How to Uninstall Software and App updates on android

Do you want to downgrade your app and Software to the previous version? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are covering how to uninstall software and app updates on Android.

As the developers update apps and software, Many features get added, While some features may get removed. To get back those features the best option would be to uninstall previous updates and downgrade to the previous version. This is not the only reason to uninstall updates on android.

The new update may have bugs or other app problems, It may be incompatible with your version of a device or your device may lack hardware requirements. There are many reasons why you want to uninstall updates. Whatever the reasons may be, The below method will work for you.

How to Uninstall software and app updates

There are different methods to uninstall updates. You can upgrade or downgrade your android version through ADB. But It requires a PC. Without the PC there are some limitations to what you can do. You can also apply updates through ADB.

For methods below you won’t require a PC.

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How to uninstall app updates on android

Uninstalling App updates is easier compared to software updates. Even if you mess up the process you can restart again from the start. You can also install updates after uninstalling them.

How to uninstall updates for system apps on android

The process of uninstalling the system apps is easier compared to third-party apps. You can uninstall updates from app settings. However, The app won’t go back to previous versions but rather goes to the factory version with which your device was shipped.

Step 1: Tap on Settings on your smartphone. You can access settings through the Notification panel or through apps.

uninstall updates on android

Step 2: Scroll down and Tap on apps. All the apps will be listed. Tap on the 3 dots present in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Tap on show system apps. Then find the apps that you want to uninstall updates.

uninstall app updates in android

Step 4: You can also go to app settings through the home itself. You need to tap and hold the app, Next select app info.

updates uninstall

Step 5: In-App info menu again click on the 3 dots and select uninstall app updates. This is not available for all the apps. The 3 dots on the upper right corner only appear If the app is updated previously. If you don’t see that Symbol it means you cannot uninstall updates for that app.

How to uninstall app updates

Step 6: You will be asked whether or not to uninstall updates, Tap on Ok and the app will be reverted back to its initial version or factory version.

remove app updates

How to uninstall updates for Third party apps

You can uninstall updates for third-party apps directly. However, You can get the previous version. But, You need to download the app from external sources.

Before we proceed we need to make sure we have correct software information for this, we will need an additional app. The app is available for free on Playstore.

The app is helpful in gettings info on the device, system, storage, camera, etc. It gives the details regarding CPU and memory utilization.

remove software updates

Step 1: Download Droid Hardware info from Playstore. The app is only 2.3 MB in size.

Step 2: Open the app and provide the required permission for the app to operate.

Step 3: Go to the device section and note down the details of Software density and OS version. It is better to keep a screenshot of the details.

remove software updates from android

Step 4: Now go to the System section and note down the CPU architecture and Instruction set. If your system is 64 bit you can install a 64-bit app else you have to go with the 32 bit.

software downgrade on android

After getting the required device details you can find the previous versions of apps online that support your device. Downloading apps from external sources could cause some security issues, Be aware while downloading apps from external sources. In this method, we are using APK mirror.

Compared to other sites APK is trustworthy. It contains apps that are verified by app developers.

Step 1: Uninstall the Current application before downloading the Previous version app. You can uninstall the app from Home itself or you can go to apps, then select required apps and tap on uninstall in app info.

Step 2: Also turn on Unknown Sources in App settings. You can directly search for this setting. if you feel hard to find it.

Step 3: Open Chrome or any other browsers on your smartphone. Type into the address bar and hit enter. ApkMirror consists of all the previous versions of the app.

Step 4: Search for the required app. Tap on the app from the results

Step 5: Tap on All variants. All the previous version app will be displayed. Select the app based on your Cpu articteure. In the below diagram there is no specified architecture. So can go with Universal one.

how to downgrade android

if you scroll down You can view all the versions of the app.

uninstall software updates

Step 6: Download the required version and install it.

How to uninstall Software updates on android

Uninstalling the software updates is a bit complicated. A small error could mess up entire things. But if you are using a PC and have good knowledge of Android you can always undo things safely.

When you update to higher versions, Your device loses some features. Sometimes you will lose essential features such as WiFi due to some bugs in the software update. Or you may like the older version of android for some reason.

The below method uses settings from Android engineering mode. You can also Use ADB if you have a laptop or desktop. For the below method you won’t need to root your smartphone. It works without rooting.

Step 1: You need an Additional app called shortcut master. Download shortcut master from playstore.

Step 2: Open the app and click on the 3 dots.

Step 3: Tap on the Apps explorer

Step 4: Change the list from All apps to system apps

Step 5: Find the app called wireless updates and tap on it. It may be different on different smartphones. Try checking the options that relate to update or upgrade.

Step 6: Now find the Option called ServerSetActivity and select it. Set it to Test Server Internal Address and Tap on Set OTA Server Address.

Step 7: Go back and select TestActivity. Launch it and set it to allow updates to older versions. Tick the simulation official Server. Finally, Hit the OTA Test.

Step 8: In OTA Test. Tap on Check OTA Update few times.

Step 9: A new version window will be displayed. even though it displays a new version it is actually an older version. Install it and you are ready to Go.

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