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wifi texting

Are you wondering if you can exchange text messages over Wifi? If so, Do you want to know what methods you can use to text over WiFi? Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what Wifi texting is and How to text through wifi on Android and iPhone.

Android is a versatile platform that can make most of the things possible. But in iPhone it is limited. So we will be covering a specific method at the end for iPhone.

When users look for methods to text over wifi they are bound to stumble on messenger apps such as WhatsApp. But they can only be used to exchange messages between those apps. But we will be covering methods that let you actually send a text message through wifi which lands in the receiver’s message inbox as a normal SMS.

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What is WiFi Texting?

In Simple terms, Wifi Texting refers to the method of exchanging Texts over WiFi instead of a Cellular network. WiFi texting works by converting your text message into data packets, which are sent over a WiFi network to the recipient’s smartphone. Once received, the recipient’s smartphone converts the data packets back into a readable text message.

Does WiFi texting Work?

Yes, it is possible, But you need to install a third-party Application. If you are an Android user you can find many such applications on the playstore. If you are using a PC or iPhone you can utilize the Browser to send text from wifi.

Why you may send text over wifi?

Some of you may be wondering why to send text over wifi instead of normal means. It is because of certain circumstances. Even though it is a roundabout way compared to normal methods, But in certain scenarios it is useful. Here are the some of reasons why you may need texting over wifi.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. Smartphones are incorporated into our daily lives. However, there are times when we find ourselves in areas with no cellular coverage or data. This can be frustrating, especially if we need to send an urgent text message. But with WiFi texting, you can stay connected even when you have no cellular coverage or data.

Another reason is that you may want to use SMS features on your device, but it doesn’t have SIM card support. In these cases, you can utilize Wifi Texting.

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Benefits of Wifi Texting

  1. No cellular coverage required
  2. cost savings
  3. Better coverage
  4. Larger files

Best apps to send Text over Wifi

To send messages through wifi you will need a third-party app, which you can find on the Google plays store. Here are some of the well-known apps.

Text Me

send texts over wifi

Text Me offers you a second Phone number that you can use to send messages. You can send texts to more than 100 countries. It comes with the features such as Local phone number, International texting & calling, Voicemail, Call forwarding, Number lookup, Group-chat messaging, Sending pictures, videos, and audio/voice messages, emojis, and stickers, etc

The free tier is only limited to US and Canada and you can change the number any number of times. Text Me has More than 10 Million downloads and is available on the play store


texting with wifi

TextPlus comes with a variety of features within the free tier but it is limited to certain countries only. This App has more than 50 Million downloads with a good user rating of 3.7/5. You can send Unlimited text messages with the free version. It comes with a credit system where you can earn more credits by completing certain tasks.


text over wifi

TalkU has 4.1/5 stars reviews with over 10 Million downloads. You can make free calls and send messages by collecting points. It is only limited to US and Canada. But international calling is available for all countries except some. Compared to other apps. It doesn’t have many noteworthy features but has a clear design and good UI.


wifi texting android

Dingtone only provides US numbers and it’s free. This App has more than 10 Million downloads with a 4.1/5 rating. The only downside of this app is that free texting is only limited to USA and Canada.

Most of the above apps support iPhones. You can also use briefing using air message or wemessage


WiFi is helpful in many situations and it’s also cost-effective. It can also increase your privacy. Texting over WiFi has many features considered to be normal SMS. We Hope you were able to get what you were searching

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