How to Delete extra or a blank page in word document(9 ways)

Can’t delete a blank page in word? Then you are in the right place. In this post, We are going to cover how to delete extra or a blank page in word document. You can create a world document, You can see blank pages added in the middle or end of the documents. This is common and can be fixed using several ways. This method works in all the versions i,e word 11, word 10, word 13, word 16, and word 19.

Why can’t I delete an empty page in Word?

Word processor automatically adds some format specifiers while using it. These are not visible But, Take up pages and cause blank pages. These can be removed. In some cases, you can’t delete them because of required Format specifiers and spaces between elements such as tables, images, etc

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Why there is always the blank page at the end of the document

Word processor or Application automatically adds paragraph format specifier after the end of your words. Sometimes spaces and text length also contribute to Blank pages.

Knowing all the below 8 methods will help delete blank or extra pages from a large number of documents.

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How to Delete Blank page or a extra page in word document using Backspace

This is the first and easiest method. All the Methods listed below are Free. You may have thought or tried this method. But we use shortcut keys to make this process faster.

Step 1: Go to the last page of your document. Start hitting backspace

Step 2: Use Ctrl + Backspace for faster erasing instead of removing a single character at a time.

This method works most of the time. it even works on Microsoft word 2007 and 2008. You should know what is on the blank page. Even though the page is blank it has some format specifier or other page data on it. When you keep backspacing it keeps getting erased. But you will get fed off Because it takes a longer time. People tend to stop at the end-stage without knowing that it is working.

So, In the second method, we are going to see what is present exactly on the blank page and what is causing that.

How to remove extra or blank pages using Formatting

In this method, we are going to show what is causing these blank or extra pages. In most of the cases, blank area or pages is caused due to hidden format specifiers. By removing extra page breaks, line breaks, paragraphs, etc you can get rid of blank areas or pages. this is very helpful in removing blank space in the middle of the document.

Step 1: Open your document and Go to Formatting. In some versions, It is also known as show/ Hide. It is usually present in Home Tab. Formatting has a symbol on backward P.

how to delete extra or a blank page in word

Step 2: Once you click on the formatting option, you will see what is present on the page like page break, Paragraphs, Spaces, etc. These are only seen after selecting formatting. These won’t even print, so you see a blank page.

Step 3: Start removing them using backspace or Ctrl + backspace. You can use the mouse to select all at once and delete them. You can select the format and remove them by using the Delete key.

Step 4: You should Remove all unwanted Paragraphs, page sections, etc that are not required.

Since you can see what is present on the page removing them won’t be a huge problem. But, It is time-consuming in case you have more blank pages. So In the Next Method, we are deleting the entire page at the same time.

Checking the pagination settings

This method is useful if you have a large space or Gap between paragraphs.

Step 1: Click on the paragraph which is after the large space and right-click on it.

Step 2: Select the paragraph option. The Paragraph dialog box will Appear

remove the extra page from the word

Step 3: Select Line and page breaks, You can also check with indents and spacing.

remove blank page from word

Step 4: The pagination and Formatting settings will be listed. Untick the page break Before and Click Apply or Ok. this will remove page breaks and large gaps between pages.

How to remove entire blank page

In some cases, you may need faster ways to remove blank pages. This method covers those cases.

Step 1: Open your required document and head to the view section or view tab.

Step 2: In the view tab. Go to the page layout on the left-hand side and click on it.

step 3: On clicking Page Layout, Navigation Panel will appear on the left-hand side. In the navigation panel select pages.

Step 4: Pages will show up on the navigation panel with numbering. Select or click on the blank page you want to remove and hit delete on your keyboard.

Remove last extra pages using key combinations

This method is helpful when you have lots of blank pages at the end. It is not suitable if you blank the page in the middle.

step 1: After opening up a document. Go to the first blank page and press Ctrl + Shift+ End. This will select all the blank pages till the end of the document.

Step 2: Now press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete all the selected pages.

Step 3: In some cases, the Last page remains. Hit backspace 2-3 times.


Go to the last word on the document and press delete 2 to 3 times.

Deleting a page in word using Go To option

In this, we are going to delete the page by selecting contents using Go To option and then deleting it.

Step 1: Click on the page, which you want to delete

Step 2: Press Ctrl +G for windows and Ctrl + Option + G on Mac.

Step 3: Now Find and Replace Dialogue box will appear on the screen. Select Go-To Option.

Step 4: Select Page in Go+to Options and enter the \page in Page number Field

Step 5: Now Hit enter. The page will be selected completely. Now Hit Delete, The entire page will be deleted.

Removing the section break to remove large gaps

You should be careful while following this method. Removing Section Break may also affect your previous page, Proceed with caution.

Step 1: Go to the page where you want to delete a section break. First, you need to unhide the section break. Click on Show/Hide in the toolbar.

Step 2: Go to Header and Footer and And click on the link to previous. A dialog box will appear, click yes. Do it to the other sections also.

Step 3: Now click on the section break on your page and press delete. The blank area will be removed without affecting other pages.

If you are still unable to remove the section break. turn Track changes OFF and tries it.

Converting word into pdf top remove blank page

Last but not least. If you still were unable to remove the blank or the extra page you can remove them by converting them into pdf. However, This option is only available on the desktop version. Hope this helps you out.

Step 1: Create the document or Open the document that has a blank page.

Step 2: Go to file Option and select Save as an option. Select PDF in the drop-down of file type.

Step 3: When you select Pdf type a dialogue option will appear. Select Options in the dialog box. The Options Dialog Box will appear.

Step 4: In the page range, enter the starting and ending page leaving the blank page.

Step 5: click the save option. Now the file will be saved in pdf format without the blank page.

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