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If you have come across the saying “The number you have dialed is unallocated” when calling someone and want to know more about it. Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what unallocated numbers means.

It’s frustrating when you need to contact someone and hear things like the number is not allocated or invalid. This happens quite often when you try calling old numbers. People change numbers for various reasons. When they change numbers they don’t bother recharging old ones and those end up being unallocated

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What is an unallocated number?

An unallocated Number means that the number is not currently being allocated. The number has no subscriber assigned to it. In simple terms, it means that at present, that number does not have an owner.

A service provider will be having millions of numbers allocated to them. Whenever a subscriber buys a SIM card they assign a number to that SIM form. Even Time a subscriber gets a sim. The service provider of that SIM will assign a unique identification number which we commonly call a Phone Number.

After getting the SIM if the user doesn’t use their services for a long time. The number becomes unallocated and it would be assigned to newer subscribers after some time.

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Reasons why the number you dialed could be unallocated

There are several reasons why a number could be unallocated we have covered the most common ones listed below.

Unpaid bills or Expired Number

This is the major reason why the number gets expired. When you don’t recharge your SIM for a long time or don’t pay the bill the service provider will deactivate the number. People who have multiple SIM don’t bother to recharge all the numbers since most won’t have a use for another SIM. As the Time fades when those SIMs reach the expiry date, The service provider will unallocated the number.

Expired Numbers are the other reason why you hear the number you have dialed is allocated. This usually happens when you try to get into contact with old friends or families whom you haven’t contacted in a long time. This is because people usually change numbers and leave the old number unused, which eventually gets expired.

Temporary or device Issue

Network or device issues are common these days. Sometimes even service providers run into issues. The solution would be to either wait for some time and try again later or you could find a way to troubleshoot the issue.

The number doesn’t Exist

Not all the numbers has subscriber allocated to them. So if you call the wrong number which doesn’t have any user then you will get the number is not allocated message. So Check the number whether you have dialed is correct or not. If you are sure the number is correct, it may be that the person you are trying to call has changed numbers.

You will hear only for some wrong numbers not for all because If the number you have dialed is never used then you will get a message saying the number you have dialed is unallocated but if it previously had an owner then you will get ” The number you have dialed is unallocated” message.

Fraudulent numbers

The temporary numbers are used largely by telemarkets, spammers, scammers, etc to hide their actual numbers. These people don’t want you to call them. So they use these types of numbers as their actual identity.

Temporary numbers

You got a call and couldn’t receive it and then when you try calling back after some time and you hear the number you have dialed is unallocated. This is because you might have got calls from scammers. Most scammers use temporary numbers which they keep changing every day. Some of them even change numbers every hour.

There are also some apps that will give your temporary number and a free time limit. The number that you tried calling could be one of these.

How to fix “The Number you have dialed is unallocated”

You can fix it only if it is a temporary issue or it is device-related. If the number belongs to you. You fix it by either calling customer care or recharging your number. If you haven’t used the number in a long time. Even recharging won’t work. The Only way would be to contact the customer care

If it’s the device or network issue try resetting the network or restarting your device.


We hope you were able to get what an unallocated number is and how to fix The number you have dialed is unallocated?. Now let us inform you why unallocating numbers is needed. The unallocating existing numbers is useful because it helps in reusing the old and lost numbers which are adboned by their users. This also makes sure that there are no neglected or lost numbers creating the cycle of allocation and unallocation.

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