Samsung tv wont turn ON the red light ON/blinking

samsung tv wont turn on only red light flashing

Are you having trouble turning ON your Samsung smart Tv? If so you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to troubleshoot the Samsung tv won’t turn ON. We have methods that account for red light blinking, only red light, etc.

It’s most frustrating when you want to watch tv and your Tv won’t turn ON. If you get to know what is causing errors then getting rid of that issues would be easier. There are reasons why this occurs and different solutions for each of those errors.

Samsung is one of the leading manufactures of Smart TVs. Samsung produces good quality products. However, sometimes the product could be defective or you may be having other problems. Sometimes small issues could Samsung tv to Not to turn ON.

Before finding solutions you need to find an error. For this, you can use Samsung standby light to understand the problem. For example, if the red light is flashing then the Tv is having a problem with power connectors. If it’s still red light., Then the problem is not the power connector by the power cycle and so on.

In this post, we are going to cover solutions to every issue which causing Samsung tv to not Turn on.

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Reasons for why Samsung Tv won’t turning ON

Before proceeding further, take a look at the below factors that could cause issues on Samsung tv. These issues may result in the device not turning ON or turning off after some interval.

Uneven Power supply

Most of the time Samsung Tv doesn’t turn ON because of the low power supply o higher power supply. If excessive power is feed to Tv, It may cause damage to sensitive components such as motherboard, capacitor, etc. power surge is a threat to every electronic device.

Samsung Tv comes with a Surge detector that stops power flowing to Internal components. So the Tv won’t turn ON.

Software Issue

Most television doesn’t have these issues. Since the software is burnt into the chip during manufacturing. But in some models, the software can be updated. There may be glitches in the software or the software is missing some important parts related to turning on the Tv. There are specific programs which are needed to turn on your Tv. Without them you can t turn ON the TV.

Hardware failure or broken Device

Hardware failures or broken parts can make your TV not turn ON. the power cord may be damaged or Some components may be broken. The power cord may be damaged by a power surge or earthing. Even if the Surge protector is damaged device won’t turn ON

HDMI glitch

Some models of Samsung won’t turn ON If the input source is not connected. For example, you may be using Tv with one of the HDMI ports and connected to other sources through another HDMI. Now the first Device will be preventing the device to turn On since you never switched the source before turning it OFF.

Defective product

This includes software and hardware problems associated with devices from manufacturing. The power cord may be damaged. The fuse may be wiped out or Internal damage could have occurred during shipping.

The Tv could also lack some parts required for the functioning

Unknown operation

There are operations in TV that the normal users don’t know. This operation requires a combination of keys. If any of the family members or friends unknowingly triggered some combination, It could be preventing the Tv to turn ON.

How to Fix Samsung Tv wont turning on Red light blinking

If your Samsung Tv is flashing red light and Not turning On, Then the issue is with the power supply. below are some of the fixes that could help you to get rid of this problem.

Check Power Source and cord

Checking the power source and cord should be your primary method. If there is a red light blinking. It means the power is flowing but it could have some problems like a lower power supply or a surge. Check if other devices are working. If so check with a cord if it has damage or Not.

Restart your device

Most of the time these issues could simply solve just by restarting your Tv. The startup program may not have been correctly executed. Restarting will restart the process and can get rid of errors.

To restart your TV, Unplug the power supply and wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Then press and hold the power button on your Tv for at least 60 seconds and Put the plug and turn on your TV.

Change Power source

Your place will be having many power sockets. The one you already using may have been damaged slightly and causing an uneven power supply. Check with any other socket on your Home and Try whether it turns ON.

Disconnect all Connections

If you have many cables connected to different ports of the TV. Then one of them may be interfering with Tv signal. Try disconnecting All the connections except the power cord and try to turn ON the device. If the Tv still doesn’t Turn On, Go with the next method.

If it turns ON then the culprit was one of the connected cables. Start inserting one by one and find out the culprit and get rid of it or try any alternate measures

Contact technician

If you have tried all the above methods and still getting the error then the only possible way could be to contact a technician. There ain’t many remaining methods to solve problems. If the detection is hardware related then you have to check the internal components. If you are known how to do that go ahead and do that, else contact a technician.

The technician can examine and replace parts. You are very likely to get rid of that error.

Samsung TV Not Turning On and No lights

If your device is not turning On and no indicator lights are available. Then the problem is with the power supply. Your Tv is not receiving the power. First check with other sockets. If the same issues persists change the power cord and you will be relieved of error.

Also if you have had any power surge or outrage before. It could have blown the fuse or surge protector. Replacing the fuse can help you.

Samsung TV Not Turning On only red light

If there is a constant red light without blinking, Then try power cycling your Tv. Restart your Tv or try unplugging the power cord and pressing the power button on your Tv for 20 seconds and Plugging in the power.

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