Roku remote blinking green, white, etc lights- 10 Fixes

Roku remote blinking issues

If you are Stuck with Roku remote blinking green, yellow, white, or different lights and want to fix it. Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what different lights indicate on Roku remote and How to fix flashing light issues on the Roku tv remote.

Roku remote blinks light when it stops mid at pairing. In some cases, it blinks to indicate low power. To better understand the issue you need to know what causes the issues. If you once get to know the root of the problem you can find the solution to fix the issues. In the post we are also covering why such issues occur and what does each light indicates.

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Why does Roku TV remote flash Green lights

Roku remote flashing green lights has become a major issue for most Roku users. If you haven’t got this problem you are most likely to get it in the future. So go through this solution for this issue. It will be helpful in the future. Flashing or blinking green light is related to your remote controller. Your Remote Battery may be responsible for it.

What does Yellow flashing Lights mean

Yellow or Reddish yellow may mean different in different scenarios. In common it is related to power deficiency or pairing issues. The issues may be related to the Roku tv, not the remote. Most of the below solutions can fix this issue.

What does White flashing Lights mean

The Flashing white light is related to the network connection. It can be a problem with your WiFi or router. Sometimes it also is related to poor connection or HDMI connection

Why does Roku Tv remote Blinking red

Reddish yellow indicates the power issues. Sometimes it refers to different warnings. Yellow flashing of light also indicates the pairing.

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How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking green light

Different lights indicate different things. But sometimes the flashing of light is due to some errors. The below methods deal with the common errors that could have caused the flashing of light.

1. Check for any Interferences

Nearby objects or Signals may be blocking the remote. In the case of an IR-based remote anything in between the device and Tv may obstruct the signal. In the case of WiFi other devices’ signals maybe conflict with Roku, which causes pairing issues.

You can check if your IR remote is working properly by using your camera. Simply place the remote against it and press the buttons on the remote. If you notice the reddish-pink or other light from the IR region. Then your remote is working fine. Note that the IR signal can only be seen through the camera.

2. Check and Replace batteries

if you have green solid Flashing light on your remote then it could be due to a worn-out battery. Check if the batteries are inserted in the proper order. get the new ones and replace the old batteries. This method has solved the issues most of the time. This could be the best solution if you are having the green light error.

Most of the remote errors are due to either pairing or power issues. Even the pairing issues are caused by low power or worn-out batteries. If you are luckily interchanging the position of the batteries also works sometimes.

3. Restart your Roku Device

Restarting Roku can solve the issues with pairing. It can fix the white and yellow light issues. You can use your remote to Restart the Roku Device. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds or press the power button and wait for a minute and again press it.

If the remote is not working you can simply power off the Roku device and wait for a minute and plug it ON. Also, remove and insert the batteries after turning OFF the Roku device. This might fix your issues related to connection or pairing.

4. Check network Change Wifi Band

Solid or flashing white lights indicate the network error. If you are getting a white light on the remote then likely you have a problem with the Network connection. Check if the router or WiFi is working properly, Try restarting to refresh it.

Changing the band can help reduce interferences and some connection issues. It is simple to change the WiFi band. Just follow the below steps to change the frequency of the wifi channel.

Log in to your Router network and change the frequency. Most of the devices are set to 2.4GHz or to Auto mode. Change it to 5GHz and reset the router. This will eliminate the interferences caused by other devices.

5. ReConnect the remote

If you have pairing issues Roku remote will flash the yellow light. Try disconnecting the remote and then reconnecting it. If the remote is not functioning then you can remove batteries and reinsert them again. The reset button will be present in the battery compartment, press and hold it for a few seconds until you see a yellow blinking light.

You can also repair the remote through the settings. Head to settings and select the Remotes and devices. Look for Pair new remote and select it. The pairing menu will appear, search for remote and select pair.

6. Perform Factory Reset

If you are facing the problem after updating the device or tweaking the settings then restoring to the factory version can help you in this situation. Follow along the below steps to Factory reset your Roku device.

Step 1: Get your Remote and Press the Home button.

Step 2: Go to settings and select System settings

Step 3: Now select the Advanced System Settings.

Step 4: Look for Factory Reset and select it. You will be asked for confirmation. Provide it.

Step 5: If you are given some instructions, follow along with them.

If you can access the settings. You can do it physically. remove the Roku device from the TV and Look for the Reset button on the back of Roku. Sometimes it will be a button or Hole. Press it for a few seconds. If you see a hole you can use any tool like a sim card ejector to reset it. The Roku device should be powered while doing so.

7. Use Roku app as temporary remote

If you have the same issues, Then try using the controller app. This can solve the issue if it is a remote problem. If this solution also fails, Then the error could be with the pairing, or your Roku is damaged. There are also other third-party apps and controllers that can be used to control the Roku device.

8. Purchase new Remote

If all the above solutions failed except the 7th one. Then it could be the problem with the remote. But sadly the damaged remote cant be fixed. You have to buy a new remote. After purchasing the remote you can use an app for pairing the remote.

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