Pros and cons of being a Computer programmer

Computer programming is one most interesting fields. It is also the most popular and most preferred job by many people. Being a computer programmer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the factors also depend upon the country and Company you are in. So in this post, We are going to cover the Pros and cons of being a Computer Programmer.

pros and cons og being a computer Programmer

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Who is the computer Programmer

A computer programmer is a person who programs computer applications. He is also called a coder. A programmer creates instructions or programs for Computer applications. He is also responsible for testing and maintaining that code.

Computer programmers convert or design client ideas into a computer program.

Factors that contribute to Pros and cons of a computer Programmer

Most of the pros and cons of being a programmer depend upon the below factors. These factors can result in the job to either good or Bad.


Country of working has a great influence on every job. Most factors like satisfaction, salary, benefits depend upon the company. It also contributes to your cost and standard of leaving. Countries like America, Europe provide better salaries compared to India.

Indirect factors such as traffic, crowd, and environment also affect the job. A combination of these factors may result in either the advantage or disadvantages of being a computer programmer.


Most people expect higher salaries. But having a good work-to-salary ratio is enough to bring satisfaction for programmers. Having programming skills you can also work part-time or have a side hustle if your workload is low.

The programming field has a good salary. On average a computer programmer earns around $70,000 per year.

Programming language used

Some programming languages are easy to understand and implement yet, some are not. Always companies prefer some programming languages. The programming languages used in one company may be different from the other company.

Some programming languages also affect salary and growth potential. Always go with either popular languages or widely used languages.

Company and Working Hours

Every programmer wants to be in a bigger company Since Multinational companies provide higher salaries and more benefits. Also, those companies provide better job security. Being a programmer you can jump from company to company without a bigger hassle.

Working hours also influence health. Most companies have less work. However many companies give more work but provide a lesser salary. Hence choosing the right company can have the biggest impact on being a programmer.

Pros and cons of being a Computer programmer


Job satisfaction good earnings

A computer programmer has the highest job satisfaction. programming field is a very challenging and interesting field. Software engineering is also a respected job by others.

The earnings are also good. The programmer has many jobs that can be done part-time to earn some extra money. Benefits and the job itself provide good satisfaction. Also, you can improve and learn while working.


Being a programmer you won’t need to work in companies to earn money. You can earn more in freelancing than in your full-time job. Being a freelancer you don’t need to travel to different places or listen to others. You can work from Home.

You can create applications for yourself and monetize with various sources. Even if you have a job you can still work part-time.

Multiple career option and High jobs Opportunity

Jobs are high in the programming Field. Programmers with average skills also have a high chance of getting placed in a good company. Computer programming has many sub-jobs under it. Even if you got tired of your company. you can always change it

High growth and high demand

Most people prefer computer science engineering to other courses. this is due to its high demand and Growth. It’s rare to see a company with low growth. covid also has triggered the growth online resulting in high growth.

job security

Most of the people lost a job or got their salary cut. But for computer programmers, the salary was increased by many companies. You will always have the option to choose another company if anything happens in your present company.

company benefits

Most software companies provide good benefits. They provide Good residence, salary, transport facility, and some companies even provide laptops and other necessary things.

No degree required

Some companies prefer degrees while some won’t. In most cases, you can get a job without a degree. This entirely depends upon your skills and how you showcase them. Having good programming skills can provide jobs in any company without the need for a degree.

Bigger companies like Google, Microsoft, etc don’t bother won’t degree. they pay for your skills, not for your degree.


Changing nature

The always-changing nature of programming language and technology is the biggest cons of being a programmer. Technology change is inevitable. In conjunction with working you daily need to learn new things. There is never-ending learning.

even when you switch companies the technologies used by one company are different from another. New versions of programming languages will be updated frequently. External technologies related to software and hardware undergoes rapid change. Even software needs changes over time.

If you stay behind learning new things. you won’t be promoted to higher. You may also lose your job.

Stress and health

The computer programming field is a bit stressful. You have to sit in the office for hours, stare at the screen daily. You may get a headache frequently. This field is not for everyone. Most people quit low-paying jobs after 2 to 3 years of service. Programming is not a field for people who get stressed easily.

high competitive

Because of larger people aiming for programming. It is very competitive. This is not the biggest con because even though it a highly competitive. The programming field is very broad and has enough room.

Requires more skills

Below-average persons cannot become a programmer. You need to have high analytical and problem-solving skills. You need to know a good amount of programming languages and their applications. Programming a completely application-based. There is also a wide variety of languages used in programming.

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