How to connect External webcam with Chromebook

Chromebook has an inbuilt camera, But it may not be enough for you. Most of the laptops including Chromebook doesn’t come with a High-Quality webcam. This is because most people don’t require a high-quality webcam. Some don’t even use it. While professionals such as YouTubers and other people need high-quality webcams. So they prefer the external webcam.

Not all the webcam are compatible with Chromebook. You should check compatibility before connecting the webcam with Chromebook. In this post, we are going to cover how to connect and use the external webcams on Chromebooks. We also cover solutions to some webcam issues.

connect external webcam with Chromebook

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How to Connect and use External Webcam with Chromebook

You should enable the external webcam before using It. Follow the below method to enable an external webcam in the settings

Step 1: Before doing anything with settings. First, connect your webcam to Chromebook. You can use a USB port for connecting Webcam.

Step 2: Now Open your web browser and head over to settings. You can access settings by Clicking on 3 Dots.

Step 3: Click on Show advanced settings then click on Privacy

Step 4: Click on content settings and select media.

Step 5: Click on the camera and select the external camera from the dropdown.

Now your external webcam will be used as the default camera.

You can also use the chrome address bar to set external webcam as default in Chromebook. To use this method Head to the address bar of chrome and type chrome://settings/content/camera

Scroll down to the camera and click on it. Change the webcam to external. Your connected webcam name will be displayed. Select it.

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Troubleshooting Webcam Issues on Chromebook

You may get an error while using the external camera on Chromebook. Make sure both app and Chrome OS are updated before troubleshooting any issues.

External webcam not identified

This is a common error. This may have been caused due to an incompatible webcam or Lose connection. Unplug the USB and Replug it. Check if the External webcam is identified. Try restarting your Chromebook.

Check if Webcam is compatible with your Chromebook. Not all external webcams support Chromebooks. You should check while buying.

Chromebook no webcam output

This could be a problem with the external webcam or with the app. Try logging out and log in using guest mode. Check the other apps if they work with a webcam. If they work then the problem would be with the App. First Try clearing Cache, if the issue still persists reinstall the app. Also, try removing and replugging the external webcam.

Contact support

This is the best way to solve the issues if the above method does work. you will be provided accurate information and community help. The users in the Chromebook community may have experienced the same problem as you. the best way would be to post questions on the Support page and community. Provides all the details including Chromebook mode and webcam details.

Is Camera on Chromebook Good?

No. The quality of the camera or webcam on Chromebook is not Good. However, It can be used for normal usage which doesn’t require high Quality.

Does Chromebook have a Camera?

Yes, the newer version of Chromebook comes with a camera. Not all Chromebooks have a webcam and many older versions of Chromebooks lack a webcam.

How do I connect my Logitech webcam to my Chromebook?

Plugin Logitech webcam to USB and Enable the external webcam from settings. Open the app that you want to use with an external webcam ad change the camera to an external webcam.

Why is my webcam not working on my Chromebook?

Your Chromebook may be having Issues connecting with a webcam. check if the Webcam is compatible with your Chromebook. Follow the methods method in this post to get rid of any errors.

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