certifications. the good thing about Stanford online is that it provides labs using a virtual environment even for free courses.

it offers two types of certification

  1. professional certification
  2. graduation certification

Stanford free courses with certifications:

  • Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking9finicial aid).
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Design of Computer Programs
  • How to Start a Startup
  • Writing in the Sciences
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Introduction to Computer Networking
  • International Women’s Health and Human Rights
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models 3: Learning
  • Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis
  • Intro to Statistics
  • Statistical Learning
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts
  • Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity
  • Principles of Computing


 Futurelearn is the MOOC learning platform established in 2012 With the Headquarters located in the UK. At present, it has 71 free Courses with printable certificates. Future Offers #types of courses: Short Courses, Microcredentials and programs, And Online degrees. 

out of them, Only Short course certifications are available for free, so if you are looking for a short course with a free printable certificate then Future learn is good for you

Futurelearn free courses with certificates

  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work
  • Computer Programming for Everyone
  • Create a Professional Online Presence
  • Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps
  • Collaborative Working in a Remote Team
  • What is Genetic Counselling?
  • Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate
  • Introduction to Nursing: The Role of Nurses Around the World
  • Decision Making: How to Choose the Right Problem to Solve
  • Essential Skills for Your Career Development
  • Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving
  • Learn to Code for the Web
  • Presenting Your Work with Impact
  • Introduction to Psychology: Sensation and Perception
  • Wellbeing and Resilience at Work
  • Basic English 1: Elementary
  • English for Healthcare
  • Learn about Current Digital Workplace Trends
  • Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts: A guide to contract law for non-lawyers
  • Get Creative with People to Solve Problems
  • IT Ethics: Professionalism and Ethics in Computing
  • Introduction to Indie Games
  • Introduction to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Physical Computing
  • Introduction to UX and Accessible Design
  • Introduction to Creative AI

Follow below Futurelearn website Link to visit 71 free courses with certificates


 Another place to get free courses with certificates is Iversity.  Iversity provides courses in 32 categories, from agriculture to Statistics. they provide 45+ free courses which provide free Certifications. IT does not have free courses in computer science, but they do have 3 courses in data analysis and statistics. There is no mention on their website that the courses are accredited. And free courses are not as good as other platforms

Free courses with certificates offered by Iversity are

  • Corporate Digital Learning
  • Make the most of EU resources for your region or city
  • Introduction to the Theory of Distributions and Applications
  • Predictive Analytics in Commerce
  • Thinking Complexity
  • Quaternion algebra, fractal space, and General theory of mechanics
  • Scientific writing skills
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Applied IR spectroscopy
  • Data analysis and statistics in ecology аnd landscape study

For More Free Courses check the below link


BitDegree was started in 2017. BitDegree provides about 45 Courses with certificates for Free. it uses blockchain technology to Record Progress And Also it provides Sponsor Based scholarships for Many courses. The Courses Provides are mostly Digital Courses that teach technical skills and programming

Free Courses with certificates offered by Bitdegree are:

  • Learn How to Make a Puzzle Game App: Master iOS And Publish Your Game
  • How Math is Used in Video Games: Video Guide on Math in Video Games
  • Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity
  • network security fundamentals
  • Learn Web Design: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
  • Secret Formula How to Buy from Alibaba for Your Dropshipping Business
  • Learn Solidity with Space Doggo: an Interactive Solidity Tutorial
  • Dreamweaver Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to Web Design
  • Introducing Coding for Beginners: an HTML and CSS Online Course
  • Absolute Guide: Linux Tutorial for Beginners
  • Alibaba Dropshipping Guide – Start Your Dropshipping Business!
  • How to Do Online Trading: A Complete Newbie Guide
  • EIGRP Tutorial: Learn EIGRP Configuration Commands and More
  • How to make a website from scratch for a beginner?
  • Learn Basic Algebra Online: Algebra Lessons for Beginners
  • Lean Six Sigma Training: Improve Your Business Now!
  • Learn How to Build a WordPress Website Without Coding
  • Django Deployment on DigitalOcean Made Easy
  • PHP Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Bootstrap and PHP Blog Tutorial Step by Step
  • Facebook Ads: Tutorial To Help You Start Promoting Your Business
  • From story to a professional film: How to make a movie from zero?
  • Nuke tutorial for beginners: shift from After Effects to Nuke
  • A Virtual Reality Course: Basics, Types, and Relation to VFX
  • Build a VMware Home Lab From Scratch With This Course!
  • 15+ courses

Below is an Offical Website link which contains links to the above courses

you can get scholarships to any courses and earn a certificate


   Cybrary is one of the best sites to get free cybersecurity training and also you can get a certification of completion for free for some of the courses. currently, there are about 33 free Courses, Cybrary was completely free for the last 2 years. they provide cybersecurity training with virtual labs in their pro plan. Due to covid19, they provided some courses for free. One of the cons of Cybrary is its cost, you can get a free trial and complete some of the good courses

Top free Cybersecurity by Cybrary:

  1. Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity
  2. Cyber Network Security
  3. Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence
  4. Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence
  5. Web Defense Fundamentals
  6. Kali Linux Fundamental
  7. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)
  8. Enterprise Security Leadership: Team Dynamics for Cyber Leaders
  9. Enterprise Security Leadership: Negotiation Skills for Cyber Leaders
  10. Enterprise Security Leadership: Learning Methods for Cyber Leaders
  11. 8 Steps to Building a Modern Insider Threat Program
  12. CISO Security Controls: Enterprise Controls
  13. Stealth Techniques for Incident Handlers
  14. CISO Security Controls: Network Controls
  15. Evasion for Incident Handlers
  16. CISO Security Controls: Endpoint Controls
  17. Enterprise Security Leadership: Conflict Resolution for Cyber Leaders
  18. CISO Security Controls: Governance Controls
  19. CISO Competency – Risk
  20. Enterprise Security Leadership: Protection By Design


