How to Remove a Blank or Extra page from Google Docs

Do you have trouble removing a blank or extra page of Google Docs? Then this post is for you. Since it is the most usual scenario. We thought we would make a post on How to Remove A blank or Extra Page from Google Docs. In one of the previous posts, we covered in detail how to remove a blank page from a word document. In this post, we do it with Google Docs.

Once you know how to remove the blank page. It will be extremely easy to remove those pages. Blank pages are known to exist because of formatting, Hidden text, or misconfiguration of Document settings. We have 5 different methods to help you out. Use the table of contents to choose the method you need.

remove a blank or extra page from docs

Table of Contents

How to remove a Blank or extra Page from google Docs

Below are different methods related to different devices covering how to remove the extra pages or blank pages on google docs.

How to remove blank page in google docs using back space or delete key.

This method is the easiest way of all to remove a blank page in google docs. In this process, we just simply use backspace or delete key. You can also use backspace in conjunction with the Ctrl key for faster removal.

Step 1: Open up your document on Google docs.

Step 2: Go to the End or Blank Page and start Hitting backspace, or use Ctrl + Backspace. Ctrl+backspace removes the entire word instead of a single character. This removes a blank page. If there is more hidden formatting and it is taking a long time. Go to the next step.

Step 3: Place the cursor on the end of the text (starting of a blank page) and Hit delete. Now your entire blank page will be removed with just a press of the key.

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How to remove blank page by selecting and then deleting

Step 1: This method follows a similar approach as the Above method.

Step 2: After opening the document, Place the cursor at the end of the blank page and select drag up till the whole page is selected.

Step 3: Now press Backspace to delete the selected area. You can also use this method to remove a large amount of selected text from the page.

How to remove blank pages using the formatting.

Formatting is the main reason for blank or extra pages. By adjusting correct settings you can get rid of those blank pages. Below is a step-by-step method to do it.

Step 1: Open up the document and head to the format option on the toolbar.

Step 2: Then click on Line Spacing in format options. This setting helps in adjusting the space after the end of the text.

Step 3: Head over to custom spacing. You will get a Dialog box to adjust line spacing and paragraph spacing.

Step 4: In the Paragraph spacing. Set the After to 0 or any other desired numbers. Using 0 sets the space to 0 after the paragraph.

How to remove Blank page or extra page by adjusting page margins

Step1: Open Google Docs and head up to your Document

Step 3: Go to page setup. You will notice a pop-up containing margins and orientation settings.

Step 4: Now start adjusting the Margins. Start from the bottom since you are removing the blank page and Press Ok or Apply.

How to delete a page while using templates

Templates often have hidden elements while cause blank spacing, blank pages, and sections. A template consists of multiple formattings. If you use a template containing an image or table. Image or additional rows and columns may be hidden. In this method, we will show how to remove them.

Tables Add minimum space before and after insertion. This can be get rid of by reducing the size of margins.

Step 1: At first we will see what is on the page causing these blank pages.

Step 2: Go to the Format menu and then to Tables.

Step 3: Head over to table properties and then select table borders.

Step 4: A table Properties pop-up window changes the table border size to 1 and color to Black. now you should be able to see what causing the blank page.

Step 5: Now you can edit and remove tables. If you are unable to edit tables. Uncheck the minimum row height.

How to Delete Multiple Pages in Google docs

The above methods are for removing spaces between pages or removing single pages. But this method can be used to remove multiple blank pages at once.

Step 1: Open the Document that has multiple pages.

Step 2: On the left-Hand side, The All pages along with page numbers are listed

Step 3: Select the page which you want to delete and right-click on it.

Step 4: Click on delete to Remove the Page

How to Delete a Blank Page in Google Docs on an Android Device

Every Google app is available for mobile similarly google docs is also available. In this method, we will how to remove blank page at the end of the document

Step 1: Go to your android and open the document in google docs

Step 2: Click on the edit icon. In the top right corner, You will find 3 dots

Step 3: Click on the 3 dots and select the share and export option

Step 4: Finally click on the print. The file will be created leaving blank pages aside

How to Delete a Blank Page in Google Docs on iOS

Google docs are also available for iPhone. If you are using iPhone follow this method

Step 1: Open up the document on your iOS device.

Step 2: Place the cursor on your document from where you want to remove it. you can do this by Tapping

Step 3: Now the drag the highlighter to where to want to delete

Step 4: Press the backspace or remove it on your device. If this doesn’t work again continue this method

Step 5: Click on the three horizontal dots on the top of the screen

Step 6: Scroll down and select page setup. Now click on the paper size

Step 7: Now adjust the size as required for your document. This reduced unused space

How to Delete a Page in Google docs on a Chromebook

Deleting the blank page on Chromebook is similar to that of deleting on windows or android

Step 1: Remove any formatting that is on the blank page

Step 2: Select and highlight the blank page or contents which you want to delete and press the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

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