How to install google chrome on firestick (4 best ways 2023)

Firestick provides many browsers but, They are not as good as Google Chrome. So in this post, We are going to explain how to download and install Google chrome on firestick. We are going to cover 4 different methods to install chrome on a firestick. Read till the end these methods will help you in the future.

However, Method is extremely useful. It’s an App Store similar to the Google Play store and contains almost every app for firestick. But you need to go-though the method 1 to download it. You wound require a mouse to browse chrome but, we have a solution just by using remote at the end.

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Advantages of google chrome for firestick

Chrome has more advantages than other browsers leaving privacy aside. Having a chrome on firestick is more useful for the people, Who are already using Chrome on Smartphones. You can sync contents, bookmarks, passwords across smartphones and firesticks. This not only makes your work faster but also allows you to get out of trouble with typing. If you have trouble pairing the remote, you can check our firestick remote pairing guide.

Advantages of chrome on firestick are:

  • Good UI and UX
  • Improved Speed and Performance
  • Beautiful tab layout and Tab grouping
  • Synchronization of bookmarks, passwords, etc across devices
  • More settings
  • Supports Darkmode
  • Does not lags
  • Beginner friendly to use.
  • Supports multiple tabs.
  • Provides ability to view webpages in both mobile version and desktop version.
  • Improved security.
  • You can choose search engine

How to install Google Chrome on firestick

There are multiple ways to install a Chrome browser for firestick. However, you cannot experience chrome on the desktop. So I would recommend you to install Linux on firestick.

Preparing firestick to install the app from outside source

Step 1: To install Apps from outside the app store, You need to enable ” Apps from unknown source” and “USB Debugging“. Follow these steps to install it.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your firestick. The settings option is available on the Right side of the home screen.

Step 3: Under the Settings menu select My Firetv. In some versions, it is named as software and devices.

how to download chrome on firetv

Step 4: Scroll down and select the Developer option. However, It does not have all the options as android.

Step 5: Turn ON both ADB debugging and Allow from an unknown source. ADB helps to connect the keyboard and mouse. You will receive a pop-up just enable it anyway.

install chrome on firetv

Now your Firestick is ready to download and install apps from any source. The below steps are necessary to install any apps.

How to Download chrome using Downloader

Downloader is a built-in App on firestick. You can download anything from the internet just by placing the link. After Downloading chrome you use chrome instead of this. follow the below steps to install chrome using the downloader. If it is not available get it from the amazon app store.

Step 1: Open the Downloader App. You will be asked to provide access to storage. Click on Allow.

Step 2: In the Home Section. you will find ” Enter the URL of the website to load or download”. Click on it.

Step 3: Enter the short link into the URL bar and hit Go. The file will start downloading. Have patience till it downloads.

Step 4: After the successful download, You will be asked to launch or install the app. The required permission will be shown. Go ahead and click Install.

Step 5: By this, you have successfully downloaded chrome. The installation file will be found in the file manager, you can delete it or have it for the future.

How to Download and install Chrome on Firestick using Aptoide TV App store

The Above method is required to download the Aptoide App store. It is better than the Amazon app store. It has apps for both firestick and Android TV.

Check out: How to install Aptiode Tv on Firestick

Step 1: Go to the Downloader App and enter to download the Aptiode TV App store. Launch the application and give the required permission

Install chrome on firestick using Aptoide TV

Step 2: Open the App and search for Google Chrome.

how to install chrome on firestick

Step 3. Select Google Chrome and click install.

install chrome on firestick

Step 4. Launch Chrome and you are ready to go.

Step 5. Search Air mouse and install it. Press the pause/play button 2-3 times after launching to enable the air mouse. This makes browsing easier.

How to install Google Chrome by sideloading from smartphone

Did you know that you can install apps on your smartphone to firestick? There are various apps that support this. However, we will be using Apps2fire App. You can also install the apps available on your smartphone. however, All the apps are not supported by firestick. So download apps that support firestick on your smartphone and then send them to firestick.

Step 1: First Download the Installation file to the smartphone. Go to any browser and search for chrome Apk for firestick or copy-paste the link You can also install the app that you downloaded from the play store. But, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Step 2: Download the Apps2Fire App from the play store to your smartphone. Open the App and connect it to Firestick.

Step 3: The App requires an IP address or needs to be on the same wifi to detect firesticks. When connected, you will get a popup on your firestick top whether allow or not. Click Accept.

Step 4: To find the IP address of your Firestick. Go to the About section in settings. Then click on The network. In the Right corner, you will notice the IP address.

Enable ADB debugging on firetv

Step 5: Go to the local apps section

Step 6: Select the Chrome you downloaded through the above Link. Next Tap Install.

Step 7: You will be asked to launch Chrome on the firestick. Launch it. You are Good to go.

How to download chrome using ES file explorer

It is similar to the method of using a downloader.’

Step 1: Go to the Amazon app store and download ES File Explorer. Launch the ES File Explorer on your Firetv.

Step 2: Select the Tools option in the Menu of the Es file explorer. and click Download Manager.

Step 3: In Download manager options you will find the +New section. Click on it.

Step 4: Type Google Chrome for the name of the file and Enter as the path and click download now. You can also enter different names.

Step 5: After the successful download, click on file options and Select next then install.

Step 6: Wait some time for installation to complete. After the completion, you are ready to launch.

How to use chrome on firestick

Using Chrome on firestick is similar to using chrome on the smartphone. Install and launch the air mouse as stated in the 2nd method. Once the air mouse is activated you can move the cursor easily throughout the browser. Log in to your google account to sync bookmarks, contents, history, etc across devices.

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