How to search Multiple hashtags on Instagram

how to perform multi hashtag search on instagram

Hey folks, If you are interested in performing a quick Instagram multi hashtag search, Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram.

People are shifting from Facebook to Instagram due to its better user experience. As more people started consuming content. More and more companies and creators are turning towards Instagram. Today almost every Instagram post has 1 or more hashtags. They are helpful for both the creators and as well as for users.

Even though Instagram lacks some features it can be compensated using other third-party tools. It’s the same whether you can want to perform multi hashtag search or Instagram search using the caption, you can rely on these third-party tools.

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What are Hashtags on Instagram and their uses?

Hashtags are similar to keywords. They are keywords or you can also say categories that begin with a # symbol. Content creators use it to reach a larger group of people while users use it to search posts on specific topics or categories. For example, almost every tech post can be viewed using the #tech hashtag.

In the below image at the end, you can see some keywords beginning with #, These are called hashtags.

multi hashtag search instagram

Multi hashtag search has many benefits. Most of the posts are associated with one or more hashtags. Consider a scenario where you want to search for a smartphone that has android 11. When you normally search hashtags you get either result from smartphones or Android 10. But by using the Instagram multi hashtag you can search posts that contain both “smartphone” and “android 11 hashtags”.

Can I search multiple hashtags on Instagram?

No, you can cant search posts using multiple hashtags on Instagram. However, there are many alternate methods that you can utilize to search multiple hashtags on Instagram. Instagram may provide this feature in the coming days.

How to perform a normal hashtag Search on Instagram

It’s the same as searching for anything on Instagram. All you have to do is think of a hashtag, enter it into a search bar, and hit search. You can also search by tapping or clicking hashtags on the Instagram posts. You can also use google to search for posts using hashtags and by using google you can improve the user experience since it shows multiple posts at a time.

multiple tag search instagram

Here are 3 quick ways to perform an Instagram search for multiple hashtags. Even though some methods are long they are still simple. Then let us proceed with the below methods.

1. Instagram multi hashtag search using Google

Google is well known and the most used search engine. Google can be used to search anything on the web including Instagram hashtags. It is a very simple way to search multiple tags on Instagram. This method only works if the posts on Instagram are made public, It won’t be applicable for private accounts.

Also, you don’t even need to have an Instagram Account to do this. Follow the below method to search multiple hashtags on Instagram. The method is simple and the same as searching for everything else. You can also use other search engines like yahoo, DuckDuckgo, etc.

Step 1: Open google on any browser and head to the image search.

Step 2: Type “” followed by any number of hashtags you want to search. You can search 2 or more hashtags at a time. We are basically searching posts that contain multiple tags by specifying sites where to search for.

multi hashtag search instagram

Step 3: At first google will only display some posts. Don’t worry just scroll down and select show more. All the posts containing specified hashtags will be displayed

You can also use “OR” and “AND” between hashtags. Using “AND” is similar to doing multiple tag searches. But the “OR” is used to get posts that contain at least one of the specified hashtags.

This method is simple. But you don’t get accurate results sometimes. If you don’t get what you are searching for in the images section, change it to the web.

2. Instagram Multi hashtag search using Brand 24

Brand24 is one of the best social media planning tools to search for multiple Instagram tags. It comes with various features, however, we will only be focusing on Instagram multiple tag search functionality. Here’s a quick guide to performing a multiple hashtags Instagram search.

Step 1: Open on your browser

Step 2: Create an account by clicking on Sign Up

Step 3: Enter Hashtags you want to search and click on create the project. The tool will start collecting data from various social media platforms.

Step 4: Now connect your Instagram Account with brand24. By clicking on the Instagram icon on the bottom left. If you don’t see an icon then scroll down a little.

Step 5: After successful connection. head over to projects. Now you can see the posts that contain multiple hashtags.

3. Instagram multiple hashtag search using AiSchedule

Step 1: Head over to and create aischedul account

Step 2: Now log in using the email and password that you just used to sign up.

Step 3: Connect it with your Instagram Account

Step 4: Select SCHEDULER from the left side menu

Step 5: Click5 “Schedule” button and then select either “Feed” or “IGTV”

Step 6: A new window will open. Scroll down and select hashtag, Then click on the “search hashtags” button.

Step 7: Now enter hashtags that you want to search. By this, you have successfully performed Instagram multi hashtag search.

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