How to Record Screen on Smart TV

Screen recording is one of the amazing features of SmartTv. Not all Smart TVs have a Built-in recording Option. But you can use Apps to record on any smart TV. In this post, we are going to Cover How to Record screen on Smart TVs. In the previous post, we covered how to record screens on a firestick.

Since smart tv runs on an Android-Based Operating System. All of them Support android apps. There are plenty of apps on the play store that supports screen recording of smart tv.

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Can you Record on a smart Tv?

Yes, you can record on smart Tv. You can use the inbuilt option or App to record the screen. You can also take multiple screenshots on Smart Tv. Some smart Tv has a function called Personal Video Recorder or Digital Video recorder, which stores recordings. but it is temporary so use app to store it permanently

How to Record Screen on Smart TV

Using a built-in tool

This is the easiest way. Most of the smart TVs are Shipped with the recording Feature. All you need is an external drive to storage Recordings. Follow the below methods to record. This recording Function is known by various names by various manufacturers. In some Smart TVs, it is known as a time machine, In some, it is known as Extended PVR.

How to record screen on Samsung smart Tv

The procedure of recording screens on Smart TVs varies with brand and location. You can record the Samsung smart Tv screen instantly or Schedule it for recording.

Step 1: Turn ON your Smart Tv and Plug in a USB storage device.

Step 2: Go to a movie or show that you want to Record.

Step 3: Press the Record Button on your Samsung Tv remote and Click on Proceed

Step 4: The recordings will be smart automatically. For scheduling, you need to head over to the recording menu and set the set scheduled Time.

How to Record the Screen on Sony Smart Tv

Step 1: The process is similar to that of Samsung Smart Tv. Insert any External storage device.

Step 2: Press the Home button on your Sony Tv remote.

Step 3: Head over to system settings and select Recording Set up. Choose an HDD registration.

Step 4: After completion head over to any program that you want to record and press the record button.

How to Record the Screen on LG Smart Tv

Step 1: Insert any external storage device to save recordings as the recordings take up more space.

Step 2: Press the menu button on your remote. Then select the Timer button on your Smart Tv.

Step 3: Click on options and Head over to Time Machine Settings.

Step 4: Click on USB Device Initialization and Proceed with its instructions.

Step 5: After the completion of the setup process. Press the Record button. The screen record will begin. the recordings will be stored on external storage.

Using App

There are plenty of android apps for recording Smart Tv Screens. Most of these android Screen recording apps also support Smart Tv. You can download such applications from the App store of your smart Tv or Aptiode TV. In this method, we are using Aptiode TV. To download Aptiode Tv go through Aptiode Tv downloading Guide.

Step 1: Open the Aptiode Tv or Playstore and search for Du reorder. You can also use other applications. We are using Du recorder because of its popularity and Simple UI

Step 2: Download and install the Du recorder application. Head back to the Home screen and Navigate to apps. Using the mouse to control would be a lot easier. If you don’t have a physical mouse, you can use the air mouse app. It is also available on Aptiode Tv.

Step 3: Open the Du reorder application and Click on agree to terms and conditions. You can also customize features. You can set recording Quality, Storage location, etc.

Step 4: To start the recording Screen, Click on the Record icon and Click on Continue. The recording process will start. You can access all the recordings from the app itself, You won’t need to search them on files.

Step 5: You can pause/ resume recordings and take screenshots. Recorded video and screenshots can be transferred to other devices. It is recommended to have external storage connected due to the limited storage capacity of Smart TVs

Record from TV to computer

You can use a capture card to record a TV screen but it’s a bit hassle. However, there is a low-cost device called Tv turner that can be used to record Live TV from Sart Tv.

Step 1: Get any TV turner from a retail store or Through online.

Step 2: Connect the One end of the TV turner to Your smart Tv or streaming Box. you can also connect it directly to your Tv antenna

Step 3: Connect the other end to the USB port.

Step 4: Use any recording Software for the TV turners and Record the Shows. You can also record Live TV shows by connecting it to the android Tv box.

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