Top 6 Best laser projector keyboard of 2023

Seeing people using laser projector keyboards on sci-fi movies uses to look cool. Everyone wanted to have those keyboards for real. Back then they are friction but, Now they have arrived for real. Being new in the market it’s not even pricey, it is affordable.

At present laser, projector keyboard has its cons. It’s still in development. In the post, we also going to cover how laser projector Keyboard works, Pros cons of the 10 best laser projector keyboards.

IBM is responsible for the Invention of the Laser Projector Keyboard.

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How Does Laser Projector Keyboard work?

In simple words, the laser Projector keyboard emits a laser beam to the surface to form a visible keyboard layout. While Typing, The Sensor in the keyboard detects finger movements and provides input to the connected device. It works on four steps.

The device is divided into 3 Module

  • Projection Module
  • Sensor module
  • Illumination module

Projection Module

The projection module is used to improve the accuracy of the keyboard. The laser or visible infrared beam is scattered upon the virtual keyboard projection. When the user presses any key. The contact of the laser or IR beam breaks and it is reflected back to the projector. The Reflected beam is then passed to the camera or other sensory unit. The Reflected light can be filtered in the passage to the camera.

Illumination Module

This is similar to the normal projector. The Illumination Module is responsible for projecting different keyboard layouts on the given Surface. It is basically used to help users identify where are the keys and where to type. The keyboard could be made to work without this module. But, The users will have more difficulty in working. The Red beam of lights is used since red lights can provide a more accurate display. Red lights are more visible in brighter areas compared to other lights.

Sensor Module

This could be used in conjunction with the projection Module or can be directly connected to the software. The Sensor Module is equipped with sensors to detect the user’s keystrokes and finger movements. Then the data is fed to the software, where it compares the input with the projection module input. The final input will be then provided to connected input to improve accuracy.

Main things to Consider While Buying Laser projector Keyboards.

Battery: If you intend to use the device through USB you don’t need to worry about Battery. But, if you are connecting it through Bluetooth or WiFi, You need to consider a laser keyboard with maximum Battery Backup. The price of the device goes on as the battery backup increases. So, Give Importance to battery life, only if you intended to carry it outside or Using it in a place where you cannot change it frequently.

Brightness level: Brightness level doesn’t bother much while using in darker areas. You should choose brightness level depending upon your usage. However, it is not recommended for outdoor usage. Some Laser keyboards provide options to set Brightness levels.

Accuracy and Speed: The accuracy of these keyboards is not always 100%. It depends upon the quality and speed of the sensor. Usually, good Brands provide better quality. The Layout Design of the Keyboard also has its effect on Speed and Accuracy.

Portability: Main advantage of these keyboards is portability. The smaller size of the Device. It is easier to carry.

Supported medium and devices: Virtual Laser Keyboard can be used with any device. But there could be lag or other issues. Hence Checking whether your device is listed or not is necessary. These devices come with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. But some of these may be limited to one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Projector Virtual Keyboards.


  • Looks Beautiful
  • Portable
  • Can be carried easily.
  • Smaller than bluetooth keyboard.
  • Touch typing.
  • Requires less storage space.
  • It can be used for Multiple Applications
  • You can change keyboard layout and language


  • Not looks well forn non white surfaces.
  • Cannot be used outside.
  • Always requires a Still surface.
  • Cannot be used during travelling.
  • Using virtual keyboard can be hard for some people.
  • Its not always Accurate

Here is a list of the best laser projector Keyboards in 2021.

Disclaimer: The prices of the products vary according to offers. The prices mentioned below are seen as of 6 august 2021. The product links mentioned in the post are Amazon affiliate links. When you buy from our link, we get a small commission to run this site.

1. Serafim Keybo

best laser projector keyboard


  • Battery backup: 10 hours.
  • Weight: 4.3 Ounces
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 and USB
  • Bluetooth Speaker: No
  • Mouse Support: No
  • Price: $110

Serafim is one of the best and Feature-rich laser keyboards. It not only supports standard typing but, also Supports musical instruments with virtual Studio. You can turn this into a musical instrument with just the right app. It even has a built-in Music App. You can play Piano, Drum, guitar, etc. Even with plenty of features, it weighs only 4.3 ounces.

It can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it as a Phone or Tablet stand. Obviously, This feature will come in handy if you are using it with smartphones or other smaller devices. Its Packs a massive battery of 2000mAh with Reverse charge support. You can even use it as a power bank to charge other smaller devices.

As far as the connectivity is concerned it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and a micro USB port. However, it is not using the latest version of Bluetooth. But, It is the most common version supporting all the devices. Even with its vast features, IT does not provide Mouse or trackpad. Taking away one of the Most Important features. Maybe they have thought it is not necessary for touch-enabled devices.

It has a QWERTY keyboard layout with Rounded Keys. The Rounded keys are used to increase the space between the keys Thereby Increasing its Accuracy. The QWERTY layout is not user Changeable. This projector keyboard doesn’t support Bluetooth speakers. You can adjust the right brightness with 5 brightness levels. It supports all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Even Though it lacks a Bluetooth speaker. It has small speakers for key sounds. It has a 4 Sound level. However Key sounds are annoying, You can turn it OFF. If you are a traveler or Person with longer Backup Requirements, Then this laser Projector Keyboard is for You.


  • 2000mAh Battery
  • Smartphone Holder
  • Built-in Music App
  • Multiple Brightness and Sound Options
  • Light Weight and Buitiful Design
  • Supports all most all the devices
  • Multiple Language support


  • No Blurtooth speaker support.
  • No Mouse Feature
  • Some keyboards are Faulty, It depends upon the seller
  • Lesser keys compared to smartphones.

