How to make the laptop or PC screen darker

how to dim computer screen

Are you looking for ways to reduce the brightness of your laptop screen beyond its default limit? Then you are at the right place. In this post, we going to cover how to darken the screen and reduce its brightness.

Working on a laptop for an extended period can cause eye strain and headaches due to the high brightness level of the screen. Most laptops come with built-in brightness settings that users can adjust according to their preferences. However, even at the lowest setting, the brightness might still be too high, making it challenging to work in low-light environments or at night.

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How to Darken the Screen of your laptop

The darker screen has many advantages both in terms of health and power saving. There are many methods to make the screen darker some include software and some are hardware oriented.

Method 1: Adjust the Gamma Settings

Gamma settings can control the brightness and contrast of a display. Although adjusting gamma settings won’t allow you to lower the brightness to zero, it can help reduce the brightness of the screen.

It is a built-in option in PC as compared to smartphones where you may require an additional app. You can further decrease the brightness if you are using a monitor since monitors also allow color adjustment. Follow the below method to adjust the gamma settings:

On Windows:

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select “Display settings.”

darker screen

Step 2: Click on “Advanced display settings,” then “Display adapter properties.”

darken screen

how to dim computer screen

Step 3: Click on the “Color Management” tab and then click on the “Color Management” button.

how to lower screen brightness even more

screen darker

Step 4: In the “Color Management” window, Click on the “Advanced” tab.

how to make computer screen darker

Step 5: In the “Advanced” tab, look for the “Calibrate display” option, and Follow through the Onscreen Instructions to adjust the gamma and color settings

On macOS:

Step 1: Go to System Preferences, click on “Display,” then select the “Color” tab.

Step 2: Click on “Calibrate” and follow the instructions to adjust the gamma.

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Method 2: Use Software to lower the Brightness Even More

You don’t like messing with the color adjustment? Then don’t worry we have an even better method that does not need to mess with your settings. You can use third-party software to lower your brightness.

There are various third-party software options available that can help you darken the screen of your laptop beyond the default settings. Some of the most commonly used applications include Dimmer or Windows, Shady for MacOS, and f.lux for all three platforms.

These software tools are designed to adjust the brightness levels of your screen, making it easier to use your laptop for extended periods without experiencing eye strain or discomfort. With these software options, you can customize the brightness levels of your screen to suit your preferences and working environment.

Dimmer (Windows)

make screen darker

Dimmer is software that allows users to adjust the brightness of their screen beyond the limits set by the computer. Users can also set hotkeys to quickly adjust the brightness as needed. It has a simple interface and is easy to Use.

Shady (macOS):

how to dim a laptop screen

Shady is a free app that allows users to adjust the brightness of their screen beyond what their Mac allows. It offers a slider to control the brightness level, and users can also set it to gradually adjust the brightness over time to avoid sudden changes.

f.lux (Windows, macOS, Linux):

how to lower brightness more

f.lux is a popular software program that adjusts the color temperature of a display based on the time of day. While it doesn’t directly adjust the brightness, it can help reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, which can make it easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Method 3: Use External Hardware

While there are many screen dimmer accessories available, they can be inconvenient to use. Some require you to apply and remove them every time you want to adjust the brightness, while others are permanent and can be a hassle when you need to use your laptop in brighter areas.

These accessories can also be expensive and may not always work as well as advertised, which can be frustrating for users who are looking for a reliable solution to reduce screen brightness. As such, users may want to consider other methods of reducing screen brightness.

For users who prefer a more physical solution, external hardware can also help reduce the brightness of a laptop screen. Here are some options:

  1. Neutral Density Filters
  2. Privacy Screens


Working on a laptop with a high brightness level can cause eye strain, headaches, and other health issues. While most laptops come with built-in brightness settings, they may not be sufficient in low-light environments. After going through this article we hope you have learned how to dim your computer screen and comfortably use your PC at night.

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