6 Tips to Use MacBooks More Productively

Tips to Use MacBooks More Productively

When you start working on a new MacBook, it takes time to understand the device, its features, and its functions. Users switching from Windows to macOS finds it more challenging to use the new device smoothly. 

If you’re a new MacBook user, you must be exploring ways to use your new laptop more efficiently. There are dozens of tricks that help you get the most from your MacBook and streamline workflow. 

In this article, we will discuss useful tips that help you access the MacBook’s features and functions efficiently. 

6 Tips to Use MacBooks More Productively

Declutter Your MacBook

Over time, your laptop starts to accumulate a lot of files and folders that are of no use. Consider deleting these files permanently from the computer. Spend time identifying large and duplicate files that are consuming space on Mac storage media, doing nothing. Make sure the files are not required and remove them altogether from the storage media. 

The best thing about Apple products is that you can access apps and data across devices. 

So the messages you receive on your iPhone can be viewed on your MacBook and vice-versa. You can take advantage of this feature to delete unnecessary data on other devices from Mac. Learning how to delete all messages on Mac at once can help you do the task quickly. 

Clean Your Desktop Regularly

Laptop users must make it a routine to clean their desktops for better productivity and focus. Unnecessary icons saved on the desktop make it perform sluggishly. So, delete everything that is no longer needed or put everything into their respective folders to make it look cleaner. Don’t forget to empty the trash to claim space. 

To drag and drop files such as an email or a web page, consider using the Finder window instead. Desktop wallpaper can also distract you, so consider keeping it plain and focusing on what you are doing. Having fewer icons on the desktop means limited visual clutter that’s not consuming space or distracting you from work.

Manage Your Files and Apps

Using the Spotlight app will allow you to search files quickly on Mac. To open Spotlight, press down the Command + Space keys altogether, and the Spotlight search will appear. Type in the name of the file or app you are looking for, and it will appear in the window. You can also use Spotlight to perform arithmetic calculations, conversions, and more. 

Similarly, you can swap apps seamlessly on your MacBook. To switch between apps, press down the Command + Tab keys simultaneously. All the open apps will start cycling and release the keys when the app you want to work in is highlighted. Also, you can press the Q key to quit any open application while you are in the Command + Tab view.

Enable Hot Corners

Hot corners are one of the most productive yet the most underrated features. You can utilize all four corners of your MacBook screen to set up the functions that you use the most. Once you hover the mouse on any of the corners, the function triggers. For example, you can select the Hot Corners to launch Mission Control or open QuickTime, and so on. 

Launching apps and features by hovering over the corners allows you to quickly view stuff, but it seems quite frustrating at times. When you are working on an important project or attending a meeting, the features can activate mistakenly. To prevent this, select to hold down the Option key when activating the hot corners. 

Capturing Screenshots in Different Ways

Screenshots are an important and much-required feature that helps you capture important info immediately. On your MacBook, you can capture a screenshot in several different ways. You can capture a video screenshot, an entire screen, or a selected portion of the screen as per your preferences and needs. 

To capture a video screenshot, press and hold down the Shift + Command + 3 keys altogether. Alternatively, press Shift + Command + 4 keys to select a specific portion of the screen to capture, or press Shift + Command + 5 keys to record the entire screen on your MacBook. You can then edit the screenshots using an image editing app. 

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

No matter what device or operating system you’re using, learning keyboard shortcuts will make your life easier. Whether you want to open a document, access an app, or edit an image using a graphic designing tool, keyboard shortcuts can help you do it quickly without switching between the keyboard and the mouse. 

Learning shortcuts can look intimidating at first, but you will become familiar with them as you continue to use them to accomplish various tasks. The more you use them in your day-to-day tasks, the more efficient you become at using the shortcuts. However, keep in mind that the shortcuts may vary from app to app, so use them carefully. 

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  1. Great article! These six tips for using MacBooks more productively are truly invaluable. I especially appreciate the emphasis on keyboard shortcuts, as they can significantly speed up workflow. The suggestion to organize files and folders effectively is another crucial point, helping to maintain a clutter-free workspace. The section on utilizing multitasking features like Split View and Mission Control is a game-changer for maximizing productivity.

    Overall, this article provides practical and actionable advice that will undoubtedly enhance any MacBook user’s efficiency. This comprehensive tips is a valuable resource for anyone considering the Macbook Air price in Dubai. Kudos to the author for sharing these insightful tips!

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