How to identify SIM card carrier (4 ways)

how to identify sim card carrier and carrier lookup

Do you want to know the carrier of your SIM card? If so, you are in the right place. In this post, we ate going to cover 4 different methods to identify SIM card Carrier.

Some people are unaware of their SIM card Carrier. This is rare But if you are one of those or Simply want to know the different ways to find a card carrier. Then this post gonna be super useful for you. Without Knowing the carrier it will be hard if you are going to recharge it. It will also have an Effect while traveling abroad.

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What is SIM card Carrier?

A SIM card Carrier is a company that provides Mobile service. They are responsible for creating and maintaining network infrastructure providing service to your device. Companies like Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint are known as carriers.

Why should you need to Know about your carrier?

Knowing your Carrier provider is useful in many ways. It will be helpful for identifying which carrier your device is connected to. Without knowing your carrier you can’t know the method to unlock some settings. It is also helpful in paying bills or recharging.

How to Identify SIM card Carrier

Method 1: Use logo or name on the SIM Card

Every SIM card has its company logo or Name. It may not have both. But it always has a logo. Use it to identify your Carrier. You can find more details if you have the SIM cover which you got while buying a SIM card. Although you may have discarded the cover long ago. But if it is the new SIM card you are likely to have it.

Method 2: Check your recharge bill or message

You are likely to receive messages before recharging and after recharging. It usually contains your SIM number and Carrier. Since the message is sent by Carrier company. So may notice the name in the sender field. If you are a postpaid user, You can look into your bill to find the carrier name.

Method 3: Check in your device settings

You can find the carrier or network to which your device is connected using your device settings. To Check the SIM details go to connections settings on your android smartphone. Then select SIM card manager. In the SIM card Manager Options, you can find the Carrier info. You can also use Engineering mode to get more details about your carrier.

Method 4: Use Online Carrier Identifier or Number lookup

There are Multiple Online sites and tools that can be used to find the Carrier. You can find the carrier details of any number in the world just by typing the number in the right tool. You can find many such sites on Google, just type Carrier identifier Online into the search bar and hit go.

For this method, we will be using the site called Enter the Phone number on the given space and select the country code. Next enter the given Captcha and click or tap on search. This performs the carrier lookup.

Identify SIM card carrier

You can also use recharge sites. Go to any banking app or online transaction app to recharge your device. In most of these applications. The carrier will be displayed upon entering the number.

Method 5: Use your phone number to identify SIM card carrier

Your Phone number contains more information than you think. The phone number usually contains country code and carrier code on it. For example, consider the number +011204567890. In the given number the first 2 digits represent a country code. 01 represents the united states and 91 India. The next 3 digit is responsible for carrier service. In the above case, it is 120 which belong to sprint.

  • AT&T: 030, 150, 170, 253, 283, 410, 560, 680
  • Sprint: 120, 333, 877
  • T-Mobile: 026, 160, 210, 230, 240, 260, 270, 310, 490, 580
  • Verizon: 004, 005, 012, 433, 444, 480, 483, 486, 487, 489, 808

How to Check iPhone carrier

In iPhone you can find to which carrier you are device is connected without a SIM card. Follow the below method to find the carrier details on iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone and select the General section.

Step 2: Tap on the about option. This section will contain all details on your smartphone which also includes carrier info.

Step 3: In the Network, you can see your carrier info. You won’t find it if you have not inserted the SIM. To find the Carrier info without a SIM card continues with the below steps.

Step 4: In the About Menu scroll down a little until you find Carrier Row. The carrier will be displayed to which your iPhone is connected. If you find it blank tap on it.

We hope you have got information on how to identify carrier Network

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