Samsung Galaxy S20 series- Tips and Tricks

With Snapdragon 865 processor, a sleek shape factor, and a sturdy digital camera system, the Samsung Galaxy S20 collection definitely packs a lot. Throw the quirks of 5G connectivity, Android 10, and Samsung One UI 2 into the mix, and you have the nearly best recipe to your hands.

So, if you have bought a Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, here are a few nifty guidelines and tricks to get the maximum out of it. Let’s check them out.

Enable Motion Smoothness

The S20 collection packs a 120Hz show, however, with default, it’s set to a 60Hz. If you do need to get the maximum out of this, then you could do so but not without losing something.

Head over on your setting and locate the Display settings. Once inside, you could scroll down to Motion Smoothness and choose the 120Hz Higher Refresh Rate choice.

A point to bear in mind is that with 120Hz the display resolution is going all the way down to FHD+ compared to WQHD+

Improve Fingerprint Accuracy

Once you start using the in-display fingerprint sensor, you may note that the sensor has an accuracy of approximately 80%. To improve this accuracy, a smooth trick is to sign in the equal finger twice. This improves accuracy and most of you will not face any task with unlocking it.

Activate Music Share

Music Share is one of the innovative features of the S20 series and is essentially gold for song lovers. This feature lets your buddies play a tune with your Bluetooth speakers. They don’t ought to install their smartphones with Bluetooth audio systems for your house; instead, your S20 acts as the conduit for connecting your audio system with their smartphones.

To permit this, visit the Bluetooth settings of your device. Connect on your speaker and then faucet at the 3-dots to visit your advanced Bluetooth settings. Over there you can permit the choice for Music Share.

Connect to your Windows PC

Last but not least, let’s communicate about linking your cellphone to your PC. What’s the advantage? Well, for starters, you could transfer photographs in your PC from your cellphone wirelessly, or you can pick to send out messages immediately out of your PC. To enable this link, head over to Advanced Settings > Link to Windows, and the cellphone will walk you through the rest. Worry not, it’s a smooth system and doesn’t take an awful lot of time to set it up.

Turn on Live Caption for Everything

The live caption is a system-wide offering that will give you captions for video apps. It’s hiding in the volume controls. Just tap the volume up or down and when the slider appears, tap the drop-down arrow. This will show all your volume controls, but at the bottom of the list, you’ll see the option to turn on the live caption.

Allow Home Page to work in the Landscape

 find the option for “rotate to landscape” mode. Switch this on to get rotation to landscape, so if you’re switching from gaming to movie watching you don’t have to keep returning to portrait.

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