How to get rid of single take ready to capture notification

How to get rid of single take ready to capture notification

If you are having trouble with a single take ready-to-capture notification and want to get rid of it, Then you are at the right place. In this post, I am going to cover what single take is and how to use it. Also, I will cover why single take notification doesn’t go away.

It becomes quite annoying when notifications get filled up and won’t go away. These are action-based notifications. They require a specific action to go get cleared. For a single take notification, you need to tap on the notification and use the single take functionality or provide storage permissions to get rid of it. Although this won’t every time.

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What is single take ready to capture

Single Take is one of the prominent features of the Samsung galaxy experience and It is related to the camera utilities. This feature takes multiple shots just by holding the capture button. The single-take functionality takes multiple shots at multiple angles and effects for 10 seconds by using all cameras and then optimizes images using AI. This is best for taking shots of the best moments without the need for waiting for the perfect shot.

As the name says single take ready to capture means that the single take feature is ready to take shots. It also creates an album by picking the best shots. The gif form of video is also available if you need it.

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Why single take notifications won’t go away

“Single take ready to capture” is a type of action-based email that does go away until you tap on the notification. If the notification remains even after tapping on it. Then the single take functionality or a camera app has some unfixed glitches. You can get rid of it by using one of the methods mentioned in this article.

In Some cases, The single take notification appears when it is not given storage and other required permissions.

When you should use single take ready to capture

There are no restrictions on when to Use a single take. Single take is not useful in some situations. It is more suitable when the place is brighter and when you cannot decide the type of shot you need or the effects you want to add. It is helpful when you want to take a natural shot.

How to use single take functionality on Samsung

Step 1: Go to the camera on your Samsung device. Change Mode to single take. It is present before the photo mode.

Step 2: You can choose the type of shots you want to take. To choose shots tap on the dropdown icon in the top right corner. It includes filters, portraits, and effects. You can select either or all of them.

Step 3: Now start capturing. you can move your device to get different angles. Once the single take is completed all the shots will be shown in gif and album form. Where you can choose the required shot.

How to get rid of single take ready-to-capture notification

There are many ways to get rid of single-take notifications. These methods work for all the notifications not just for a single take. Below are the 3 most common methods.


Restarting is the easiest way to get rid of a single-take Notification. You don’t need to go through the hassle of navigating the settings and then finding the correct option to disable it. But the problem is that restarting is not enough in some cases.

Reset camera settings

This method has worked for many people. Go to the camera on your smartphone and switch to single take. Then go to settings and select reset. The only downside of this method is it also resets other settings to the factory version.

Provide Permission

If the permission for storage is not provided then it could result in a single take notification would appear. Follow the below method to provide storage access.

Step 1: Open Settings on your device and navigate to apps and permission.

Step 2: tap on 3 dots in the top right corner and select permission manager.

Step 3: Look for single take and turn it OFF

Disable Notification

Restarting is an easier solution but restarting takes some time. If the tome is of your concern then try disabling the notification through the notification bar itself. Tap and hold the notification. Then set the toggle button to the off position. If this doesn’t work you have to go through the settings.

Go to notification settings on your device and then look for a single take. If you don’t find it. Try restarting your devices and The fresh notification are shown on the top. Select Single take and look for files and media and set the toggle to ON. Hopefully, this should solve your issue

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