How to fix unable to connect to Samsung server

unable to connect to samsung server

If you are searching for a solution to fix the “unable to connect to Samsung server” error, Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to fix Unable to connect to Samsung server error.

Smart Tv has become common in daily life. Everyone likes smart Tv due to its versatility to watch movies and series. Unlike ordinary TVs smart Tv is known for such issues. In this post, we are talking about the most common error experienced by Samsung users which is “Unable to connect to Samsung Server. please try again later(189)”

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What is unable to connect to samsung server

Unable to connect to a Samsung server is an error that occurs when your smart Tv is not able to connect to the server. It can also happen if the server is an error or offline. Wrong settings, poor connection, or defects could be reasons for this error.

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Reasons for why “Unable to connect to Samsung server Error” occurs

Slow internet Conncetion

A slow internet connection is responsible for most of the Connections errors. Most smart Tv won’t even connect to WiFi if the Internet is slow. Most of the functions are not available without the internet. A faster internet connection is reliable and won’t cause connection problems.

Server Error

The chance of Server Failure is very rare in the case of Samsung. However, it could go offline sometimes. If the server you are trying to connect is offline, You will receive the unable to connect to server Error. As the error suggests it will be unable to connect to the server.

Outdated Software

Smart Tv is a recent trend in technology. So the chances of the software being completely outdated is rare. If you are running your Samsung smart Tv on the older software, It may cause errors or issues. the technology is enhancing day by day. So the technologies used in smart Tv and server may differ.

Glitches in Smart Tv

If you have just bought a new smart tv and getting an error, then it must be glitches in software or Hardware. Some may be temporary. You may also notice this in other smart Tv that doesn’t maintain correct firmware updates.

Temporary issues

Temporary issues also account for other errors. It may include wifi interference, cache problem, or the server may be done temporarily. Even the required program may have skipped execution.

Cache issues

This is a temporary issue caused by most of the electronics including Smart TVs. Smart devices use to store important files temporarily to load applications quickly. The error may build up in the cache storage of the smart tv or memory may get corrupted. There are many reasons that result in errors in cache memory.

Router/Modem issues

The router, Modem, or Wifi you are using may be damaged or have an error connecting with the network. This also happens if you haven’t set the settings properly. Most of the time these settings are responsible for causing errors.

Damaged device

If the specific part of the device is got damaged or detect this error may show up. The chances are low for the specific parts related to connectivity to get damaged. but it can happen. It is not only limited to hardware defects but the software also. Sometimes the smart tv may come with defective Software installed or Your smart tv Software has gotten a bug while updating.

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How to Fix Unable to Connect to Samsung error

Restart the smart Tv

The most simple and easiest way to get of any error is to restart your device. In Smartphones you can restart by pressing and holding the power button and then selecting Restart. But in smart you can use different methods.

You can unplug the power cable wait for some time and replug it. You can also use Samsung smart tv remote to soft reset the TV. To do this, Take the remote and hold the power button until your Smart Tv Restarts. If you still get the Unable to connect to server issue, Proceed with the next method.

Check internet connection

Poor internet connection causes these kinds of server problems. If you using Wifi try connecting to any other device and check if the internet works on it. If the internet is working fine on other devices then the errors are not with the internet connection. Try reconnecting to WiFi.

Change connection

If you notice that the problem is with the Network connection, Then change connecting with a different network system. If you don’t have any additional networks to connect. Try modifying the connection. You can try changing your channel, SSID, password, etc.

Update Software

If the software is too old or of different version, the server may have a problem handling the request. So you can except these server errors. The programming language versions and protocols may differ at different versions of the software. Always ensure that you have updated to the latest version of the software.

Usually, if you are unable to connect to a server, you cant update the server. You need to update the software externally or you can take it to the service center.

Sign out and sign in

If you experience this error particularly with Samsung apps, then you can use this method. You can sign out of a Samsung account by heading over to settings and then navigating to genral settings and Then the system manager, finally to Samsung Account.

In the account section, select My Account and then select sign out. Once restart the device after signing out and again try Signing in. This could potentially get rid of the error if it is related to a particular app.

Change DNS

All the contents are not made available in your country. This method only applies if you are trying to view any content and getting Server error 198. It is an error code you will get when you try to access the content that is restricted in your region.

But by using custom or Google DNS you can bypass some restrictions related to a specific region. follow the below method to set google DNS on your Samsung Smart Tv. The method is simple and can be performed within few steps.

Step 1: Turn On your Smart Tv and head over to Settings.

Step 2: Select network and press OK. Open the network Status option

Step 3: Select sIP settings and Then select Enter manually

Step 4: enter your Preferred DNS or Googles DNS( and Save the settings. Once restart the device after changing the DNS settings.

Reset Network

Network reset is the same as refreshing the network. If there is an issue with the network connection. Network reset could help fix the server not available issue. Follow the below method to Reset the network on your Samsung Smart Tv.

Step 1: Head over to settings and select general

Step 2: Select the network and Hover over the Reset network and press ok.

Step 3: When the confirmation box appears, press on Yes, and you are done network reset.

Usually, this gets rid of connection problems. Hopefully, this could solve your issue.

Contact Technician

If all the methods have failed, then likely the error is with the smart Tv itself. It could be a software or hardware defect. Normally technicians could figure out and solve the issues. Although this could cost a bit. If you are having this issue with newer smart Tv, Then you can get free service.

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