How to fix youtube keeps pausing (10 fixes)

fix youtube keeps pausing

If you have a problem youtube pausing or buffering and want to solve it. If so, you have landed at the right post. In this article, we are going to cover how to fix youtube keeps pausing issue. This also accounts for other errors such as youtube buffering, not loading, Stopping in the midway, etc.

Youtube is the biggest streaming site which is maintained by Google. but it still runs into some errors. There are numerous reasons why such issues occur. However these errors are not always from the youtube Side, Most of the time it is an error from your side. This may be the result of a Corrupt cache, outdated app, etc.

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What is youtube Keeps pausing Issue?

It’s a common issue mainly caused due by the corruption of cache storage. It can also be caused for other reasons. This issue results in an unpleasant viewing experience causing pausing of the video again and again.

10 Methods to Fix Youtube keeps pausing

Check for Internet connection

If you have a slower internet speed, Your youtube video will keep pausing every single time. This is not only just because of poor internet speed but also if you try to run youtube at a higher resolution with an unstable connection. If you have a slower internet connection try downloading the video or changing the Apn.

Refresh your Network

Refreshing the network is the best way to get rid of any network-related error. Turn ON the flight Mode and leave it for a few seconds and then turn it OFF. Clear the app if it is running in the background and reopen it. This also comes in handy when you are experiencing a slow net connection.

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Restart your Device

To refresh the network you can use flight mode but for the device, you need to restart it. Restarting not only refreshes the network but all the apps also. If you are experiencing crashing this method may used to be you. Hold the Power Button on your device for a few seconds and select restart. In PC you can restart by selecting the restart option in power options.

Clear youtube or browser cache

Every app use cache storage for faster working. Some of these cache build-ups also accumulate bugs sometimes. It is also similar to the browser. I have experienced errors related to cache storage on the browser. It results in errors such as youtube not loading after scrolling down, opening up in the half screen, etc.

To clear cache storage in-app. Go to the app setting on your smartphone and then select storage. Tap on the clear cache. Now reopen the app. All the errors from your side will be gone. This method is known to work almost all the time.

For desktop devices. Open the youtube site and Click on the lock symbol on the left-most side of the address bar. Click site setting and select clear data. relogin to the site and check if the issues have been resolved. If not follow the below methods

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Update Youtube and browser

If you are using the youtube app check for updates. If there are any updates, download them. Also, check the last updated time, If you are facing these errors after the previous update then the issue is with the app, Check the Forums for a solution or wait till they release the fix. In addition to updating the app, also update your device.

Use an alternate browser or app

If you are using the browser to watch youtube on Pc, try switching the browser. If you are using the smartphone use the browser version. If the browser version works without issues then you could say that the error lies around the app. Try reinstalling the app

Check Accessories

Accessories such as headphones, Bluetooth devices, chargers are known to cause pausing issues with youtube. You could have noticed that all the devices have features when you insert headphones or chargers, the video you are watching will be paused. If the accessory is damaged it can keep occurring throughout its usage.

Disconnect all the accessories and try using them. if the error still continues then it is not an issue with accessories. if the issue is resolved then the problem is with those accessories. try inserting one by one and find out the culprit. In some cases, it is also caused due to damaged ports.

Disable third-party apps and extensions that are interfering

If you are using youtube in the browser. Then there could be some extensions causing issues. Extensions are used as plugins for enhancing the features of the browser. Sometimes these could have a bug or they have a loading problem. Some plugins or extensions are not compatible with youtube. Disable all the extensions and check for the issue.

The same goes for smartphones. However, there aren’t many apps that interfere with youtube. If there are any try disabling for some time and check the status of the issue.

Check youtube settings

Youtube has a default option known as auto-pause which is set to ON by default. It’s a really helpful feature for some people. This feature pauses the video when you connect or remove accessories to the device. If there are any connecting issues with your accessories disabling this feature can help you solve the youtube pausing issues.

Use Incognito Mode

Youtube’s own cache storage may have an error. Since you cannot clear their cache. You have to bypass it. By using incognito Mode you can bypass the cache version of any site. Even the youtube app has its own Incognito mode. Give it a try


Above are the commonly known methods which are effective for multiple issues including youtube auto pausing, youtube buffering and not loading, etc. You can also try some other methods such as clearing the app data, uninstalling and reinstalling

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