How to drain your battery fast

Do you want to test your battery backup? If so, the best way to test is to drain your battery Fast. By manually draining the battery you can check battery backup and battery health. In this post, we are going to cover how to drain your battery fast.

There are a number of ways to drain your battery. The most obvious one is to use youtube and set full brightness. There are also numerous apps on the play store that help you with draining the battery.

Everyone searches how to improve battery life but sometimes you may need to drain the battery to test the battery. But draining the battery frequently reduces the battery life of your device. So limit the tries to a minimum number of tests. This can slowly make your phone die faster. There are also few battery drainer apps that help you in draining your battery.

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How to drain your battery

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How to Drain your Battery fast on smartphone or other devices

There are various methods But we have only included the most common methods. These methods should help you lose battery faster. Whether it is a laptop, Pc or smartphone most of these methods work on all of the devices.

1. Set Maximum brightness

Setting the Brightness level to high drains the battery faster. Most people set the brightness to low to stop battery wastage. Turning the brightness to Maximum level takes more battery consumption reducing the battery power. It is an effective method and Almost all the Battery draining app uses this method.

2. Use a Battery drainer app

Every device’s app store has battery drainer apps. Even the play store has some apps. Usually, these apps turn on all the battery-hungry features and make the battery drain quicker. The app usually turns on the maximum brightness and runs more processes in the background.

3. Turn On All the device features

Every device comes with many useful built-in features. there are Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other features that consume battery. Turning ON all these features can drain the battery. if you using a Laptop or desktop, Turn On the Keyboard lighting and set the performance to the maximum.

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4. Keep the screen always On

What’s the use of turning ON Maximum brightness if the device sleeps frequently for every Small interval. Setting the Screen activity or Sleep time to Always be ON or Maximum increases the efficiency of maximum brightness in reducing battery. go to settings on your device and head over to display settings. Select the Screen Activity and Set it to Always ON. Always the device doesn’t allow you to set it for always On but you can always it to the give maximum duration.

5. Use youtube

Youtube is one of the apps that consume more battery when you watching videos at high resolution and high brightness. It can be stressful during other times to see the battery depletion. But this Time You would be happy. Just play your favorite music or video. Set the quality to maximum and set the brightness to Maximum. If your device is old and has low battery capacity then you can see the results a lot quicker.

6. Play your favorite battery Hungry games

Battery dies faster when you play online games. Many of us don’t like the higher battery depletion caused during Games. But this time you can use it to your advantage. Play any multiplayer game you want at high settings and high brightness. Your Device battery will be drained fast.

7. Connect to external devices

This method may not apply to small devices such as smartphones or tablets but are helpful for bigger devices such as a laptop. Laptops have the option to connect USB devices. You can connect multiple smartphone or USB charging devices to a laptop to wave off its battery capacity. You can also connect an external monitor to make the battery die faster.

8. Run apps in background

Open as many apps as possible and let them Run in the background. If your device supports a split-screen. Use that feature as well. This can also cause battery heating.

How to run down the battery faster using Generic Battery drainer app

How to drain your battery

This method can drain the battery faster compared to the above ones. This is the most popular battery drainer app that has 50K installs. It can drain your complete battery within 5 minutes. Download the app from playstore. Open the app and proceed with instructions. Turn on all the features and Tap on Start. your battery will start depleting.

Deplete battery faster


We hope this post has helped in draining your battery. Using the app is the effective and most fastest way. Turning on other battery-hungry features consumes the battery at a faster pace. But still, they require more time to deplete the battery.

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