How to install Philo on smart tv

Install Philo on smart tv

If you are interested in installing Philo on your Smart Tv? Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover every detail of the Philo app and how to install Philo.

Nowadays everyone prefers streaming over the internet. Traditional cables or DTH TVs are gone. Now just with Youtube, you can watch all the popular movies and shows. But there is a problem with it you cant watch all the live Tv on Youtube. You need an additional app for watching the popular Live Tv. This is where the Philo app comes into play.

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What is Philo App?

Philo App is a popular Streaming app and a Good alternative for Cable and Live Tv. It doesn’t have any commercials or ads, But it comes with a price. It usually costs around 20$ a month. you can also get a free trial.

The App is available for android, iOS, and for other platforms also. You can stream on both smartphones and Smart TVs at the same time. You can watch 60 channels just by paying 20$. You can also buy some channels. There is also a recording feature which will be very helpful for saving shows for later.

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How to install Philo on Samsung Smart tv

Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Samsung Smart Tv store. You have to use other streaming devices to watch Philo on Samsung Tv. You can also use the screen mirroring option to watch Philo on smart tv.

Install Philo App on Samsung Smart Tv using Chromecast

Since you can download Philo on a smartphone, you can use Chromecast to watch content on your Samsung Smart Tv. Philo supports up to 3 devices simultaneously. So you don’t have a problem even if you use another device.

Step 1: Install the Philo app on your smartphone and configure it.

Step 2: Set up Chromecast with your Samsung Tv.

Step 3: Connect Chromecast to same Wifi network as smartphone

Step 4: Open the channel or show you want to watch on the Philo app and Tap on the Chromecast icon. Select the device and stream it.

Install Philo App on Samsung Smart Tv using firestick

Firestick has gained rapid popularity in the streaming segment. Philo app is available for firestick. In this method, we are going to use Firestick for downloading.

Step 1: Connect the firestick to your Samsung Tv through HDMI. Change the source to HDMI if your TV is set to some other source.

Step 2: Turn On both the firestick and your Tv.

Step 3: Setup the firestick. Provide the required details and complete the installation process.

Step 4: Find the search icon or Go to the app store and Type “Philo” in the search bar and hit enter or Go.

Step 5: Select the Philo app and Hit the Download Option. Wait for some time for the download to complete.

Step 6: Navigate to the Apps section on Firestick. Select the Philo app and Launch it. Login to the Philo app and subscribe to it. You will now have the Philo app installed and running on your smart tv.

Install Philo App on Samsung Smart Tv using Roku

Step 1: Connect Roku to your Samsung Tv through an HDMI port

Step 2: Change the source to Roku

Step 3: Go to Home on Roku device and select Streaming channels

Step 4: Search for the Philo app and Select it.

Step 5: Choose to Add channel and Select Go to channel

Step 6: Launch the app and Login to subscribe.

Install Philo App on Samsung Smart Tv using Apple Tv

Step 1: Plugin in the apple Tv to your Samsung Tv and Turn on both devices.

Step 2: Go to the homepage and select the app store. The Philo app is available in the app store itself.

Step 3: Search for the Philo app and Install it.

Step 4: Open the Philo app and proceed with bu either signing up or logging in.

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