  If you want to learn how to code for free then solo learn is good for you. Solo learn does not offer video courses. There are no paid courses in solo learn, they do have a paid version that provides an ad-free experience. you can get a free certificate for every course. They also provide a virtual environment to practice coding. you can view other programs and also can code yours and publish it 

Courses offered by solo learn

  •  Python 3 tutorial
  • C++ tutorial
  • java tutorial
  • javascript tutorial
  • C tutorial
  • C# tutorial
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Machine learning
  • Data Science with python
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • PHP tutorial
  • JQuery
  • Ruby tutorial
  • Swift 4 fundamentals
  • Angular + NestJS
  • React+redux

Link to above courses

The Open University

  The good thing about open university is that it is fully accredited and highly has 40+ years of experience. They offer 1500+ Free courses with certificates in 8 different subjects covering from beginner level to advanced. there are literally thousands of courses to list, so instead, we have listed subjects to save your time searching for courses. each subject contains more than a hundred courses. clicking on subjects will take you their respective courses

Subjects which contain free courses are:

  • Health, Sports & Psychology
  • Education & Development
  • History & The Arts
  • Languages
  • Money & Business
  • Nature & Environment
  • Science, Maths & Technology
  • Society, Politics & Law

All subjects (click here)

Free cybersecurity courses with certificates are

  • Information security
  • Introduction to cybersecurity: stay safe online
  • Network security
  • Natural intelligence

Open university Free IT courses with printable certificates:

  • Technological innovation: a resource-based view
  • Software and the law
  • Software development for enterprise systems
  • IT: device to device communication
  • Invention and innovation: An introduction
  • Computers and computer systems
  • Forensic science and fingerprints
  • Internet of everything
  • Introducing computing and IT
  • An introduction to data and information
  • Introduction to forensic engineering
  • An introduction to software development
  • An introduction to web applications architecture
  • Introduction to computational thinking
  • Introduction to analysis


 Alsion has more than 1000 courses for free but you have to pay for the certificate. Their certificate is not recognized but some surveys say that the Alison certificate has helped them to get a job. After the completion, of course, you will get the Leaner report you can use it as proof of completion since it contains the score, course duration, verification ID. This is the reason why we added it to our list of free courses with certificates. they have 33  free courses on network and security, 15 mobile application courses

Top 20 Free Alison IT courses:

  • Diploma in C Programming and Assembly Language
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP 2019)
  • Diploma in Practical Machine Learning with Tensor Flow
  • Diploma in Information Technology Management
  • Diploma in Computer Networking
  • Diploma in C Programming and Assembly Language
  • CompTIA Cloud Advanced
  • CompTIA Security
  • Computer Networking – Local Area Networks and the OSI Model
  • CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 2
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Advanced
  • Diploma in AWS Solution Architect – Associate
  • Computer Networking – Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Intermediate
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Basic
  • Network Server Security – Protecting the Server and Client Computers
  • Computer Networking – Digital Network Security
  • Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security
  • Understanding Information Control for IT Managers – Revised
  • CompTIA Security+ (Exam SYO-501)
  • Microsoft Project 2013 for Beginners – Start Your MS Project Journey

link to above courses

Best Alison free App development courses

  • Fundamentals of Google Android Development 
  • Diploma in Advanced iOS and Swift
  • Create Android Apps Using Firestore
  • Introduction to iOS app development, Xcode and Interface Builder
  • iOS App Development: Data Persistence with Core Data
  • Mastering Maps and Location-based Apps in iOS
  • Diploma in Firestore Development
  • Create iOS Apps Using Firestore
  • iPhone App Development
  • Machine Learning for Apps

Free Network and security courses by Alison

  • CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 2
  • Diploma in Computer Networking
  • Network Server Security – Protecting the Server and Client Computers
  • Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security
  • Computer Networking – Digital Network Security
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Introduction to Windows Server Administration
  • What you need to know about the “WannaCry” Virus, Trojan Horses and Ransomware
  • Introduction to Computer Network Security
  • Introduction to Server Administration Services

Free Ethical hacking courses by Alison

  • Ethical Hacking; Information Security
  • Ethical Hacking; Network Analysis and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Ethical Hacking; Network-Based Attacks
  • Ethical Hacking; Basic Concepts of Networking
  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking
  • Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
  • Ethical Hacker

Link to above courses

Canvas Network – All courses are free but only some provide free certificates.

Open SAP

Open HPI


QUT MOOC – Seems they repeat the only two courses (both on robotics) each year

NovoEd – Business related courses

Aquent Gymnasium (updated link)- Mostly Web Development related

On these sites, you can still learn for free, but you have to pay for certificates

edX – There is an option to get financial aid for paid certificates.


Also if you like electronics and stuff, do check out the IEEE Webinars.

Khan Academy has a lot of good educational staff.

Institute of Art and Ideas – Arts and Philosophical courses

Cognitive Class – Bigdata, Machine Learning related courses


  Pluralsight Offered Free access for all the courses during COVID19. Pluralsight contains software-related courses. The courses are good for Software developers. the courses are created by experts




Microsoft Learn

Microsoft learns renamed after Microsoft virtual academy is a free learning platform created by Microsoft And hosted in Azure. 

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