How To Turn On Bluetooth On Hisense Smart TV

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Hisense Smart TV

If you have brought a new Hisense Smart Tv and want to use its Bluetooth feature you are at the right place. This guide will cover how to turn ON Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV. In addition, It also covers what to do if your Hisense Smart tv doesn’t have a Bluetooth option.

Bluetooth is the most used feature in smart Tv. Even the IR remote is replaced by Bluetooth. This is because of the wide application of Bluetooth. For newcomers finding the Bluetooth, the option could be hard, and connecting can even be harder without the knowledge. You want to connect a controller or a speaker whatever it may be. This guide will surely help you pair the device with Bluetooth.

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Does my Hisense smart tv have Bluetooth

Yes, you have the recent model you will definitely have the Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth is a common feature of smart TVs. But if you have older versions you may lack the Bluetooth feature. Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth feature, You can still use it. There is a method that allows you to use Bluetooth on Hisense smart tv without the need of having the inbuilt functionality.

What to do if your Hisense Smart TV does not have Bluetooth

If there is no Bluetooth option on Hisense tv then you have to get a Bluetooth transmitter for Hisense smart tv. These are affordable and works perfectly fine with Bluetooth speaker. Just buy one and connect it to the audio jack. It will receive analog signals from the audio jack and convert them into Bluetooth signals.

With the help of these transmitters, you can take advantage of the Bluetooth speakers and connectors without needing to buy a new smart Tv. However, you cannot connect the game controller through a Bluetooth transmitter. It may work if you are using a 2-way Bluetooth transmitter through USB. It won’t work with an audio jack.

How to turn ON Bluetooth on Hisense smart tv

In this method, we will cover how to connect Hisense tv to a Bluetooth speaker. Follow the below steps to turn ON the Bluetooth and connect devices to it.

Step 1: First start with your home screen. Then navigate to Settings and select it.

Step 2: Look for the “Remote and accessories” settings. It may be under Network settings depending upon your TV version. Find and select it.

Step 3: Now get to your Bluetooth device and turn it ON. Select it on the discovery mode.

Step 4: Now go back to your smart tv and select “Add Accessory”.

Step 5: All the Bluetooth devices within the range will be displayed on the screen. Select the one you need and click on pair. You may be asked for confirmation. If asked provide it. This usually doesn’t occur with speakers.

Now you have successfully completed all the steps required to connect the Bluetooth device to Hisense smart tv. Now you can play or use the Bluetooth device as you wish.

If you are using a Bluetooth transmitter then you won’t have to follow the above methods. Now don’t need anything to do on smart tv. The setup part should be done on the Bluetooth transmitter. The setup process varies depending upon the manufacturer of the Bluetooth transmitter. All you have to do on your smart tv is just play the media.

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The above methods are simple and known to work for everyone. If you run into problems such as a pairing issue, Try restarting both devices. If you have queries you can let us know in the comment section. There could also be other people who could provide solutions to your issue.

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