Let’s prank your best friends with free and interesting android app

Due to COVID-19, everyone is stuck in their house and people are getting bored while confined in their house.
They are unable to have communication with their friend’s colleagues and relatives.
So if you are bored in this lock-down and you really want to enjoy yourself with your friends.

I have got a wonderful solution for you.

First and foremost, let’s discuss types of communication there are two types
1: Verbal
2: Digital communication.

Nowadays, the most popular and preferable communication is digital.

There are lots of devices and platforms to communicate with your friends and colleagues.
Whether it be Pranking your friends free of cost or chatting with your family or prank ideas for friends. We got it covered.
So grab your glass of soda and get comfortable. We will be using tak zang App.

Let’s go!

I’m introducing all prank ideas for friends to a free Android application and its name is TAK-ZANG with the latest version.
After using this application you are sure gonna be entertained because you are going to pull some tricks that are beyond your friend’s imagination. (prank ideas for friends, April fool ideas for friends)

For this to be a successful prank, you just need the phone number of the person you are pranking.

Some features of this application are:
● Free of cost.
● Unlimited missed calls.
● Lightweight, less storage required.

One awesome feature is that you get to decide the duration of the missed call

Don’t worry I will give you one step installation of this taking miss-call bomber mobile apps.
It will only take 4 steps to install.

Step 1: Choose your Victim number(maybe friends)

Step 2: Enter the number of miss-call you want to send

Step 3: Set the duration of miss-calls

Step 4: And just tap on next

This application is not available on the play store. Click here to download

It will send missed calls to your friends for a specific period of time.

if you have any queries and questions related to this topic,

please feel free to ask down in the comment section I will get back to you soon.

Thank You.

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