How to enable reader mode on chrome

how to enable reader mode on chrome

If you have stumbled across chrome’s hidden reader Mode and want to enable it, Then you are n the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is reader mode on chrome and how to enable it.

There are times when you have read a long article or a post. It could strain your eyes or you lose focus from time to time. But the reader mode assists you in multiple ways making the web pages easier to read.

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What is Reader Mode on Chrome

Reader mode is the feature available in chrome that makes web pages easier to read. It is similar to that of the reader mode available in other apps. By using reader mode you can change the fonts, size, and color of the text in one click. Compared to the desktop it is most helpful for mobile devices.

How to activate reader mode on chrome

Activating Reader Mode on chrome is the same for all the platforms whether it is windows, mac, android, or iPhone. But using it may differ from platform to platform. Follow the below method to activate the reader mode on chrome.

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser on your preferred device.

Step 2: Type chrome://flags onto the address bar and hit enter.

chrome reader mode flags

Step 3: Look for the reader mode or you can make a search for “Enable Reader Mode

activate reade5r mode flags

Step 4: select reader mode and set it to enable. You will be asked to relaunch the chrome to take the effect.

Now you have successfully enabled reader mode on chrome. You can also save a webpage as a pdf.

How to Turn On Reader Mode on Chrome Browser

Reader Mode is not available to use on all the websites, Reader mode option will only be shown on websites that support it. If you visit a website and don’t see an option, Don’t think that there is an error with the chrome reader mode. Turning on the reader mode mainly differs on device type rather than the platform. We cover how to turn on Chromes reader mode on both desktop and mobile devices.

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How to turn ON reader Mode on SmartPhones

Once Simplified view or reader mode is activated. You can see an option at the top of the webpage to turn ON. If you can’t find it go through the below method.

simplified view of webpages

Step 1: Go to chrome browser on any mobile device.

Step 2: Open the webpage of your wish.

Step 3: Three Dots will be present in the upper right corner. Tap on it.

Step 4: Look for Simiplied view. In most versions, it will be under More Tools.

enable simplified view

How to Turn On reader Mode in desktop

It is easier to turn ON reader mode on desktop devices than on smartphones. The option will be available on the address bar.

Step 1: Open the webpage that is known to support the reader mode. Our website indeed supports the reader mode. Try it on our site right now.

enable reader mode on chrome

Step 2: Click on the reader option present in the top right corner of the address bar and The reader mode will be activated.

reader mode on chrome

The Webpage will be converted into a simplified view with lesser distractions for reading. You can edit the texts of the simplified view by altering the Size, Font, or color of the text.

Is reading mode available in chrome?

Yes, Reader mode is available in Chrome. You can enable reading mode by changing flag settings.

What to do if Reader Mode is not available on my device?

For desktop devices, you can use the chrome extension to get reader mode with more features.

Is there is any shortcut Key for Enabling chrome reader mode?

No, the Existence of a shortcut key for enabling chrome reader mode is unknown. For safari it is Cmd+Shift+R

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