How to Change a File extension on Android

Do you want to change a file extension of your files? if so, You are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to Change the File extensions on Android. This post has 3 easy methods to change the format of any type of File, Whether it is an image or a Document, It doesn’t matter. The method is the same for all the File types.

Changing File format has many benefits. It can convert a media into a smaller size. You can compress or uncompress files. Change the presentation format.

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What is file extension

A file extension represents the File format which helps in identity files types for Operating System. file extensions are inserted at the end of the file and help people distinguish between Different categories of Files.

How to Change a file extension on android

There are many reasons why you consider changing the file extension. You may have a File unsupported error or you may need the file in a different format.

How to change File Extension on Android by Renaming

You could consider this as the easiest method of all the renaming Methods. But in some cases, It may not provide all the file extension features. Just Open a file and Tap on details. Then rename it. follow the below step-by-step guide to rename a file extension.

Step 1: Go to file manager or other applications where you have saved a file that requires a change in file format.

Step 2: Open or Select the file that you want to rename the file extension.

Step 3: Click on the 3 dots and select Rename or Tap on info or Show details. It may vary depending upon the device you use.

Step 4: Change the file extension to your preferred one. You should only change the extension to the same file category.

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How to change File Extension on Android by Converting File Online

There is a tool for everything online. You can find Hundreds of file conversion Tool just by Googling. This method is not helpful for larger videos since uploading and again downloading takes more time. You can use any Online File Extension changer or converter.

Step 1: Open your Browser and Search for a file converter. You can use any file converter but for this method, we are using

change file extension

Step 2: Open Convertfiles and Tap on Browse

Step 3: Select the File for which you want to change the extension.

Step 4: Choose input format and output format.

Step 5: Tap on Convert. The file will be converted to the required file extension. you can download the converted file.

How to change File extension Using App

This could be the best method if you are using large media like videos. The apps can convert High-resolution video in a lesser amount of time and also the errors of file conversion are less.

App details

file extension changer
  • App size: 4.7MB
  • App Downloads: 10K+
  • Ratings: 4/5

The app has a simple interface that a newbie could also use.

Step 1: Go to Playstore on your device and download Renamer App.

Step 2: Open and App and Select Operation. The app provides 7 operations, Select one you need

change file format

Step 3: Select the folder and Provide Required Access to App. Type an Extension to Replace and New extension

Step 4: Tap on Proceed and you are Good to go.

how to change file format or extension on android


We hope you have got to know, how to change a file extension on android. There are also other methods such as using Pc to convert Files and other methods. We considered these methods to be helpful. Android only supports a few thousand file formats. It does not support all the file formats.

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