What does Restricted Call mean and How to Block it?

Restricted call

If your phone is showing restricted call on the caller id of the incoming call and want to know what restricted calling is or are you fed up with restricted calls and want to block them? Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are covering what is restricted call and how to block it on both android and iPhone.

It’s normal to get anxious when you get a call from a restricted number. Even I was worried when I came across it for the first time. These calls are harmless if they are only used by marketers and companies. But scammers abuse this feature for their own benefit and it can even result in harassment.

What does a restricted call mean?

The restricted call is a calling feature that is available on both Android and iPhone, which lets the user hide their numbers from displaying at the receiver’s end. These calls don’t store details of the caller’s number and thus cannot be tracked. Some smartphones display these kinds of numbers as either restricted calls or no-caller IDs.

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Who calls from a restricted number?

There are multiple kinds of users who utilize this feature. restricted calling is used by telemarketers, hospitals, and companies who don’t want users to call them back. Some hospitals use restricted calls to inform patients’ relatives and don’t want others calling them back, since it can disturb their day-to-day operations as they can receive tons of calls. It is similar to companies. This is why people restrict other calls.

You may be wondering why restricted calls still exist. This is Because this feature benefits companies and organizations. And it is only misused by spammers, bullies, etc to harsh or scam other people. Apart from them, others use it for legitimate purposes.

How to make restricted calls on the cellphone

To know more about restricted calls you need to know how to make one. Making a restricted call is simple as dialing a number. All you need to do is to insert a code before typing the actual contact number. *67 is added before the number you want to call. This will hide your contact info.

There are some third-party applications that do the same thing as mentioned above.

How to block restricted calls

Normally every smartphone has the option to block specific numbers. but to use those features you are required to provide a number that you want to block. But there is no number available on the restricted calls hence we have to go with the alternate methods.

You can use the inbuilt option or third-party apps. Some service providers also provide an option to block restricted calls. We will cover 2 different methods. To know more about blocking restricted calls check out our article on how to block restricted calls on both android and iPhone

Block restricted calls using an inbuilt option

This method may not be useful for some people because this inbuilt option will block all the numbers that are not in your contacts list. If you are someone who uses unsaved numbers a lot then this method won’t benefit you.

Step 1: Go to the Dialer or Caller Application on your smartphone. If you are an iPhone user go to call settings

Step 2: Look for options named Silence unknown callers or Block calls from unknown users. If you can’t find them in the menu. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner

Step 3: Turn On the silence unknown callers / Block calls from unknown users

Step 4: Now you don’t need to worry about getting restricted calls

Best apps to block restricted calls

There are various apps that let you block restricted calls. Most of them have a free version which is more than enough for blocking calls. Here is a list of some well-known apps.

1. True caller

True caller is one of the most well-known apps. You may already have this app installed on your smartphone. In TrueCaller, all you need to do is Go to settings and select block calls from hidden numbers. This will block all the restricted calls.

2. Hiya Caller Id App

This app has more than 10 million downloads. It comes with a simple interface which makes it easier to use. It is available for both iPhone and android smartphones. The app is reviewed by more than 250K users with an average rating of 4.2. It also performs the reverse phone search on unknown numbers. you can find it at the Play Store

3. Call Blocker

The Call Blocker offered by AndroidRock has more than 10 million downloads. The app comes with block modes and you can customize the blocking rules. it also lets you record logs of rejected numbers. So you can get back to it later. The app is only l89Mb in size

4. RoboKiller

Robokiller is another app that can be used to get rid of restricted calls. The app has more than 5 million downloads and is featured by various sources. As the name says it can be used to block automated calls.

Apart from the above mentioned methods there are several other methods which includes call forwarding, contacting carrier providers etc


Why do people restrict their calls?

Users restrict their calls to prevent their contact info displayed on the receivers end

Should you answer the restricted calls

Yes, Sometimes you may get some important calls. There is no harm in receiving these calls. Listen to the call for 30 seconds and then decide whether to end the call or continue with it

How to call a restricted number

There is no viable option to call back the restricted number

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