How to increase jiofi speed | jiofi speed increase

How to increase jiofi speed
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Jio is one of the biggest network providers in the world. Jiofi has become a good option against traditional dongles and also for experiencing 4G speed in non 4G devices and PC with wire-free hassles. In this post, we will show how to increase jiofi speed and range by changing settings.

Even though broadband offers more speed there will be more interpretations than cellular networks and also broadband cannot be used during travel.

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Why my jiofi is slow?

Jiofi or jio hotspot could be slow for many reasons below are common ones.

1. Availability of bandwidth and spectrum are quite low in jio compared to its users. Which results in slow speed.

2. Network coverage in your area and the number of connections per tower influence network speed.

3. Other factors such as settings, etc.

Does Jiofi gives more speed?

Since jiofi is particularly designed for internet sharing. It is faster than mobile hotspots. it can provide connections to multiple devices with higher speeds as compared to smartphone hotspots.

How can i increase my jio hotspot speed ?

Jiofi or jio hotspot speed can be increased by two methods. changing the band to band 40 and changing IP type.

Troubleshooting checks to increase jiofi internet speed

  1. Check your daily data limit. If exhausted buy a data booster.
  2. Check if your jiofi is in range or not.
  3. Check if any other devices is interfering with jiofi signal.
  4. Check the status of network indicator and internet speed.
  5. Check number of devices connected, and minimize them.
  6. Check if you have misconfigured any jiofi settings.
  7. Check if you have received faulty device.

Different ways to increase jiofi speed in pc and smartphones

Whether it is a PC, iPhone, or android the methods remain the same since we use the browser or my jio app for this work. To increase 4G speed on smartphones follow our guide on smartphones.


There are 3 methods to increase jiofi internet speed:

Following all 3 methods ensures maximum speed including uploading and downloading speed.

1. Changing the APN settings.

  • Login to your jiofi portal by typing http://jiofi.local.html/ in your browser.
  • Login by entering username and password. By default both username and password will be administrator.
  • After successfully logging in, go to settings.
  • Click on LTE, then select APN under LTE.
  • Change APN for Network section from auto to manual or vice versa which ever provides more speed.
  • Then change IP type to IPv4 and click Apply.
  • Restart your jiofi.

Along with this method follow the below one too.

2. By changing channel

  • Again open jiofi portal and login using username and password as said in above method.
  • Click on settings, then select network.
  • Click on wifi settings under network.
  • Select the channel and set it to 11 (2,402 GHz)
  • Click on apply.

3. By using USB tethering.

This may not be a good idea if you are using multiple devices. The jiofi gives stable and more speed through USB tethering since the loss of signal is less. Not only speed but you can also increase the range by using longer cables and placing jiofi at a good height. But the quality of the USB cable should not be compromised since there is a loss of signal in lower quality cable during transmission.

Tips to increase jiofi internet speed.

  1. Upgrade jiofi to latest firmware and check for updates regularly under settings by visiting jiofi portal.
  2. Use data booster just in case.
  3. Place jiofi at higher attitudes.
  4. Check internet speed in different places using speed tester app and, place jiofi at the place where you get high speed
  5. Always try to buy latest jiofi model.
  6. Use password so that others cannot connect to your jiofi. Jiofi speed reduces as more devices gets connected stay under 5 devices.
  7. Use high quality USB cable for long range.
  8. Use wifi repeater.

If you still experience slower speed connect with jio customer care, they may help you out in this.

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