How to Inspect Elements of Webpage on iPhone and Android

Inspect elements feature is the most useful feature on Desktop devices. Most people love to see this feature on android smartphones. But usually, chrome or other browsers don’t have an inbuilt option to inspect elements of a webpage in android.

In the post, we are going to show how you can use this wonderful and useful feature on smartphones. In simple terms, we are covering How to Inspect Elements of webpages on iPhone and Android. Editing web pages is not just Fun, It is also a very helpful feature. It helps in modifying web pages, finding errors in web applications, and is also helpful in learning.

Inspect elements of a webpage

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What is inspect Elements tool

Inspect Element is a Tool made for developers for Inspecting Elements of a Webpage. You can edit the webpage or Check issues and Errors. It is incorporated into every Browser. You can view what is behind the elements of the Website, Check its performance or Monitor it. There are also many advantages of the using INspect feature.

Is it Possible to Inspect Element in Android Browsers

Yes, it is possible to inspect the elements of a webpage on smartphones. But, you won’t get all the features of a desktop. However, you can use a basic version of inspect element functionality without a need for the app. Due to the smaller screen size, the customization you can do is limited. But you can perform major functions such as editing HTML code.

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How to Inspect Elements of Webpage on iPhone and Android

Inspect Elements of the webpage using Chrome’s built-in option

You have seen the desktop version of chrome having the inspect elements option but did you ever saw it on the Mobile version of chrome. You cant see the inspect element option on smartphones But it does exist and it’s easier to use. However, It lacks many features compared to desktop. But still, something is better than having nothing.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your android or iOS smartphone. This method is the same for both android and iPhone. It’s not even necessary to have a chrome browser you can use any browser. It works on all the browsers and the method is also the same.

Step 2: Head over to the address bar and tap on it. Browse any webpage that you want to inspect elements.

Step 3: Now tap on the address bar and take the cursor to the beginning of the URL.

Step 4: Type view-source: before the start of the address. For example, if the URL was then the URL you need would be view-source:

Step 5: Tap on entering or Go on your Keyboard. The source of the webpage will be displayed.

Inspect Elements of the webpage using “Inspect and Edit HTML Live”

There are various apps on Playstore. We are going to use an App called Inspect and Edit HTML Live. It’s a popular and most downloaded app for Inspecting Elements of A webpage. It does not have all the features of a desktop. But the app in the next method provides you those features.

Inspect webpage android

Step 1: Head to Playstore and Download the app called Inspect and edit HTML Live app.

Step 2: Open the app and give it the required permissions.

Step 3: Enter the URL of the webpage and Tap on Go

Step 4: Tap on Edit Page Source.

inspect elements of webpage on android

Step 5: Select the option that you want to Edit

Step 6: After editing all the elements Tap on Inspector Mode Icon.

edit webpage

Inspect Elements of the webpage using F12 App

It’s another popular app that provides more features. You can inspect elements and preview them live. It provides Exact features as Desktop even the Layout are Similar.

Android webpage editing

Step 1: Download F12 App from the playstore.

Step 2: Browse the site you want Inspect and Tap on F12

Step 3: Now Select the Component that you want to Edit

android webpage and website editing

Step 4: Edit the Elements and Tap on the Tick Mark.

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