How to update Samsung smart tv apps and software- 2023

update Samsung smart tv apps and software

Hello guys, if you are looking for a guide to update Samsung smart tv, then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to cover how to update apps and software on Samsung tv.

Smart tv has become a trend, To be more accurate smart tv has completely dominated old traditional TVs. But however, you need to keep these devices up to date. Turning the Auto updates is the best option for smart TVs. In this post, we will be showing how to update apps and Firmware using 3 different methods.

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How to update apps on Samsung smart TV

App developers keep pushing updates to enhance its feature and usability. The app updates contain bug fixes, a few features, and overall performance updates. Sometimes app developers roll out critical security updates which should never miss. if you dint update you will be missing out on new features.

Updating individual apps is easier to update on Samsung TVs and they are usually smaller in the size. But it’s a hassle. If you have more apps you may need to frequently check updates. So the better way would be to set the apps to update automatically.

Step 1: Look for the Home Button on your remote and press it

Step 2: From the menu select Apps. Then select My Apps.

Step 3: Now select Options and Toggle the Auto Update to ON.

Step 4: This will automatically check updates and install them. If you don’t want to have automatic updates you can turn it OFF.

Step 5: If automatic updates are turned OFF. Individual app updates are notified when you open the app. You can also find app updates on the app store. If you are using playstore you can find it in the Apps and updates section.

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How to update the software on Samsung smart Tv

Software updates are different from App updates. App updates appear frequently and are applied to individual apps whereas software updates are firmware updates that are applied to the entire TV. These updates usually are large in size and they are released less frequently. These firmware updates can have a major impact on TV like improvement in performance and UI.

There are also maintenance updates that ensure you are getting newer versions of technology like higher versions of Android, etc

Update your Smart TV Manually through the Internet

If you have a good wifi connection you can update your tv manually. This is a simple 5 steps method. The time needed to update depends on your network speed and update file size.

Step 1: Connect to good wifi. Make sure that the network has a good download speed.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings by pressing the Menu(Home) button on your Samsung remote. In some models, you can directly access settings using the Settings button on your remote

update Samsung smart tv firmware

Step 3: Select Support and then select Software Update from the Support menu.

Step 4: Now choose Update now and wait for some time until checks for an update. In some Models, there will be extra steps If you see 3 options( by USB, online, By channel). Select Online.

Step 5: If there are any updates you would be asked for confirmation. Select OK or Update Now, whichever you see. wait Until the update is completed and then restart your tv.

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Update Samsung Smart TV Automatically

You don’t get the firmware updates all the time, they are released only a few times. But always checking for updates is annoying because most of the time there won’t be any updates. However to get out of this mess you can see the software update automatically whenever a new update is released. Follow the below steps to update your Samsung tv firmware automatically.

Step 1: Press the Home button on your remote and navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Select Support. From the support, menu Select Software update.

Step 3: On the update page you will have two options, update now and auto-update. Select the auto-update option.

Step 4: From now on your smart tv will check for updates every time you turn on your tv.

Update Your TV Manually via USB

If you don’t have good internet connectivity or have difficulty updating to newer versions, Then you could use the update via USB option on your Samsung tv. It is also helpful if your Tv does have an internet connection or you have multiple TVs to update.

Step 1: Go to your preferred browser on your PC or smartphone.

Step 2: Go to Samsung Downloads page. You can find all the latest and previous software updates for all Samsung devices.

Step 3: Enter your TV’s Model Number into the search bar and hit enter.

Step 4: Manuals and software page will appear which contains all details about your model and all the firmware updates.

Step 5: Click on the Download next to the firmware you want to install. The download will start within a few seconds and the file would be stored on your device after completion of the download.

Step 6: The update file will be in the Compressed ZIP format. Unzip the file and Move it to your USB. Eject the USB from your PC and connect it to your TV.

Step 7: Make sure the file is stored in the main folder and not the subfolder.

Note: In some models, the smart TV will be updated automatically upon inserting a USB. The Tv will start looking for a update file when it is turned ON.

Step 8: Now press the Home Button on your Samsung remote. Then Navigate to Settings.

Step 9: Then select support and from the support menu select Software updates.

Step 10: Different methods to update smart Tv will be displayed. Select By USB from the List.

Note: Make sure you don’t Turn OFF the TV during the update process

Step 11: Now your smart Tv will scan for USB to check the update file. After finding One it will start updating. During the updating process, your TV will turn OFF and the download process screen will appear. This will update Samsung smart TVs software.

The Bottom line

You can also install or update apps using USB similar to installing software. Some steps in the above method may vary depending upon your model. To get exact steps for your model you can refer to your device manual found on the samsungs software and manual page. We hope you were able to learn how to update Samsung Smart Tv

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