TCS iLEON app not working? Resolved

If you are facing chrome or browser issues such as the browser option not displaying on your TCS IRC test or on iLEON. Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to fix TCS iLeon app not showing browser option issue.

Recently when I tried to perform an IRC check on the TCS iLEON app I ran into an error where The browser options were not displaying. I tried contacting TCS and failed. I looked on the internet for possible solutions and couldn’t find them. This problem is related to your PC. I believe the app was not meant for windows 11 or your PC may be lacking some security updates.

If you are having the same trouble as me then this post is for you

TCS iLEON app not showing browser options

How to fix the Browser option not displaying on TCS iLEON app.

As I said earlier, The security update may be causing this issue or some required software may be missing. This solution requires no downloading extra software. In this solution what we basically do is set the TCS iLEON app settings to windows 7 settings. I discovered this method after going through every option in the taskbar.

Step 1: Run TCS iLEON App. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work, just open it

Step 2: Open Task Manager on your PC

Step 3: Locate the TCS iLEON App

Step 4: Select the application and right-click on it. Select Properties

tcs ileon app not working

Step 5: Select Compatibility. Then run a compatibility test. Set it for windows 7. Once it completes it asks whether to change to recommended settings. Select it and now open the app and you are done

TCS IRC test app not working

How to fix Chrome Browser not showing in TCS iLEON App

Sometimes the app fails to recognize the browser installed on your device. You don’t need to delete and reinstall chrome. Just download the chrome installation file and run it. This will fix the Issue

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