2. AGS Laser Projection Keyboard


  • Battery backup:
  • Weight:
  • Connectivity:
  • Bluetooth Speaker:
  • Mouse Support:
  • Price:



  • Battery backup: 5 hours
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Connectivity: bluettoth and UsB
  • Bluetooth Speaker: no
  • Mouse Support: yes
  • Price: $45.99

This is one of the most affordable laser Keyboards. it supports all the devices. It is particularly designed for Apple products. Since other laser keyboards show some glitches towards iPhone. It’s the best affordable laser keyboard. It comes with support for cursor and trackpad. The keys are darker than the keyboard background making working in brighter areas possible to some extent.

You can also charge this device through smartphones and tablets. It does not drain much battery. It features a metallic look weighing just 5 Ounces. Similar to other devices it also provides Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

it works at a maximum of 350 characters per minute. Its speed is way higher for normal users. But, For speed typers, it suffers heavily. Coming top keyboard it features a QWERTY layout and it is designed for better typing. The keys are square-shaped providing the feelings of a real keyboard. The space between the keys is very low contributing to reduced accuracy. It features a decent 1000 mAH battery.

You will find screeching noise while typing. But you can disable it by reducing volume. This can be done by Pressing the fn and Left arrow for reducing. Fn + right arrow for increasing. It works well on Non-reflective surfaces.


  • Light weight and smaller design.
  • comes with a virtual Mouse
  • Ultra portable
  • Supports all the devices
  • Easy and faster pairing
  • Charges completly in 2 – 3 hours
  • Afforable


  • Not works on all surface
  • Minium space between keys
  • Charger Quality is not durable
  • Lower response time
  • Not for Fast typers

3. Heartbeat Laser Projection Keyboard

  • Battery backup: 1 hours
  • Weight:0.276lb
  • Connectivity: bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Speaker: no
  • Mouse Support: yes
  • Price: $45.99

It’s the Another best Multifunction keyboard available on our list. It is a little older hence it has Bluetooth version 3.0. It has a massive battery of 2500mah, which can also be a power bank for smartphones. It comes along with a Phone holder, making it easier to type. Its design is simple and clean.

The keyboard keys are rounded providing good keyspace to increase accuracy. This laser projector supports Multipoint Recognization, Gesture Support. The Smart Standby feature is pretty helpful. However, Even with a 2500mah battery, it lasts only around 1 hour and charging takes more than 3 hours. It is not ideal to use with a USB charger plugged in.

Because of its Multipoint recognition and Gesture function, you can utilize all the functions of the trackpad. The Input recognition and response time are fast. It even has adjustable brightness. It works with opaque surfaces.


  • Powerbank support
  • Multipoint recognization
  • Geasture Support
  • Phone Holder
  • Smart Standby Function


  • Full charging requires 3 hours
  • 1 hour Battery Backup
  • No data support over USB

4. MOJO Virtual Keyboard

  • Battery backup: 1 hours
  • Weight:0.276lb
  • Connectivity: bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Speaker: no
  • Mouse Support: yes
  • Price: $49.99

MOJO laser keyboards perform well even in brighter areas. This device similar to other supports all the devices. It has both USB and Bluetooth connectivity options. Its maximum speed tops up to 350 characters per minute. It even provides a60 day warranty. It has fewer keys with a larger keyboard.

The projection and illumination light has more contrast, that it iterates your eyes. It does not provide the option to adjust the brightness levels. It has a decent battery backup of 3 hours and a charging time of 2 hours. The device supports Mouse and its power consumption is less.


  • Sleek design and portable
  • lower power consumption
  • Mouse support
  • Large Keyboard
  • Good for brighter areas


  • Only 3 hours backup
  • High contrast keyboard
  • Not fature rich
  • Does not offer phone stand

5. XYZLEO Olaffi Laser Projection Keyboard

  • Battery backup: 2 hours
  • Weight:0.96lb
  • Connectivity: bluetooth and USB
  • Bluetooth Speaker: no
  • Mouse Support: yes, only for non-iOS devices
  • Price: $44.99

It’s another budget-friendly Laser projector Keyboard. It’s lightweight and portable. It has options to adjust the brightness of the projection, Set sensitivity, and change volume settings. Olaffi keyboard supports Both Bluetooth and wifi connectivity options. However, For iPhone and other related devices, There is no USB support For Data transfer. iPhone works well with Bluetooth.

It has a squared Key layout with larger keys. The keyspace is less. But, Because of larger, it has good Accuracy. It’s a low power consumption keyboard. Even with a 700mah Battery, it provides 2 hours of battery backup. It has a power bank feature for emergency charges. You can also charge this using your smartphone. The battery can be fully charged in 100 Minutes


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Mouse feature
  • Can be charged through smartphone
  • Budget friendly
  • lesser weight
  • Connection indicator


  • USB connectivity is not GOOD.
  • Iphone Require to be connectd trough Bluettoth for Mousre Feature
  • Only 2 hours of battery back
  • Lesser Key space
  • Windows devices needs bluetooth adapater.

6. Celluon EPIC

  • Battery backup: 2 hours
  • Weight:0.276lb
  • Connectivity: bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Speaker: no
  • Mouse Support: No
  • Price: $43.99

EPIC laser keyboard by Celluon has a beautiful and gorgeous design. The design looks similar to tower CPU. The device supports all the platforms. Equipped with Bluetooth version 3.0 and HID Profile v1. However, the device only supports charging over USB. There is no data transfer support through the USB. The device has Brightness Adjustability and Sound controls. It even has the option to Adjust sensitivity.

It has a smaller battery capacity of 660mah. But provides 2 hours of backup. It does not have Have Mouse or Trackpad features.


  • Good looking
  • Adjustable brightness and sesivity
  • portable


  • Lower battery backup
  • No mouse or trackpad feature
  • No data tyransfer over USB

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